Friday, July 17, 2009

Coffee Talk

Good Morning, sweet Company Girls! Hope you have all had a wonderful week! Today we have a smorgasbord of leftovers to choose from. Some sodas, and snacks left over from my Bible Study...peanut butter fingers, fresh fruit and dip, Chex mix, and chips with home made salsa. I have TONS of that because our sweet neighbor keeps bringing us tomatoes. Wednesday, I had 20 sitting on my counter and he came by wanting to give me more! We have salsa coming out our ears and I have now discovered you can freeze tomatoes...who knew. Anyway, grab a snack and have a seat.

Because of a splattering of random, disjointed thoughts, I will post in list format today!

1. A couple of my precious, faithful ones have asked about my comments. I have turned them off for a time and the reason is a bit humbling. You see, I found myself getting a little too concerned with comments or lack thereof and found it consuming my thoughts and dictating my posts. I considered quitting the blog for a time but it is my connection with my out of town family, so...I turned off comments until I can play nice and not get all worked up when I don't get the comments I want or think I deserve due to my outstanding writing/blogging skills (please know I am kidding)!

2. We finally got finished with a long list of honey do's around the house. My favorite is that we FINALLY put up the Wall Words I got for Christmas and I love, love, love them! I want them everywhere now! Here is a picture of one of the newly "worded" areas:

3. I am still missing my family terribly since they left, however, my 12 year old is too and if he doesn't stop hovering, I am very likely to send him to them! He stands at the computer looking through pictures of the visit and listing everyone he misses. He lays on me constantly, has started a blog of videos they made while here and I literally had to chase him out of the kitchen the other day because he was hanging on so tight that I could not even cut the above mentioned tomatoes...the kid needs a new hobby. If it wasn't for the fact that I am still trying to enjoy the summer, I would probably start school just to get his mind on something else!

4. I had to have a root canal yesterday...isn't that supposed to HELP tooth pain? Because I am in worse and more consistent pain today than I was BEFORE the procedure...I HATE teeth!

5. For the first time in WEEKS, we have no weekend plans. My family has gone home, Tigerfan's parents are in LA, and we have NOTHING scheduled! I plan on making this

for breakfast tomorrow morning...because what health conscious mother WOULDN'T fix her children funnel cakes for breakfast, and hopefully get to the fabric store and make Dancer this little outfit by my blogging friend sewsensible.

Well, that is about all for now! I must go drink my water, I had gotten out of the habit of drinking my 8 glasses and am trying to start again. I did it yesterday, drank 9, in fact and then had to excuse myself mid root canal to relieve myself! I am also still drinking my green smoothies and loving them! Yesterday I tried strawberries, banana, and became a brown smoothie but was still delicious!!!

Have a great week and be sure to go to Home Sanctuary for more Coffee Talk!