Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Green Smoothies

I finally did it! I jumped on the bandwagon.

My momma gave me a blender for my birthday and so today was the day. I prepared a green smoothie, a little skeptical that it would be as delicious as claimed.

People...it was GREAT! This from a confirmed, dyed in the wool, down to my toes junk food junkie! It was really good!

Now I can get all my veggies in EVERY DAY! Yay me!

For any interested, I looked on several sights and just combined ideas. Basically, I put 1 1/2 cups cold water into the blender and filled it with spinach. Once it was all mixed together, I added a banana, some apple and some strawberries, added a touch of sugar and some flax seed. Blended it all up and drank away.

In the future, I will make sure my fruit is frozen to make the smoothie a bit colder, other than that...no changes. I look forward to experimenting with different greens and different fruits...my sis even suggested a little ice cream in place of the banana and sugar. That way, I get the creaminess that the banana adds and the sweetness but without the overwhelming banana flavor!

So, if ever you have considered trying one...I highly recommend them, they really are good!