Thursday, June 25, 2009

Coffe Talk and a Little Contest

Good morning, Company Girls, c'mon on in! Thanks to my sweet hubby, who made a late night run to Kroger, we have milk to drink and garbage bags to throw away things! It has been another busy week at the Tiger den with Sports Camp going on and, of course, the College World Series gracing every T.V. in the house until Wed. night. How 'bout them TIGERS! Sorry, we're still a little excited around here!

Other than Sports, baseball and a sickly little one, I don't have much to talk about so I saw this little Q&A over at Septembermom and thought I would join in the fun. Feel free to join in yourselves, if you do let, me know in the comments, I'd love to get to know you better. If you don't want to read through this LONG list, scroll down to the bottom for a little contest I am doing!

1. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? My mom and dad wanted to give all the girls the same initials as my mom: SJW, they named my sister and ended up knowing several others with the same name and so decided to be a little more unique. It came down to Syleste and Star...Star one out. No, they weren't flower children or "on something" just trying to find a unique name and I am glad they did because every time I hear Syleste I think of a story I used to hear as a child with an elephant named that...I don't really want to think of an elephant every time I hear my name!
2. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED? Probably yesterday...sorry, I'm emotional!

3. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? I really don't. Very junior highish

4. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE LUNCH MEAT? Peanut butter. Not so much a meat person!

5. DO YOU HAVE KIDS? Four 12, 9, 6, 18 months.

6. IF YOU WERE ANOTHER PERSON WOULD YOU BE FRIENDS WITH YOU? I like to think I would, however, I am kind of quiet and hard to get to know, so I guess it depends on how friendly to new me was.

7. DO YOU USE SARCASM? Oh, please!

9. WOULD YOU BUNGEE JUMP? You have seriously got to be kidding. I have four children, I don't have time to be dead!
10. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CEREAL? Probably Cheerios in my old age. I know, not too exciting.
12. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ICE CREAM? Jamoca Almond Fudge which is a little strange because I hate coffee.
13. WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU NOTICE ABOUT PEOPLE? Hmm, not sure on that one...probably whether or not they have children with them.
14. RED OR PINK? Pink.

15. WHAT IS YOUR LEAST FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOURSELF? I am an introvert who desperately wishes I were an extrovert. I want to be friendly, comfortable in a crowd, the life of the party. Instead, I cherish being alone, am too quiet, and DREAD new experiences.
16. WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST? My family. I live 2,000 miles from my parents and two sisters and don't get to see them enough. I wish I could live closer.
18. WHAT COLOR PANTS AND SHOES ARE YOU WEARING?blue workout shorts (there has not actually been any working out...but a girl can hope!) and tennis shoes.

19. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW? Well, B.B. just came down and turned on the t.v. that is about it.
20. IF YOU WERE A CRAYON, WHAT COLOR WOULD YOU BE? If I were a crayon...would I really have a choice?
21. FAVORITE SMELLS? Fresh baking bread! mmmmmm!
22. WHO WAS THE LAST PERSON YOU TALKED TO ON THE PHONE? My father in law. He called Tigerfan last night and I answered. Before that, tell him we needed milk and garbage bags!
23. DO YOU LIKE THE PERSON WHO POSTED THIS NOTE? Never met her but I feel certain she is a wonderful person, she has a cute blog!
24. FAVORITE SPORTS TO WATCH? Well, by default I guess it would be LSU football or, this season, baseball. If I were totally honest, however, why would I really devote too much time to watching sports on T.V. when I could be watching HGTV or the Food Network?
25. HAIR COLOR? Light brown with lovely and distinguished grey highlights.
26. EYE COLOR? Blue..just like my daddy!
28. FAVORITE FOOD? Chocolate, silly question!
30. LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED? Valkyrie--don't even know if I spelled that right.
32. SUMMER OR WINTER? Summer--school break, reading by the pool, ice cold water...I LOVE summer!
33. HUGS OR KISSES? Hugs. although, wet, slobbery baby kisses are pretty great, too!
34. FAVORITE DESSERT? Anything with chocolate
35. MOST LIKELY TO DO THIS? I have no idea
36. LEAST LIKELY TO RESPOND? Purple Diva, she is too busy playing some Farm game on Facebook!

37. WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING NOW? Just finished a series and haven't started a new one, I have a Ted Dekker awaiting me so that will probably be next.
38. WHAT IS ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? A Tiger, what else would it be?
39. WHAT DID YOU WATCH ON TV LAST NIGHT? House was popcorn and M&M night!
40. FAVORITE SOUND(S)? Silence!
41. ROLLING STONES OR BEATLES? I really don't care!
42. WHAT IS THE FARTHEST YOU HAVE BEEN FROM HOME? Either Mexico or Canada...not sure which was farther at the time.
43. DO YOU HAVE A SPECIAL TALENT? besides being the person with the least amount of talent? Would being able to read while walking on the treadmill count?
44. WHERE WERE YOU BORN? Boise, Idaho

46. HOW DID YOU MEET YOUR SPOUSE/SIGNIFICANT OTHER? We met at a college/singles Sunday School class party. I was getting ready to graduate and move back to Idaho...I think his parents talked him into calling me.
So, that is that everything you ever wanted to know about me! Please join in the fun...I would love to hear your answers!
Now, for a little contest! My family will be coming to see me next week and I am looking for some good recipes to try out...any category. The only catch is that my sister suffers from severe migraines and is on a special diet. The main things are low caffeine, no MSG, and nothing aged. Therefore, the only cheese she can eat is Farmer's cheese and no ham, etc that has been through a curing/aging process.
I will take your recipes and try them out on my family while they are here. Each adult will vote (1 to 5 stars) on each recipe and the winning recipe will get a prize. I am not entirely sure yet what that prize will be...I'll get back to you on that.
I will give you five bonus stars for sharing this contest on your blog and linking them back here...I want lots of new recipes and while I love the 3 of you who actually comment, I would like to expand the pool a bit!
So, submit a recipe by Wednesday and let me know in the comments if you link to this in your blog! Can't wait to tell you the winner!
Have a great week!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


noun--strong, persistent desire or craving, esp. for something unattainable or distant: filled with longing for home.

Have you ever had a longing for something. A desire. A craving for something that seemed just out of reach. Wanting for it. Begging for it, yet never quite able to reach it.

I've been thinking a lot today about the things I long for.

Things that I have longed for in the past, like marriage and children and have finally received. Things I longed for and never received and yet somehow were forgotten. Boys I had a crush on or the "must have" I never got.

Some of those longings seem so silly now--yet it was heartbreaking at the time.

Some of those longings were so different than what was children! Worth it? You bet! Easy? Never!

I guess I never expected, at 37, to still be filled with such longings. Still longing for significance, a longing to know, to REALLY KNOW, my Heavenly Father, a longing for a true, deep friendship, a longing to be closer to my family, a longing just to see my sister even for just a week.

I don't think those longings are bad, but sometimes they consume me and I begin to ask why. To question. I begin to wonder am I not holy enough? Not pretty enough? Not talented enough?

I am sure there will be many longings I never receive. There will probably be more no's than yes's (cause I have a pretty big wanter!) and yet, today, as I mulled over (okay...pouted over) some of those longings, I realized that I'm not questioning as much as I used to.

In the past few months, I have done some reading and Bible study that really encouraged me to know God. To be still and allow Him to show Himself to me. To read about Him searching for who He is. Not out of guilt or obligation or to check it off my to do list, but out of a passion to draw nearer to Him.

I must admit, I have been skeptical. I haven't seen a hand writing in the sky. I haven't heard a thunderous voice...let's face it, I haven't even heard a whisper. But I have been still, I have been getting to Know Him better. And today, in the midst of a no that I really don't want to hear, I is okay. God is good...all the time. Not just when I get what I long for, but when I don't as well. I will probably never understand, this side of Heaven, why there were things He said no to. But He is still Good. He is still God. A God of love. A God of peace. A God who Knows ALL things.

One of my deepest longings, for quite sometime, has been to have a really close girl friend. Someone who I "get" and who "gets" me. Someone I feel comfortable sharing my heart with. Someone I can laugh with and whine to and cry with and be totally stupid with. I have never really had that. I am usually the third wheel. The other friend. The one who latches on. I have prayed about this, cried about this, begged for this. I have told God how much I needed this friend and even explained to Him, very thoroughly, about how He created us for relationships and companionship and so it really was His duty to provide me with someone. Someone female so we could have "girl time". Someone who I could actually see and touch. Someone whose phone number I knew and lived in, you know, the same time zone! That is not such a tall order for the Almighty, right!

And yet, that friend has not yet introduced herself to me! Oh, I have friends but not THE FRIEND, come on, girls, you know what I mean.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, I had a house guest and she told me something so profound! She had THAT friend. They did everything together. Their kids were the same ages, they home schooled together, went on field trips together, everything. And then, one day, the friend told her they were moving. She was DEVASTATED! She cried and prayed and begged, but the friend moved away. Now, looking back, she sees that during that time, she learned to rely on God, not herself and not her friend, but God. That reliance on God has gotten her through some really, really hard times in the past few years. He has brought and is faithfully bringing her through things she never imagined she would experience and the relationship that she was forced into with Him has been what she clung to.

Oh, how I long to be satisfied with Him as that friend. You see, I have that friend I long for, I can talk to Him day or night and if I seek Him, I will find Him. He is not what I had pictured when I began praying that my longing be fulfilled. I can't touch Him, but He touches me. I can't see Him, but I can see His creation. I don't know everything about Him but He knows, understands and loves every part of me.

That, my friends is so exciting, because He is the answer to my longing. Not unattainable, not too distant...right here, waiting...longing for me!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

If You Happen to see My Backbone, Please Send it My Way!

It had the makings of a quiet, peaceful afternoon.

We were supposed to be at Sports Camp, but Tigercub woke up running fever. So, about 3:00, Tigerfan came, picked up the middle two and headed off to camp. Baseball boy went to his room to practice guitar and I sat holding the baby and checking blogs.

Suddenly, the door opened. Assuming it was baseball boy I made some brilliant comment like, "okay, what now?"

But it wasn't B.B. It was the 12 year old girl who lives next door. I may have mentioned her before. She is a precious little girl with a precious heart but the social skills of a six year old. Really, she comes over to play with Dancer. Frequently.

I am not sure why the garage door was up or why the door to the house was not locked, but in she came. Of, course...I had just welcomed her with "what now?" Now, I must admit a little shortcoming of mine. Sometimes...well, sometimes, I allow my children to hide from her and pretend we are not home. I know, that is horrible, but once she is here, she is here!

Now, in my defense, I have worked hard at establishing a relationship with her and her sisters. I have invited them to church, brought them little gifts and looked for ways to share my faith. I pray for opportunities to reach them all the time and I do try...but sometimes, like when you have been going non stop for weeks on end and you have a sick baby...ya just need a break!

Anyway, in she came, straight for the baby! I immediately let her know she didn't need to get too close, he was running fever, I also let her know that neither Dancer nor Football boy were home. Okay, I admit it, I was hoping to discourage her and send her on her way with out being mean. She didn't get it! She kept talking and as we sat there, the baby fell asleep!

I jumped up and informed her that I was going to have to go upstairs and put him down. I secretly hoped she would leave while I was up there. People...SHE FOLLOWED ME UPSTAIRS!!! Not to be discouraged, I laid him down and headed for the restroom where she proceeded to follow me until I let her know I needed privacy there. Yes, when I emerged, she was awaiting me right outside the door.

It was at this point I knew I was in trouble. Because, I knew. I knew she was not leaving. Not unless I "kicked her out" and I just couldn't do it. I imagined all I could get done with these circumstances. Kitchen cleaned, laundry folded, a little reading, maybe a nap. But no, Mrs. Jellyfish was entertaining.

But wait, it gets worse. Because I stepped outside to do something, I forget now, and her 19 year old sister was there. She joined us! I really thought her sister would make her go home. I thought wrong. I spent the next 2 1/2 hours with the sweet girls. And they are sweet! We sat for awhile under the garage until H wanted a drink. I stepped into the house to get her some water. And she followed me. And, she invited her sister inside! She then informed me (the jellyfish) that we needed to stay inside because it was MUCH cooler in here.

I proceeded to start cleaning my kitchen, thinking 1. she would get bored and 2. at least I could get something done. She began helping me! She helped clean the kitchen, dust the whole house and then offered to do my laundry (I did not take her up on the offer...I do have some standards!).

In the meantime, her mother got home from work and I kept thinking they would be called home. I began to prepare for supper. Supper when almost everyone is gone was going to be chicken nuggets (I am going for that esteemed Mother of the Year award and all). She informed me that she LOVED chicken nuggets and she couldn't wait until they were ready! I can't make this stuff up! Finally, about the time the oven preheated, her mother called them home.

I sent them off with a smile and a baggy full of home made cookies. I hope they had a nice time. I hope they saw Jesus in me today. I hope my kids remember to lock the doors tomorrow!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY June 22, 2009...

Outside my window... The sun is shining, my newly planted flowers around the pool are perky and pretty and the puppy is chewing everything in sight...which is why she is outside my window and not in my house!

I am thinking... about how much a long for the lazy days of summer instead of the crazy days of summer.

I am thankful for... My daddy and my sweet husband, two GREAT Fathers! Happy belated Father's Day

From the learning rooms... a smithering of math and some reading, nothing else, although I desperately need to order curriculum and get registered.

From the kitchen... The apple pie I promised Tigerfan for Father's Day weekend finally came out of the oven at 11:00 last night. Taco's for lunch with some homemade chips and supper will be picnic style because we are working at a Sport's camp this week.

I am wearing... Workout clothes. I HATE getting up at 5:00 a.m. but I LOVE how I feel after I have done it and I love the two hours (sometimes) that I get all to myself before the kiddos roll out of bed!

I am creating... a need for therapy when my children reach adulthood. I have been a little stressed out resulting in some very unChristlike outbursts. I spent a lot of time with my Heavenly Father this morning asking forgiveness and strength. Maybe this week will be better.

I am going... to try to relax and enjoy the day with my children. We also are going to work at a Sport's Camp this week for underprivileged children, hopefully it will be a good opportunity for my kids to see missions in action.

I am reading... nothing at the moment. I have read several good books this summer but feel the need to hold off on a new one till after the Sports Camp

I am hoping... my sister gets to come see us in a couple of weeks...Love you, S.

I am hearing... Tigercub in the kitchen...I left him alone with a tiny bowl of Cheerios and milk so I could type this (I know, so not getting Mother of the Year, again!) Also the T.V. coming on as the first of the "Big kids" emerges from his room.

Around the house... Finally have the boys room painted and redecorated and my wall words up! Laundry needs to be done and the kitchen cleaned but mostly I am just letting it go this week!

One of my favorite things... Being outside early in the morning. No kids, no noise, just my quiet time and watering flowers--so peaceful!

A few plans for the rest of the week: This week will revolve mostly around the Sports Camp, not many plans beyond that.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

This is why Pop Ice was created! Ah, those dog days of summer!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Coffe Talk

Hello to all my Company Girl friends. Come on in and sit a spell. You probably haven't noticed, but I haven't been around much lately. Life has gotten CRAZY but hopefully things are beginning to settle down and I will have a little visiting time this weekend!

I really thought after school and testing things would settle down a bit. But then there were Dr. appointments, VBS, etc.

Perhaps the biggest thing we have done of late is send our oldest off to his first youth camp! YOUTH camp. How did that happen? It just seems a moment ago that we brought him home from the hospital and now he is going off to youth camp! My husband got the privilege of accompanying them as a counselor...much to baseball boy's chagrin! We had VBS at our church while they were gone and my birthday and our was a busy week!

Anyway, Tigerfan called me from camp and told me to pack our bags because on the last day of VBS they were coming home and he had arranged a little surprise trip for the two of us. He had arranged child care, a Sunday School teacher, everything!

We left Thursday afternoon and I finally guessed we were headed to Orange Beach! Due to a crazy GPS the trip took a freakishly long time but when we rolled up and entered into our little, secluded condo, it was all worth it!

Don't get me wrong, I love being a mommy and I love my kiddos...but three nights. at the beach. with NO children. It was simply divine! And so easy. I forget how easy life is with no diaper changes, no fighting siblings, no messes to clean up. Really. NO MESSES. My little OCD prince Charming doesn't make messes so I had THREE GLORIOUS DAYS of no messes. No puppy poop. No toys dumped out just as soon as they were picked up. No dirty socks on the floor. No dirty underwear...anywhere (well, okay, there were dirty underwear in the dirty clothes bag, but you know what I mean!). No one woke us up before sunrise, in fact we slept till 9:00 EVERY SINGLE MORNING! No arguments over where we would eat or where we sat. No fighting over whether we would sit at the pool or at the sea side! We relaxed, we shopped, we ate TCBY way more than we should have, and we just enjoyed being together!

We sere so full of warm fuzzies we even brought home a pet Hermit Crab! Yes, the no pets people now have TWO pets, I know, a hermit crab doesn't really count, but I am taking all I can get!

This week has been full of rooms being painted. Yes, the living room so Tigerfan can FINALLY hang my wall words and the boys' room that we "redid" for Christmas! They are now totally surrounded in purple and gold goodness and are loving every paint odor filled minute of it! If I ever get pictures on this computer, I'll show you!

Anyway, that is all for now. We are getting ready for the next sweep of company coming in a couple of weeks and I can hardly wait. I get to see my Momma and Daddy and HOPEFULLY my little sister and her family! If you get a moment, please lift my sis up in your prayers. Her husband is a mortgage broker and these are not good times to be a mortgage broker! They are struggling a bit and may not get to come. I want to see my sister so has been a year, but mostly I just want them to be okay! So who better than my Company Girl friends to join with me to lift them up to our precious Father! Thanks.

See that smile on my face? That is a kid free vacation smile! It doesn't hurt that I have a nice full tummy...however, those sodas on the table...pure gold. $4.50 a piece people...should have drank water!

For more Coffee Talk go to Home'll be glad you did!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

For your Listening Enjoyment

Due to a perforated ear drum and the requirement to wear an earplug while swimming, Football Boy has scaled back his water time this summer. This is what a twelve year old does with way too much free time!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just Another Day in Paradise

Ever just had one of those days, weeks, months? It has been a whirlwind around here lately sucking up any chance of typing my own blog and severely cutting into even my reading time! I have missed you, my blogging friends, and for the two or three of you who have actually noticed my absence, I hope to get back to my old ways soon!

I have considered catching you up on dance recitals, testing, Dr. appointments, VBS, surprise beach trips...but, frankly, neither of us have that much time!

So, let's just look to today! Sorry, this could quite possibly become a whine fest. You see, last week was VBS, the compilation of weeks of craziness. THIS week was supposed to be quite, calm, serene. We would spend it at home, recuperating, swimming, enjoying the fellowship of friends.

Yesterday was NOT calm, it was filled with laundry, a trip to the library and a lot of time bonding in the bathroom due to tornado warnings. BUT was REALLY going to be calm, all I had to do was grocery shop!

Well, I walked out of the house this morning and had the begeebees scared out of me when the painter Tigerfan had hired was standing at the garage door! He didn't want to wake me (Ha!) so he was trying to get Tigerfan to call me and tell me he was here...didn't work out that way! We got him settled got the puppy pottied and kenneled (yes, I am still bitter about that) and I got the kids working on Math while I matched coupons to my grocery list. Just as I was about to walk out the door with the two youngest, Baseball boy decided he wanted to join us.

I would like to say I eagerly awaited his help. That would be a lie. Because, ya'll, he gives new meaning to the the word aggravator. He delights in it. The more he aggravates, the more it empowers him. It is a sickness, really. And who does he glory in aggravating the most? Dancer. Why? It is SO easy!!! I have used the words of my wise mother, "Ignore him and he will stop," to no avail. He badgers, she screams, he picks, she fusses, he touches, she throws herself on the floor as if the very skin has been seared off of her body! And then, when I am at my wits end...when I have threatened, punished, placed one foot over that slippery slope of insanity...I will not so kindly inform him that he is driving EVERYONE crazy and then HE begins the crocodile tears. Why doesn't anyone like him, why do we think he is annoying, why does everyone pick on him! We are so dis functional in our own special way!

And so, I grudgingly left for the store, coupons and list in hand. By the time we were home, we had discovered that we had forgotten the puppy food (which now that I think about it isn't necessarily a bad food, no poop, hmmmmm), had not been able to purchase blankets for the boys' beds, and one other thing that at this moment I can't recall!

Anywhoo, I wanted to put groceries away, the children wanted lunch. So, they decided to "help" by preparing their own lunch. In the kitchen I was trying to put groceries away in. There is really nothing like putting things away with a screaming 17 month old, a whiny 6 year old, a 9 year old who thinks he is Emeril making fruit salad and a 12 year old who is being "cool" by standing in the middle of the kitchen trying to throw grapes up and catch them in his mouth. Once the screaming stopped (mine, not the baby's, he didn't stop) and I had the children fed and the groceries put away, I sat down for a little bloggy break. I totally got connected to the internet before the painter came down to inform me we needed more paint.

No, problem...I'll take the youngest two and go get some. Only it was storming the others wanted to go to. Yeah, MORE bonding time! We got to Lowes where Tigercub had a major diaper blow out, got the paint returned home. The dog pooped in the house and when I called to make FB another Dr. appointment for his ear, they informed me I needed to come THIS AFTERNOON! Oh, good! Another trip into town with four children. Good times!

And so, I quickly type this before waking the baby (grrrrr) and going on yet another journey. Aw, the joys of parenthood. Tigerfan and I had a few blessed days alone on the beach this weekend and the thing that is sticking with me the most is how EASY it is with just the two of us. I'm not saying they aren't worth was just so easy!

Well, I'll stop whining now, but please say a little prayer for Football boy if you get a chance. At 12 years old, most children have outgrown ear infections but he has not. We are having a hard time getting rid of this latest one and only have one more antibiotic option before we have to consider tubes again. It has been rough for a boy who wants to swim and hang out with his friends but has two deal with earplugs etc. how was this for random and whiney. Hope to be back soon and to be by your place as well!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Would You Believe...

Yes...we have ANOTHER leak. This time in the electrical box to our well. We have no water and thusly no air (again) because we have a water source heat pump! Ya know what they say, "when it rains, it pours...."
We will be relocating to the in laws for the evening. If you think of us, say a little prayer, I am just about at the end of my rope with leaks, plumbing repairs, etc.
Hope all of you are doing great and I'll be back when we have water!

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Stressed Out Daybook

FOR TODAY June 1, 20090...

Outside my window...the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the POOL IS READY!!!

I am very unsimple this week is going to be and how very stressed I am feeling!

I am thankful for...a great weekend and for the Awesome job Dancer did in her dance recital!

From the learning rooms...a little math, a little reading, a little music practice and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE!

From the kitchen...????

I am wearing...shorts and a t-shirt...LSU of course!

I am creating...VBS plans, grocery list, menu for the weekend

I am the library, maybe the grocery store

I am reading..."90 Minutes in Heaven" by Don Piper

I am suddenly become the most organized and together home economist ever known by Thursday...hey, it could happen!

I am hearing...The baby fussing, water running, and squeals of delight as the children play with our new puppy...the puppy I swore we would never have. The puppy who runs around the house chewing up toys and towels and doing her business on the floor despite the fact that I swore if we ever did have another pet, it would remain outside ALWAYS!

Around the house...laundry to do, rooms to paint, kitchen needs straightening...

One of my favorite things...Sitting out by the pool reading a good book (at least I think that is one of my favorite things, I seem to remember enjoying it at one point in my life!)

A few plans for the rest of the week:Library, VBS plans, 7 people coming to visit Thurs. Dinner for a friend on Fri. wedding and cookout Saturday, sending Hubby and Football boy to youth camp, VBS kickoff...oh, I am tired just thinking about it!

Here is picture thought I am sharing...
I really intended to put a picture of Dancer's recital but I haven't had my IT man transfer them from my camera yet. Instead you get a picture of how I am feeling right now!
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