Friday, March 6, 2009


I am typing something that I thought would be pretty easy. Until I began to do it. I know it is a little late in the game, but our pastor has asked us to "fast" from something for 40 days. It was SUPPOSED to begin March 1, but I have been being rebellious, I guess. I really have been praying trying to discern what I should fast from. And the answer has been blogging. I spend entirely too much time laboring over what I could, should, want to blog about, hopping around on other blogs and commenting in a million places trying to up my readership...though it totally doesn't work!

Anyway, I have known what I should be doing...but kept hoping for a different hasn't come! Don't give up on me...I'll be back in 40, okay actually 34 days.

I'll still be checking in to Home Sanctuary for my daily "small thing" and all my dearest blogging friends will be in my thoughts...I won't be blogging with you...but think of all the time I'll have to pray for you!

Really! So, if you have something you want me to be praying for, you can email me at otherwise, I'll see you after Easter.

God bless!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Baseball Boy

Nine years ago today, you changed our family forever! Our calm, quiet family of three, became a hopping family of four. The peaceful, quiet baby we had grown used to with Football boy, had grown into a toddler and a happy, bubbly infant entered our world.

Little did we know how different two little boys could be! One quiet and serious. One active and full of laughter.

You have grown to be your own young man. Wild and silly at home but so quiet and polite when we are out! Stubborn, silly, unafraid to look crazy! Able to make us laugh about everything. Able to act out anything you have EVER seen on T.V. Word for word! Often in your own world. Always ready to give a massage, a smile, a hug! Cuddly and silly and crazy all wrapped up in the sweetest package with the most kissable cheeks ever made!

You are a fun little brother and an awesome big brother! You can drive me crazy and make me laugh all at once. I can only imagine what the future holds for you...but I am so thankful that when God was handing out Little boys, He chose to give us you!

Have a great day!


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Taken With Tigerfan

I can only hope that all of you had as wonderful a weekend as I did. I may have mentioned a time or ten that for Valentines, Tigerfan gave me a night in Nashville with no kids! He had made all the arrangements, had babysitting, room reservations, etc.

He had done lots of research and was a little disappointed because NOTHING was going on in Music City this weekend. No shows, no concerts...nothing. That was totally fine with me because he had me at no kids!

The week leading up to it was rough. I have also established lately that we have been plagued with illness this year and this week did not disappoint. By Thursday (one day before we left) we had three out of four kids with ear infections, one recovering from the flu and one newly diagnosed with it! We were actually planning on letting the kiddos spend the night with Nana and Papaw Thursday night so we could get an early start Fri. morning but decided to hold off because Dancer was feeling so poorly. Can I tell you how grateful I am to Nana who was still willing to keep our kids despite their health!

Anyway, we dropped them off early Friday morning and headed out for the "Big City". After stopping at the Golden Arches for a little breakfast, we hit the ground running and were able to walk into the mall within about 5 minutes of it opening. Can I tell ya how blessed I am to have married a man who likes to shop?

Now, in our day...we have been known to spend an entire day, open to close in that mall, but we were able to push through and finished every bit of shopping we wanted to do by 2:00. So, we left, went to the Hotel, checked in, and TOOK A NAP! Oh, glory mothers...can I tell you the joy of an uninterrupted nap, cuddled next to your man in the middle of the day with no risk of children pooping, vomiting, screaming, fighting...etc.! Pure heaven, I tell you! (By, the way, I totally realize how lame I am to get so excited about this, but, is where I am!)

We got up, freshened up and went the The Cheesecake Factory AKA Heaven on Earth for supper. Neither of us had ever been there before, but I am telling spoke to me. And it said...come back, frequently! Oh, people...three words...Louisiana Chicken will not regret it! Of course, we had to finish up with a piece of cheesecake!Fortunately, the restaurant was attached to Green Hills Mall, so we spent a little time in Dillard's...who happened to be having the sale of the year, and then went to the movie (theater also attached) to see Taken. Have you seen that movie? Oh, you simply must! My heart started beating out of my chest within the first 15 minutes and never stopped until the movie was over! It was SO good...however, Dancer will NEVER be let out of the country...NEVER!

We went back to the Hotel, where we got in bed at a decent time, slept till we woke up of our own free will and then bypassed the "complimentary" breakfast to head over to Krispy Kreme for a little more indulgence!We did a little more shopping then headed back home, where, by the time we arrived it had just begun snowing! We took the kiddos (who are ALL finally feeling better) to eat with Nana and Papaw then crept home in snow that was already over an inch deep! This morning...we had the most snow I have ever seen since living in TN! It is beautiful and the kids are having a ball. In fact, Tigerfan is giving them rides on the four wheeler and a trash can lid right now!

What a perfect end to a perfect weekend!


The word is described at in the following ways:

actively and attentively engaged in work or a pastime: busy with her work.
not at leisure; otherwise engaged: He couldn't see any visitors because he was busy.
full of or characterized by activity: a busy life.
(of a telephone line) in use by a party or parties and not immediately accessible.
officious; meddlesome; prying.
ornate, disparate, or clashing in design or colors; cluttered with small, unharmonious details; fussy: The rug is too busy for this room.

However, when the word is used by a Mother's Day Out teacher, a grandparent, or perhaps a babysitter to describe...oh, let's say a 14 month old, what it really means is, "your kid is driving me CRAZY!!!"

I have discovered this because that would be the word of choice to describe Tigercub! Because he is not even remotely interested in baby things. He laughs in the face of poppers, Little People, and riding toys in favor of toilets, garbage cans and computers. Even in the "child safe" MDO room, his activities of choice are emptying the paper towel dispenser and going through doors and cabinets. His teachers regularly smile at me and tell me how "busy" he is and how they do not know how I keep up with him.

The fact is...I don't keep up with him. He is like a little hurricane moving through the house at record speeds and leaving a trail of destruction wherever he goes. He loves the garbage, so we bought one with a lid. He learned to remove the lid, so we began to spank his little bottom. Now, he just walks into the kitchen and knocks the whole thing over!

He then moves on to the computer where he pulls off the mouse and the card reader and regularly gets on the internet. So, we spank his little bottom, he cries, and crawls under the computer desk to empty the software boxes and press buttons on the hard drive.

When you go to the bathroom, he follows you in to unroll the toilet paper...but that is just a distraction, while you re roll the paper, he moves to the real target...the plunger!

And don't even get me started on the master bath where he starts by throwing all his toys into the bathtub, then moves around to the faucet...and turns the water on! He then pulls down the towel bar, opens the cabinet, empties all the brushes and hair clips, moves to the next drawer where he empties fingernail polish, then pulls out all the curling irons, hair gel, spray, etc. While I clean that up...he goes for the makeup drawer where he regularly goes for the blush brush...which he uses on his hair! Once I take away the blush brush, he moves on to the toothbrush drawer where he methodically removes everyone's toothbrush. If I am lucky, I will catch him before he begins using the brush of choice on the toilet!

I really don't mean to complain. I really don't mean to challenge the wisdom of an all knowing Heavenly Father. But I am old! Perhaps I could have handled a child like this in the early child bearing years. I was young, agile, fresh. Now...I am tired. I cannot keep up and I wonder...why now?

I like the words of one of my friends whose fourth child is just like our little Tiger cub! "It is God's way of saying, 'Last One!'"