Friday, July 31, 2009

Coffee Talk

Good Morning, ladies! Hope everything finds you well this morning. We have some fresh baked Amish bread this morning...yum!

We have had a great week here at the Tigerden. I proclaimed this week the week of the "yes"! You see, I feel like I spend three fourths of my life telling the kids no. No, we can't do that. No, you can't eat that. No, we can't go there, etc. So with this being our last totally free week of the summer, I vowed to say yes as much as possible. So we have had overnight friends, lunch at the Target snack bar, swam in a lake in the rain, watched WAY TOO MUCH T.V., took a screaming toddler to the library and even got to watch a movie in the car (gasp!)!

I have also spent the week finishing up curriculum ordering, and choosing, and got us registered for the year.
I also did everything in my power to kill myself as I began Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. People--there just aren't words! I have never had so many different body parts hurt all at one time! I must admit. I skipped two days. I know, Jillian would not like it. But I have four kids and I have to be able to walk!

My favorite thing I did this week was FINALLY finish sewing Dancer's new outfit. My bloggy friend Aimee at SewSensible designs children's clothing patterns and sent me her newest pattern a while back. I finally got serious this week and let laundry, dishes, etc pile up around me but the results are well worth it! Here are a few pics of Dancer modeling her new outfit. The top is reversible so these are a few of the options of how she can wear it.

Pretty dad gum cute if I do say so myself! Tigerfan wants me to make an LSU one next, I'm thinking tiger paws on one side and purple and gold plaid on the other!

Finally, last night we decided to have Family Game Night. It was a typical game night in the Tiger den. I was trying to put the finishing touches on the outfit and make pictures. Tigercub was screaming for food, because, you know...we NEVER feed him, FB was trying on clothes (a precious family at church gave us 4 garbage bags full of NICE, name brand clothes for him--what a blessing) and modeling for us and BB was coming undone because "C'MON, let's play NOW!" Not to mention the threat of severe weather had FB following me all over the house and running to the bathroom every five minutes--ya gotta love West Tennessee weather.

By the time everyone sat down, it was loud, crazy and momma MAY have been a little cranky! We did have fun, though, especially when the boys (including Tigerfan) started getting a little silly--ya just gotta love boys and board games!

Anyway, next week, we will begin a little school and watch a friend's children at least one day. It seems that no matter how quickly the summer flew by, there is no avoiding starting back to school. Hope everyone has a great weekend and is enjoying the last little bit of summer fun, which, Mr. Sunshine, I would like to remind you, it IS still summer, feel free to show yourself a few more times before fall (I'm just sayin'...)!

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