Thursday, April 30, 2009


I have been wanting to try this vlogging thing out for awhile but didn't think we had the capability until my 12 year old told me I could use our skype cam! Wow! After a short tutorial and a lot of mocking by him I have completed my first (and possibly my last) vlog.

I don't photograph well and video is even worse so bear with me! I decided to join up with this carnival (all I can seem to muster up these days) that I saw on P.S. He loves you.

You can check out all the vlogemotion blogs at Fort Thompson and he is even giving away a flip camera to one lucky winner so if your feeling really brave, or funny, or silly, or stupid...go check it out!

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Frazzled Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY April 27, 2009...

Outside my window...I think it is a beautiful, sunny day--but I haven't actually LOOKED outside yet this morning as I have been RUNNING all morning!

I am thinking...about how much we have to do today. Too many projects are due tomorrow, all of which are only part way done...oh when will I learn to organize my time better?

I am thankful sweet Mother In Law who always keeps my kids for me. She will be watching them AGAIN while I go to the dentist this afternoon!

From the learning rooms...PROJECTS! Thank goodness the end of the year is just around the corner. We have three art projects, a country study (including a "native" snack, costume, and poster) and an animal habitat all due by Thursday. I know I should just let some other studies go...but I am Anal and I just can't seem to do it!

From the kitchen...Football boy has discovered an interest in the culinary arts! This weekend he learned to "make" Manwich and boxed brownies. This week, he is desiring to learn to make some from scratch meals. This could get interesting.

I am wearing...exercise clothes. In a re-run from last week, I overslept and didn't exercise. There is almost no hope of getting it in today, but it makes me feel better if I think I am going to try!

I am creating...absolutely nothing, although I would be thrilled if I could create a little peace and calmness SOMEWHERE in my house! Like maybe in a clean kitchen counter...

I am the dentist and to Football boys' ballgame today as a single mom. Tigerfan starts teaching his classes tonight at the local University so I am on my own. I also need to run to Walmart and try to find some fabric to create a wonderful Mexican costume due tomorrow...any suggestions?

I am reading...Crazy Love...should finish it up this week! It is really a life changing book!

I am hoping...that things will calm down a little bit here and that I will learn to time manage or simplify a little...I am going a little crazy right now. On the other hand, I am still holding out for the housecleaning fairies or the Home Made Simple Mavens!

I am hearing...Dancer talking to me about her day and the sound of Tigercub getting in to something...I am afraid to find out what!

Around the house...Well, I hate to complain, but my washing machine broke on Friday. After spending all Saturday morning researching new machines, Tigerfan decided he could fix it. It is now disassembled with part of it in the laundry room and part of it in the garage. The offending part is on my counter and Tigerfan is trying to get a replacement part today. So...there is laundry all over my house piling up waiting to be washed. Tigercub has gotten into the dishwashing tablets and has sprinkled them all over the floor and I haven't done a home blessing in two weeks! Maybe one of these days...

One of my favorite things...The end of the school year and the peace of knowing we won't have any more projects for 3 months!!!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Baseball games, dentist appointment, HOPEFULLY a repaired washing machine and laundry getting done. IF it doesn't start raining again, I may get the garden in although I am beginning to think that is just a passing fancy this year.

Here is picture thought I am sharing

Ever feel like you were just running in circles???

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Coffee Talk

Come on in and sit down! Despite going to two different grocery stores on two different days this week, I am afraid we are out of milk...and juice. How about a nice glass of Diet Coke or perhaps Ice water? Hey, we're in the south, I can even offer you a nice tall glass of Sweet Tea! As for a snack...well, I have the ingredients for some delicious, healthy chocolate chunk muffins or some lemon bars...but I haven't quite gotten around to actually making them. I guess I'll have to offer you a granola bar. We have TONS of those! You see, they were on a GREAT sale AND I had I stocked up. Perhaps too much, my kids now run and hide every time I offer them one--but you're not sick of them yet...right?

Anyway, on to my week. I think you can tell from above that it has maybe not been as productive as one might have hoped. Baseball games, dance, two trips to the grocery store, projects at tutorial...I am having trouble getting it all together right now!

I started out with high hopes this week! Get the shopping done with coupons for a bargain price...all in one night, do school and tutorial, get my garden in since the weather has finally gotten pretty and make a few healthy "treats" because I was totally getting back on my diet/exercise plan.

It went more like this:
Monday-Day one of school, no house blessing because I forgot to buy new bags for the vacuum and if you can't vacuum...what is the point. Home school while trying to do laundry, clean house and make grocery list that incorporates menu planning and what is on sale at every beloved store in this city. The boys went to a minor league game because it was Dixie Youth night so I took Dancer and Tigercub and headed off to grocery #1. Coupon binder in hand and list ready, except for the OTHER list and recipes I had printed off at the last minute and laid on the counter. Half way through the store, I knew it was doomed. Half a list, crying baby, fussy 6 year old. I finally finished up, wheeled my buggy to the checkout counter to find that all my pre-planning had saved me a whopping $24.00 (I spent $120) and I still had another store to go. Gave up--went home. Put children in bed, ironed until midnight!

Tuesday-got up with a bang. Exercised!!! Somehow, still managed to run late for tutorial even though I was supposed to be early--teacher appreciation banquet...I missed the picture and had to rush through breakfast to get to class! Got home, finished home school in time to get Football boy, who is now playing baseball, ready for practice. Tigerfan took him and then offered to take us to eat supper in town! cooking!

Wed- overslept, no exercise. Optimistic. Bribed kids to eat/do morning musts quickly so I could get them started on assignments and go to grocery #2. Instead, they yelled, fought and called each other names. Bribery turned to punishment and a rather out of control mother. Had to take three kids to the grocery store, leaving only oldest home (protection of the younger). Baseball boy (who is no longer playing baseball) and Dancer fought the WHOLE time! After about 10 minutes I gave up on couponing and just started flinging! Laid down another$100, not exactly the money savings I had hoped for. However, I then went to Walgreens and did save a bundle AND got a free reuseable grocery bag to boot! Despite all efforts to bribe good behavior, all children went home empty handed and I went home MAD! However, I totally rewarded myself with a Diet coke and a candy bar (free with the purchase of the drink) which is wrong on so many levels, but made me happy for the moment. Finished school, went to church and did not hurt any children!!!

Thurs.-Tutorial (I was on time!!!!), hair cuts for boys, home for lunch at 2:00, baby had not had nap. Literally sat down and held him down until he went to sleep--he had sort of passed the ability to settle himself down! Got boys ready for baseball game on the other side of the country (or at least a really long way from our house) and Dancer ready for dance. Picked up friend to take to dance, dropped off Tigercub with friend to avoid taking him to dance. Went to dance, picked up Tigercub, took friend home, fixed supper, put little ones to bed. Boys got home, Baseball boy threw up in the yard. Got them in bed (hallelujah!) and had popcorn and M&M night with Tigerfan.

Today-Got up REALLY late. Didn't exercise, haven't had quiet time, ate a not so healthy breakfast and am ignoring the fact that Tigercub is throwing an onion across the kitchen saying, "BALL!" We have guitar lessons today and I have to go get vacuum bags, a birthday present and glue for an unfinished of five that are due next week at tutorial...not that I am bitter but ENOUGH WIITH THE PROJECTS, ALREADY!!! IT IS BALL SEASON, DANCE RECITAL SEASON AND THE END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR! I also need to make an appointment to have my little angels' pictures made (Tigercub is almost 16 months old and has never had a professional picture taken of him), call my grandmother who was in a wreck Monday and had a pacemaker installed Wed. and yet...I haven't called, make a dessert for tomorrow night, perhaps use some of the groceries that have caused me such distress this week and actually cook a meal that include vegetables....and on and on.

As you can see, while nothing major has happened, I am having a little trouble keeping my head above water. The garden still isn't planted, the boys room needs to be painted and redecorated ( a Christmas gift), the living room needs repainted so I can hang the wall words Tigerfan gave me for Christmas, the extra bedroom is bursting at the seems with unfinished projects and we have guests coming in a month and a they need a place to sleep. I keep waiting for the home organization fairy to come or for the Home Made Simple mavens to knock on my door, but so far...that hasn't happened. I am not complaining, in a very weak economy, my dear husband has a secure job, the children are fed (sometimes) and educated (no comments), and no matter what, we are loved and cared for by the Creator of the World. But feel free to shower me with blessings, good will, advice, and perhaps point the fairy my way if you happen to see her!

Have a great weekend...and feel free to take a granola bar for the road!

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

I saw this on one of my favorite blogs

and thought I would give it a try, makes Monday Morning blogging easy!

FOR TODAY (April 20, 2009)...

Outside My Window...I see the sun FINALLY shining. Maybe this week it will finally stay dry enough to plant our little garden!

I am thinking...that I need to go wake the rest of my children up and start school. But I have enjoyed a rare, relaxed morning and I am not ready for it to end!

I am thankful INCREDIBLE weekend that began with Tigerfan taking a surprise 1/2 day off on Friday and taking ALL the children to guitar practice and giving me 2 1/2 hours of total peace! It ended by going to a Martin's concert last night that was absolutely incredible and worshipful!

From the learning rooms...we are doing projects galore for Dancer's tutorial class (I am not bitter...really!), and beginning to wind things up at home! It is so exciting to finish a book and lower the stress level around here a bit. We are reading aloud "The Borrowers" mainly because I am reliving my own childhood and just trying to get through schooling three with an out of control 15 month old on the loose!

From the kitchen...let's just say we are in DESPERATE need of groceries so mostly from the kitchen there is just a box of Fruit Loops...but they were on sale, don't judge me! I plan on a BIG shopping excursion this evening that will hopefully find us well stocked in natural, healthy foods.

I am wearing...athletic shorts and a T-shirt because I overslept but am still holding out hope that between school, a VBS meeting and grocery shopping, I might actually get my exercise in!

I am creating...chaos (or maybe that is what my children are creating...there is a lot of it around, however!) Seriously, I found a pattern for reuseable grocery bags made from old sheets. If I can manage to find some sewing time...I may give 'em the ole college try!


I am reading...Crazy Love by Francis Chan. It is an AMAZING book that will change the entire way you think about your christian walk. Don't read it if you don't want to be convicted!

I am hoping...that someday I will be an organized woman who actually does have a more simple life.

I am hearing...the sounds of laughter as my 9 year old entertains my 15 month old. It is a BEAUTIFUL sound!

Around the house...I need to vacuum and clean the kitchen but our sheets are fresh and clean!

One of my favorite things...Seeing the sun shining out the window and knowing that spring really is on its way...I hope!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:Grocery shopping, teacher appreciation breakfast at the tutorial, baseball games, kindergarten projects, working on Dancer's scrapbook

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Welcome Spring!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Coffee Time!

Oh, how I have missed Coffee talk! I cannot wait to drop in on some of you and see what has been going on! I have learned so much during my time of fasting and I cannot wait to share it. But today, I love Rachel Anne's idea of sharing ways we save money during these hard times, so my other reflections will have to wait!

Please sit down and make yourself comfortable! I have Diet Pepsi, granola bars or some slice and bake cookies (got 'em on a GREAT sale) for a coffee, I haven't changed THAT much!

We have also felt the tug of the economic pressures around here, and while I am SO thankful for Tigerfan's job security...the cuts in insurance, raises, bonuses, etc. have caused us to tighten up! The biggest thing I have been LEARNING to do is coupon shop. I have used a coupon here and there over the years but haven't been a real "go-getter". I have met a new friend, though, that is a die hard coupon shopper and she has been teaching a few of us the ropes.

I now have a three ring binder filled with baseball card pages so I can see all my coupons. Every week, I get the sales adds from our local grocery store, Walgreens, Target, etc. and match them up with my coupons. It is amazing the money you can save! I have also learned the "special places" in the grocery store where they put deeply discounted items that need quick sale or are being clearanced out. I often revise my dinner plans to incorporate the meats, etc that I find here. We have even got to enjoy some lovely Steak dinners and enjoyed one night of shish kabobs as a result of bargains in the butcher's dept. Yesterday, I went in to pick up lunch stuff and milk and ended up SAVING $27.oo. It is rewarding and actually kind of fun! It can become very time consuming, which is why I haven't become as successful as my friend...I just don't have hours every week to shop, etc. But every little bit helps!

Hope this helps someone out there, I can't wait to read some of your money saving tips! And for those who actually come by here regularly...two posts in twelve hours! Wow, this could be a record for me!

Have a blessed weekend!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Take Me Out To the Ballgame

Tonight...the season begins. Baseball. Late nights at the ballpark. Treats from the concession stand (if Nana comes to the game). Little prayers that "he" will catch the ball. Little prayers that "he" will hit the least once. Game balls. Team drinks. Grass stained uniforms.

Interestingly, the thing that has changed, is the boy who is playing. What a difference a few months makes. Baseball boy has decided to turn in his glove. His BRAND NEW glove. His Christmas present (you can see I am not at all bitter)! He has a NEW favorite He no longer wants to be bothered with bats, helmets or gloves. We begged, pleaded, warned, okay, we even considered force...but he had NO desire, and so we relented. Baseball boy is not playing baseball.

And, while Football boy has not given up his dreams of a thriving football career, he has decided to pick back up the sport he casually swept aside a few years back. Starting back is hard. The other boys have 3 years experience on him and the transition...well, it hasn't been smooth. But he is a trooper and he has happily, cheerfully, joyfully worked his little heart out at every practice. Tonight is his first game.

I am not there. Let's face it, I gave up on Mother of the Year sometime back. But Dancer had dance tonight and Tigercub...well, Tigercub just had it! I took him home, put them in bed and am SAVORING the thirty minutes of peace and quiet I am experiencing right now! And don't judge me, but I am really not missing much. It is COLD outside and Tigerfan just called me with a score update. 2nd inning. 18-0. We are NOT winning! Something tells me, I may have to shoot up an extra prayer about that whole hitting the ball thing!

Anyway...I am thinking we may need to revise a few nicknames. Somehow, they just no longer seem appropriate. However, you will see in an upcoming post why I am leaning towards the nicknames: The Phantom and Valjean.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm Ba-ack!!!

I cannot tell you how excited I am to be here! I have been so excited to be able to blog again. I have been looking forward to this all week. Which is why on Saturday and Sunday, when I could "legally" blog again...I never got close to a computer. I didn't catch up as I promised myself I would, I didn't plan my first blog...nothing.

Instead, we went to Easter egg hunts, ball practice, hung out at the inlaws while Tigerfan repaired a major leak, went to church, worshipped our RISEN savior, ate...a LOT, etc.

I have so much catching up to do and so much I could write, but right now it is 10:20, I have two chapters in my Bible Study book to read and school and a Dr. appointment in the morning. I am learning to prioritize, so the blogging I would like to do must be put off just awhile longer. However, I would be negligent if I did not take the first available opportunity to introduce you to the two newest members of our family.

Let me introduce you to Connor (the puppet, not the kid...that would be Football boy)
...and Stanley (also referred to as Dr. Phil)

These were birthday presents for the boys (and yes, strangely, they asked for them) and they have taken on quite a life of their own around here. Stanley "showers" and changes clothes almost daily, usually stealing clothes from Tigercub's closet. They often join us at breakfast and on roadtrips where Stanley is always sure to buckle up.

Connor doesn't make quite the same number of appearances...his "puppet master" is far too cool for that, but I assure you, he has his place. I am sure you will be hearing of the lives and times of these two around here and seeing their little mugs occasionally, we have become quite attached!

Anyway, have a wonderful week, I can't wait to check in on everyone and see what's been going on! Hope you had a blessed Easter!