Friday, November 19, 2010

Coffee Talk 11.19.10

Welcome to another edition of Coffee Talk! The only post I ever manage to do all week. And yes, I just kicked my 10 year old (who, incidentally, should still be in bed) off the computer so I could have MY computer time! It is sacred ladies....SACRED! So grab a cup of something and stay a minute.
I have a million random thoughts flying through my mind right now so we will do this in the ever so efficient list format today.

1. In approximately 5 hours, we will be heading out on the two day journey to DISNEY!!! My incredible in-laws are treating their children and families to a Thanksgiving trip to the "Happiest Celebration on Earth". I'm still a little on the fence about that. Don't get me wrong. I am totally appreciative and who can't have fun at Disney...but there is a strong willed two year old and a thirteen year old involved so the jury is still out on whether or not this is really a sane venture!

2. Which leads me to the next thought. I actually forgot to eat breakfast this morning. Now, for some of you non breakfast types that was a very unremarkable statement. But for those who know me know how truly amazing that is. I eat IMMEDIATELY upon getting up. I just wake up starving. I ALWAYS eat and, although, in recent months I have learned restraint, I have traditionally eaten a lot. I might not eat much the rest of the day...but do NOT mess with my breakfast. So, this morning, I got up, made my oatmeal and began my Bible reading while I waited for it to cool a bit. I then got up, dressed, went for my run (3.56 miles) and came home. I did notice a feeling of hunger mid way through the run and I actually thought I had better eat a little protein when I got back. I got in, walked to the computer...and there sat my un-eaten bowl of wonder I was hungry! On the upside...I ran my route without eating and LIVED! I know this is probably not the healthiest thing to do and I totally realize it shows how crazy my mind is right now, but somehow, I find a little victory in it!

3. Tigerteen had his Rock School performance last night. It was in a different location than normal (read that hot, crowded, cramped and uncomfortable). I must admit that Tigercub was more entertaining than the vast majority of the music. The highlight of the evening was after the last band performed one of their songs. The crowd cheered and got quiet and than Tigercub screamed, "Good job, guys!" The best part of all was that we had a completely drama free evening! Amen!

4. It is Science Fair time. I love Science Fair. And I hate Science Fair. I realize the amazing benefits and huge amount of learning that is a result and it is totally worth it. But I am TIRED! I am tired of recruiting help for Tigerteen's project, tired of taking him to research times, tired of getting all the data and writing it up. I am tired of B.B.'s project and would just like to thank my mother so much for giving us the fabulous idea of dissecting owl pellets (yes, you read that correctly). I am tired of owl put it bluntly. I am tired of having rodent bones sitting on my counters. I am tired of telling him that yes, he must dissect ANOTHER one...but we are almost through! Hallelujah! It won't be hanging over our heads this Christmas! I choose to find victory in this as well.

5. Okay, when I began this post...I had ever so much more to say...I have now forgotten it. I am thinking about feeding the dog and running to Walmart before we leave because I totally forgot to buy dog food to leave here. I am thinking about what else needs to be packed last minute and remembering that I totally forgot to get my little date snack bars to help keep me from totally blowing the diet at Disney. I am wondering if I should have packed my running clothes, just in case, and knowing that I know I won't actually use them. I am getting excited about 10 days away! No schedule, no teenage drama (I hope), no work, no technology to fight with! At the same time, I am wishing I was going to be with my sisters and parents for the holidays. We haven't spent Thanksgiving with my family in 8 or 9 years. I miss the thought of laughing with my sisters and hanging with my parents. I'm feeling a bit nostalgic wishing I lived closer and could share holiday times together with them.

6. **UPDATED**I totally forgot about this contest I wanted to tell you about. Okay, so this lovely lady, Erica, has written a children's book called "Two Silly Sisters". I heard about this on the Baby Bangs blog and had to check it out because I LOVE my precious sisters and miss like crazy getting to be silly with them. And believe me...we can be VERY silly. Anyway, Erica is doing a give away for one of her books, which is amazing and I highly suggest you enter. BUT, even if you don't enter for the giveaway, if you are a sister or have daughters with sisters, I totally think you should check out this book. It looks adorable...I haven't actually got to see it yet, but I love what I have read from her so far. She and her husband used most of their savings to help get this book published because they are so passionate about it. I love that. How many times have I wanted to do something big and wimped out because I thought it was impossible! She didn't wimp out! She followed her dream and accomplished it! She would like to write another book in the series, but they really need to make a profit or at least break even to cover what they took from their savings. So, I am telling you. Go check out her site and consider the book for a Christmas gift or something...I'm thinking about sending it to my sisters even though we are all grown! Check it out! NOW! :)

Okay...I must stop sharing random thoughts because Tigercub has joined the scene. He has begun his morning routine of emptying cabinets and has already thrown away two Poptarts and is now trying to get the Halloween candy. Life is just never dull, is it. I hope you all have a great weekend and for those in the U.S.A. a great Thanksgiving. I'll try to get around while traveling for a visit and will miss all you gals next week. Don't forget to check out Home Sanctuary for more Coffee Talk.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Good Morning Ladies,

Hope all is going well. I missed being here last week and, frankly, am not sure that I will make it around this week...we have a crazy busy weekend ahead as we plan on heading out next Friday for the Land of the Mouse. We will be spending Thanksgiving with Mickey and Friends and I am not prepared. I will do my best to make it by, however.

I'm really just popping in for a little help. I am going through a bit of a struggle right now. School is...UGH! and raising a teenager is about to get me...and there are three more behind him! I would be lying if I didn't say I was praying fervently that Christ returns in the next three years before B.B. enters the teen years! Anyway, I am struggling, REALLY struggling. I know I need to just surround myself with scripture and pray through this time...but honestly, I don't have the energy to seek out that scripture (just being real, here). So, this is how you can help me. What are the verses you turn to when you need strength or comfort? My plan is to write them down and post them all over my house and maybe make a set to keep with my Bible. If you have some that have just given you a lot of strength at some point, would you just leave a comment and share it or them with me? Thank you my precious Coffee Talk friends. Have a blessed weekend!

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