Friday, April 24, 2009

Coffee Talk

Come on in and sit down! Despite going to two different grocery stores on two different days this week, I am afraid we are out of milk...and juice. How about a nice glass of Diet Coke or perhaps Ice water? Hey, we're in the south, I can even offer you a nice tall glass of Sweet Tea! As for a snack...well, I have the ingredients for some delicious, healthy chocolate chunk muffins or some lemon bars...but I haven't quite gotten around to actually making them. I guess I'll have to offer you a granola bar. We have TONS of those! You see, they were on a GREAT sale AND I had I stocked up. Perhaps too much, my kids now run and hide every time I offer them one--but you're not sick of them yet...right?

Anyway, on to my week. I think you can tell from above that it has maybe not been as productive as one might have hoped. Baseball games, dance, two trips to the grocery store, projects at tutorial...I am having trouble getting it all together right now!

I started out with high hopes this week! Get the shopping done with coupons for a bargain price...all in one night, do school and tutorial, get my garden in since the weather has finally gotten pretty and make a few healthy "treats" because I was totally getting back on my diet/exercise plan.

It went more like this:
Monday-Day one of school, no house blessing because I forgot to buy new bags for the vacuum and if you can't vacuum...what is the point. Home school while trying to do laundry, clean house and make grocery list that incorporates menu planning and what is on sale at every beloved store in this city. The boys went to a minor league game because it was Dixie Youth night so I took Dancer and Tigercub and headed off to grocery #1. Coupon binder in hand and list ready, except for the OTHER list and recipes I had printed off at the last minute and laid on the counter. Half way through the store, I knew it was doomed. Half a list, crying baby, fussy 6 year old. I finally finished up, wheeled my buggy to the checkout counter to find that all my pre-planning had saved me a whopping $24.00 (I spent $120) and I still had another store to go. Gave up--went home. Put children in bed, ironed until midnight!

Tuesday-got up with a bang. Exercised!!! Somehow, still managed to run late for tutorial even though I was supposed to be early--teacher appreciation banquet...I missed the picture and had to rush through breakfast to get to class! Got home, finished home school in time to get Football boy, who is now playing baseball, ready for practice. Tigerfan took him and then offered to take us to eat supper in town! cooking!

Wed- overslept, no exercise. Optimistic. Bribed kids to eat/do morning musts quickly so I could get them started on assignments and go to grocery #2. Instead, they yelled, fought and called each other names. Bribery turned to punishment and a rather out of control mother. Had to take three kids to the grocery store, leaving only oldest home (protection of the younger). Baseball boy (who is no longer playing baseball) and Dancer fought the WHOLE time! After about 10 minutes I gave up on couponing and just started flinging! Laid down another$100, not exactly the money savings I had hoped for. However, I then went to Walgreens and did save a bundle AND got a free reuseable grocery bag to boot! Despite all efforts to bribe good behavior, all children went home empty handed and I went home MAD! However, I totally rewarded myself with a Diet coke and a candy bar (free with the purchase of the drink) which is wrong on so many levels, but made me happy for the moment. Finished school, went to church and did not hurt any children!!!

Thurs.-Tutorial (I was on time!!!!), hair cuts for boys, home for lunch at 2:00, baby had not had nap. Literally sat down and held him down until he went to sleep--he had sort of passed the ability to settle himself down! Got boys ready for baseball game on the other side of the country (or at least a really long way from our house) and Dancer ready for dance. Picked up friend to take to dance, dropped off Tigercub with friend to avoid taking him to dance. Went to dance, picked up Tigercub, took friend home, fixed supper, put little ones to bed. Boys got home, Baseball boy threw up in the yard. Got them in bed (hallelujah!) and had popcorn and M&M night with Tigerfan.

Today-Got up REALLY late. Didn't exercise, haven't had quiet time, ate a not so healthy breakfast and am ignoring the fact that Tigercub is throwing an onion across the kitchen saying, "BALL!" We have guitar lessons today and I have to go get vacuum bags, a birthday present and glue for an unfinished of five that are due next week at tutorial...not that I am bitter but ENOUGH WIITH THE PROJECTS, ALREADY!!! IT IS BALL SEASON, DANCE RECITAL SEASON AND THE END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR! I also need to make an appointment to have my little angels' pictures made (Tigercub is almost 16 months old and has never had a professional picture taken of him), call my grandmother who was in a wreck Monday and had a pacemaker installed Wed. and yet...I haven't called, make a dessert for tomorrow night, perhaps use some of the groceries that have caused me such distress this week and actually cook a meal that include vegetables....and on and on.

As you can see, while nothing major has happened, I am having a little trouble keeping my head above water. The garden still isn't planted, the boys room needs to be painted and redecorated ( a Christmas gift), the living room needs repainted so I can hang the wall words Tigerfan gave me for Christmas, the extra bedroom is bursting at the seems with unfinished projects and we have guests coming in a month and a they need a place to sleep. I keep waiting for the home organization fairy to come or for the Home Made Simple mavens to knock on my door, but so far...that hasn't happened. I am not complaining, in a very weak economy, my dear husband has a secure job, the children are fed (sometimes) and educated (no comments), and no matter what, we are loved and cared for by the Creator of the World. But feel free to shower me with blessings, good will, advice, and perhaps point the fairy my way if you happen to see her!

Have a great weekend...and feel free to take a granola bar for the road!


Jo said...

Wow! I feel exhausted just reading your description of your week! Hope the weekend and next week go more as planned, and you're able to calm down a bit. And there's nothing wrong with granola bars!

Best wishes,

Dani said...

Your week sounds like mine! Isn't it amazing that you can plan a grocery list, get to the store, come home and start unpacking it...feeling relieved that you accomplished something, but then go to brush your teeth and realize that you are out of you have to go back to the grocery store. We always forget something. Must be the crying child that distracts me :)

Anonymous said...

Hubby loves sweet tea!

I'm sorry your week didn't go too well. I hate having to take more than one grocery shopping trip. I hope you are able to unravel over the weekend and get a break from it all...or maybe not, but maybe steal a few moments and breathe.

Take care of yourself.

Diane said...

Deep breaths, deep breaths...

It sounds like the important things are covered - everyone is still alive (I doubt I could hold it together that well!), fed, housed and know they are loved. Your guests are coming to see the family, not the house, and will be delighted to see you no matter what state the house is in.

Sometimes I think God deliberately gives us weeks like this to remind us to find our calm in Him - no matter what the tornado we are going through, there is peace and joy with Him in the center.

Provided, of course, if we can knock aside the flying cows to get there!

samantha said...

I am out of grocerys here at my home too. I will be able to go grocery shopping sunday. I make it a point to go to the store only once a week. If I don't have a certain food item, I just make do. I think coupons are a GREAT way to save a ton of money, but I don't think it's something to really stress over. Mabey if you said no to activities more often, you would have some free time. I know for women it is hard to say no, but it is necessary. It keeps you sane:) I never bribe my kids to be good at the store or anywhere. Before we leave, I just tell them what and what not to expect, how to act, and I give them a warning. I tell them if they do not behave themselves while we are gone, then they will have consequences when we get home, wether it be the naughty chair or grounded. When I get to the point where I NEED to be alone, I just leave the kids with their dad or I tell the kids that I need to be alone, I put them somewhere safe, like their room, with the gate up. I tell them not to bother me until I come out of my room. I go to my room to be alone. I like to read when I am by myself, because it puts me in a different world. Anyway, I hope I helped a little, and that you will have a better week ahead.

samantha said...

I forgot to mention the reward system that I do with my son. I have a big white board hanging on the wall in my dining room, and for each day that he is good, I draw a smiley face on the board for him. Once he gets seven smiley faces on the board, I do something fun with him, like go to Chuckey Cheese, or someplace that he really likes. This reward system really does help.

Rachel Anne said...

Hey, I should give you points for TRYING to use coupons! I gave up on those so long ago...probably due to crying kids in the store and from there I just never picked it back up. But then I've seen how much people save with them...makes me rethink my lazy ways.

Weeks like this just HAPPEN! It sounds like you rolled pretty well with it, in spite of everything. You've always got such an upbeat attitude, maybe you don't see it, but it shines through in your posts and comments! :)

Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

Yowza - you need to slow down. I can't imagine trying to pack HALF the amount of things into my own week. We all have weeks like that. Pick out the good highlights and let the rest fade away. Next week will be better...

Reese said...

You go girl! The kids are alive at the end of the week!
You've done your job!
Have a wonderful weekend!

mholgate said...

You sound like me when you talk about stocking up on things and then feeding them to your kids until their sick of it!:)

You're doing great! It sounds like you have a plan and you're doing your best to stick to it. That's all anyone could ask for.

Try not to get discouraged and remember to take time for you! :)


secondofwett said...

Sounds like a busy week to must be tired out! Hope you get some rest this wknd!

Mommahen said...

Bless your heart! Hope your grandma is recovering ok. I would love a HEALTHY chocolate muffin recipe! I understand about the craziness of a week with children. Hang in there. I hope you get to use your veggies soon. Thanks for the sweet tea! It's my fav.

Dawn said...

Wow what a busy week! I am tired just reading about it! Hope you are able to get some rest. Thanks for the coffee. ;)

She's So There said...

I'm with Reece...surviving is victory someweeks in motherhood and wifehood. My week was similar...some moments I just wanted something, anything crossed off the "still to do" list....but God is God and He had mercy on me! I took an entire day off Friday and simply enjoyed my family guilt free....and yes, the kitchen took 4 loads of dishwasher on Saturday to catch up, but it was worth it!
Praying for you to find some peace, routines that work for you...gosh isn't it hard to find the balance?, and love from all of us!

L2L said...

Hey there!! Hope you were able to prop your feet up for a bit this weekend and enjoy a large cup of sweet tea!!! I was talking to my Pastor on Sunday and he said something about a family rule they have. It's the 1 rule. What is one thing, just one thing, that I can do today that will make a difference. Wheter being nice to another family memember or something you can do to help accomplish a goal. It takes just one step at a time to get anything finished!!!! Oh and I soooo miss sweet tea. Japanese tea is nothing like good old southern tea :(