Friday, July 31, 2009

Coffee Talk

Good Morning, ladies! Hope everything finds you well this morning. We have some fresh baked Amish bread this morning...yum!

We have had a great week here at the Tigerden. I proclaimed this week the week of the "yes"! You see, I feel like I spend three fourths of my life telling the kids no. No, we can't do that. No, you can't eat that. No, we can't go there, etc. So with this being our last totally free week of the summer, I vowed to say yes as much as possible. So we have had overnight friends, lunch at the Target snack bar, swam in a lake in the rain, watched WAY TOO MUCH T.V., took a screaming toddler to the library and even got to watch a movie in the car (gasp!)!

I have also spent the week finishing up curriculum ordering, and choosing, and got us registered for the year.
I also did everything in my power to kill myself as I began Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. People--there just aren't words! I have never had so many different body parts hurt all at one time! I must admit. I skipped two days. I know, Jillian would not like it. But I have four kids and I have to be able to walk!

My favorite thing I did this week was FINALLY finish sewing Dancer's new outfit. My bloggy friend Aimee at SewSensible designs children's clothing patterns and sent me her newest pattern a while back. I finally got serious this week and let laundry, dishes, etc pile up around me but the results are well worth it! Here are a few pics of Dancer modeling her new outfit. The top is reversible so these are a few of the options of how she can wear it.

Pretty dad gum cute if I do say so myself! Tigerfan wants me to make an LSU one next, I'm thinking tiger paws on one side and purple and gold plaid on the other!

Finally, last night we decided to have Family Game Night. It was a typical game night in the Tiger den. I was trying to put the finishing touches on the outfit and make pictures. Tigercub was screaming for food, because, you know...we NEVER feed him, FB was trying on clothes (a precious family at church gave us 4 garbage bags full of NICE, name brand clothes for him--what a blessing) and modeling for us and BB was coming undone because "C'MON, let's play NOW!" Not to mention the threat of severe weather had FB following me all over the house and running to the bathroom every five minutes--ya gotta love West Tennessee weather.

By the time everyone sat down, it was loud, crazy and momma MAY have been a little cranky! We did have fun, though, especially when the boys (including Tigerfan) started getting a little silly--ya just gotta love boys and board games!

Anyway, next week, we will begin a little school and watch a friend's children at least one day. It seems that no matter how quickly the summer flew by, there is no avoiding starting back to school. Hope everyone has a great weekend and is enjoying the last little bit of summer fun, which, Mr. Sunshine, I would like to remind you, it IS still summer, feel free to show yourself a few more times before fall (I'm just sayin'...)!

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Monday, July 27, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY July 27, 2009...
Outside my window...It is a beautiful summer morning! The flowers are perking up happily, the temperature is not too hot...yet and the sky is clear and blue!

I am thinking...Wow, only two more weeks of summer vacation, where has it gone?
I am thankful for...mornings when ALL the children sleep in! I have exercised, watered flowers, vacuumed the pool, played with the dog and am now getting bloggy time all to myself!
From the learning rooms...ordering curriculum and getting excited each time a new box is delivered. Still a little unsure of what junior high has in store for us!

From the kitchen...After last weeks sticky bun disaster, not much going on there. Probably some tacos for supper tonight and, of course a big ole green smoothie for lunch!

I am wearing...Work out clothes! I began day one of the 30 day shred today...OW!

I am outfit from Sewsensible's newest pattern--I am really excited about how it is going to turn out!
I am going...hopefully nowhere, had a little one feeling puny this weekend, hoping to get him back on track!

I am reading...Divine by Karen Kingsbury (I think)
I am not be stressed this week, let my kids enjoy the end of the summer and hopefully enjoy lots of time with friends.

I am hearing...Silence--aaaaaah!

Around the house...laundry, sewing, clean the kitchen and hopefully lots of fun time with the kids.

One of my favorite things...sleeping children

A few plans for the rest of the week:Finishing Dancer's outfit, spending lots of time with friends, enjoying the end of the summer...I still can't believe I am saying that!

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Two friends from the pool! Ain't summer grand!

Here is a link for summer Daybookers at Grandmother Wren and, of course, the Simple Woman's Daybook.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Why Didn't Somebody Warn Me?

I am a girl (in case you were wondering☺). I was raised with sisters. My closest cousins were girls. I TOTALLY "get" girls. I know how they think, what to expect from them and about all the emotionally "stuff" that goes along with the gentler, well, you know!

Somehow, I thought boys were different. Tougher. Throughout their early childhood, my boys have been. They are loud. SO loud. They are wild. They run everywhere, scream everywhere, and have limitless amounts of energy. They like to talk about gross stuff and do gross stuff. That's how boys are supposed to be, right? Messy, loud, dirty, tough....

So why, why didn't somebody tell me what it was going to be like to have a boy about to go through puberty? WHY? I KNOW what a girl will be like! I am TOTALLY prepared for a girl to have completely unreasonable emotional outbursts about hair. I am ready for the tears, insecurity and despair of highly hormonal days. I am ready to buy LOTS of chocolate to ease "the blues".

But my boy? I guess I just thought he would sail through with a cracking voice, rolling eyes and lots of showers. Oh, how wrong I was. I didn't really recognize the stage we were in until a couple of days ago when I was talking to a friend who has been through this. I was describing the "drama". The angst over moving to Boise that has now been suddenly replaced by the need to become a child actor. And people, it is an OBSESSION! Now, I realize that some of this is just due to his personality. He has always been one to get onto something and get...well, focused! If he watched a movie...he would reenact it with toys, when he read "My Side of the Mountain" he spent weeks recreating Sam Gribley's world in our backyard. So I know part of this is just him. But Heaven help me. You would think that when we told him we are not moving to L.A. this week that we had told him he only has a month to live. He spends every moment I allow him to "researching" child actors by watching his favorite shows. When I ban him from T.V. he moves to the computer to research them there. He knows every show they have been in, when they got their start, where they got their start, what they like to do, what they like to eat, who is homeschooled, who goes to what get the picture. Before I serve a meal, he asks if actors would eat that particular food and has sworn off dessert and started "working out" every day because actors are healthy (although I cannot get him to even attempt to drink a green smoothie which I totally think an actor would).

When I chase him off the computer, he walks around the house aimlessly like a little lost child and peppers me with questions about everything acting. Because, you know, I am the expert! He wants to know why we can't just move there and you absolutely, positively CANNOT reason with him. Explanations go over his head, logical plans go in one ear and out the other. It is painful. I am SO tired of talking about acting, L.A. etc.

But the worst of it is that when I was talking to the above mentioned friend, her words of encouragement went something like this. He sounds like he is starting to go through the change. It is all the hormones. When Z went through this he was just like it and it only lasted about a year.

A YEAR? YOU MEAN I HAVE A YEAR OF THIS? She went on to explain that her son is now wonderful to be around and never gives her trouble, it was just that one year while his body was changing. Of course, another of her friends has a son about the same age and it took him about TWO YEARS, but he is great now, too.

I may quite possibly poke my eye out with a fork or claw my ears off within the next year. I guess this should not come as a surprise, if it was a girl, I would expect it. I just didn't know boys got so...hormonal. I wasn't mentally prepared for this!

So, as a public service announcement to all you mothers of boys who may have been raised around girls. Your adolescent boy will, apparently spend one to two years of his preteen/early teen years acting like a pre-menstrual girl. I just thought you should know!

My pre-teen boy...remembering the "good ole days"

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

California...Here We Come?

If you are family, a Facebook friend, or have perhaps just figured it out from the last few posts, you will know that there has been a little drama around the Tigerden lately. It all began with a visit from my parents and my sister's family. We had an awesome time. Too awesome. Because when they left, FB was devastated! He decided we needed to move west and for a solid week he moped, pouted, job hunted for Tigerfan, and planned the BIG MOVE! He was clingy and slightly annoying (I know, you aren't supposed to say that about your own child...but it is true!).

Finally...FINALLY he snapped out of it. Unfortunately, it was replaced by a new even more impossible dream. To move to L.A. and become a child actor. Oh, how I wish I was kidding right now. I cannot even believe I am typing this post...but I am.

And people, he is OBSESSED! He has spent the last 2 days watching every second of television I will allow. When I force him off, he goes straight for the computer to "research" his new found passion. He can give you the bio on every Disney actor you can think of. He has googled how to get into acting and asked me how to hire an agent.

Tigerfan and I have suggested that maybe he ease into it. You know, like being in a local play. But no. It must be L.A. Preferably Disney. And it would really be great if he could get a STARRING role in one of his two favorite programs. Today would be good. I mean really. Once I forbid all technology, he begins aimlessly walking around the house almost in tears lamenting the fact that we have not yet moved him to the Hollywood Hills. I have been pounded with questions about earthquakes in that area: Are the studios earthquake proof, how many do they have, when was the last one. I have been asked every school related question possible: Where do child actors go to school, When do they do lessons when they are filming? Where do they go to college?

He is DRIVING ME CRAZY! He is clinging to me constantly begging for me to make this happen. I don't want to squelch his dream. If this is his passion...okay, give it time. However, history shows that in about 3 days something else will come along and the whole acting thing will be a brief, albeit painful, memory.

As I was hiding, I mean cleaning the kitchen, tonight, I really began to think about this situation of ours...which, by the way, one friend has informed me is fueled by pre-pubescent hormones and should only last approximately one or two more years! I realized, that so often, I am the same way to my Heavenly Father.

I get a dream, a desire, an idea into my head and I immediately assume that is His best for me. I then proceed to beg, plead, cry, pout and bargain to try to show God how right that thing is for me. I can see all the wonderful, positive reasons why God should give me this or allow that, and when He says no, I am baffled, angry, confused. I whine, I pout and I "cling" to God explaining to Him how great it would be, how effective I could be for Him "if only..." I tire out His ears explaining all my research, thoughts, ideas, questions but I never really take time to be still and listen for Him.

As an adult, as a parent, I can look at this desire of FB's and see so many things wrong with his plan. I know what happens to most child actors. I know how hard it is to break into that world and how hard it is to stay committed to Christ in the midst of it. I look and see so many things that could go wrong and I can see why this might not be the best. But...I don't really know, could God use him there? OF COURSE! That is just it, I don't know.

How much more can I trust my Heavenly Father. He Knows! When I begin begging, pleading, hoping, dreaming, He KNOWS what is best. He knows what will go wrong and He knows what is right. He wants the best. Not good...the best. When He says no, it is because there is something so much better that He has for me. Why don't I listen to that? Why do I spend so much time clinging instead of listening and obeying? I have a loving Father who desires to give me the best, to shield me from mistakes and to use me! He has a plan for ME, for you, and for Football Boy! How blessed we are to have such a loving Father and how I desire to reflect Him in my parenting!

Jeremiah 29:11 (New International Version)
11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


Dancer Graced me with a manicure over the weekend! THREE coats of lovely pink polish. Anyone interested in an appointment?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Coffee Talk

Good Morning, sweet Company Girls! Hope you have all had a wonderful week! Today we have a smorgasbord of leftovers to choose from. Some sodas, and snacks left over from my Bible Study...peanut butter fingers, fresh fruit and dip, Chex mix, and chips with home made salsa. I have TONS of that because our sweet neighbor keeps bringing us tomatoes. Wednesday, I had 20 sitting on my counter and he came by wanting to give me more! We have salsa coming out our ears and I have now discovered you can freeze tomatoes...who knew. Anyway, grab a snack and have a seat.

Because of a splattering of random, disjointed thoughts, I will post in list format today!

1. A couple of my precious, faithful ones have asked about my comments. I have turned them off for a time and the reason is a bit humbling. You see, I found myself getting a little too concerned with comments or lack thereof and found it consuming my thoughts and dictating my posts. I considered quitting the blog for a time but it is my connection with my out of town family, so...I turned off comments until I can play nice and not get all worked up when I don't get the comments I want or think I deserve due to my outstanding writing/blogging skills (please know I am kidding)!

2. We finally got finished with a long list of honey do's around the house. My favorite is that we FINALLY put up the Wall Words I got for Christmas and I love, love, love them! I want them everywhere now! Here is a picture of one of the newly "worded" areas:

3. I am still missing my family terribly since they left, however, my 12 year old is too and if he doesn't stop hovering, I am very likely to send him to them! He stands at the computer looking through pictures of the visit and listing everyone he misses. He lays on me constantly, has started a blog of videos they made while here and I literally had to chase him out of the kitchen the other day because he was hanging on so tight that I could not even cut the above mentioned tomatoes...the kid needs a new hobby. If it wasn't for the fact that I am still trying to enjoy the summer, I would probably start school just to get his mind on something else!

4. I had to have a root canal yesterday...isn't that supposed to HELP tooth pain? Because I am in worse and more consistent pain today than I was BEFORE the procedure...I HATE teeth!

5. For the first time in WEEKS, we have no weekend plans. My family has gone home, Tigerfan's parents are in LA, and we have NOTHING scheduled! I plan on making this

for breakfast tomorrow morning...because what health conscious mother WOULDN'T fix her children funnel cakes for breakfast, and hopefully get to the fabric store and make Dancer this little outfit by my blogging friend sewsensible.

Well, that is about all for now! I must go drink my water, I had gotten out of the habit of drinking my 8 glasses and am trying to start again. I did it yesterday, drank 9, in fact and then had to excuse myself mid root canal to relieve myself! I am also still drinking my green smoothies and loving them! Yesterday I tried strawberries, banana, and became a brown smoothie but was still delicious!!!

Have a great week and be sure to go to Home Sanctuary for more Coffee Talk!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Still Miss My Mommy

Okay, I am really not going to whine forever, but I had so much fun with my family and now they are gone. Boo hoo.

Football boy has pouted for several days now proclaiming that he wants to move to Idaho to be closer to them. I would TOTALLY move to Idaho. If we had a source of income, could sell our house, could afford a new see where this is going. He better get happy right here.

He has begun praying daily that we could move and that Tigerfan could find a job there. He even did an Internet search the other day and found Tigerfan a job as a bilingual translator for AT&T, too bad he isn't bilingual.

Monday we found a new little friend. My momma would have loved this friend. We named him Max and enjoyed the afternoon with him before sending him off to a new home.

Finally, a few of my favorite pics from a week with my fam. Sadly, I have not one picture of my did that happen?

I like to call this "How does a fishy go?"

Pops and Dancer
Pops in his new grilling "duds". Isn't he cute?
Cousins hangin' in the boat...I guess they are getting ready to dive in.

Football words needed
I LOVE my family!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Green Smoothies

I finally did it! I jumped on the bandwagon.

My momma gave me a blender for my birthday and so today was the day. I prepared a green smoothie, a little skeptical that it would be as delicious as claimed. was GREAT! This from a confirmed, dyed in the wool, down to my toes junk food junkie! It was really good!

Now I can get all my veggies in EVERY DAY! Yay me!

For any interested, I looked on several sights and just combined ideas. Basically, I put 1 1/2 cups cold water into the blender and filled it with spinach. Once it was all mixed together, I added a banana, some apple and some strawberries, added a touch of sugar and some flax seed. Blended it all up and drank away.

In the future, I will make sure my fruit is frozen to make the smoothie a bit colder, other than changes. I look forward to experimenting with different greens and different sis even suggested a little ice cream in place of the banana and sugar. That way, I get the creaminess that the banana adds and the sweetness but without the overwhelming banana flavor!

So, if ever you have considered trying one...I highly recommend them, they really are good!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Ranting

The house is quiet.

The children slept till 8:00.

I actually got up and did my quiet time this morning for the first time in a week.

The dog is munching on her new rawhide.

The laundry is sorted.

No huge plans for the day.

I should feel excited.

I should feel relieved.

Mostly, I feel sad. I loved the chaos of a house full of people. I loved waking up to my nephew throwing balls outside and my daddy's hugs. I loved talking to my mom and watching HGTV with her until...too late. I loved doing 10 loads of laundry a day to keep up with the 13 people in the house. I loved emergency chocolate runs and a do nothing vacation. I loved the sense of belonging and a house full of friends. And now, they are on their way home. 2,000 miles away. Sigh.


Monday, July 6, 2009

And the Winner Is...

No, my family is not actually here yet. And no, I have not yet tasted the winning recipe! But...since there was only a whopping 1 entry, I already know the winner! You can visit her at Sassafras Cafe! Her entry is a Parisian Apple Tartlet which you can find a delicious looking picture of HERE! Congrats, Tammy, and thanks for being my one and only participant! I'll be sending you a little somethin' somethin' real soon!