Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just Another Day in Paradise

Ever just had one of those days, weeks, months? It has been a whirlwind around here lately sucking up any chance of typing my own blog and severely cutting into even my reading time! I have missed you, my blogging friends, and for the two or three of you who have actually noticed my absence, I hope to get back to my old ways soon!

I have considered catching you up on dance recitals, testing, Dr. appointments, VBS, surprise beach trips...but, frankly, neither of us have that much time!

So, let's just look to today! Sorry, this could quite possibly become a whine fest. You see, last week was VBS, the compilation of weeks of craziness. THIS week was supposed to be quite, calm, serene. We would spend it at home, recuperating, swimming, enjoying the fellowship of friends.

Yesterday was NOT calm, it was filled with laundry, a trip to the library and a lot of time bonding in the bathroom due to tornado warnings. BUT today...today was REALLY going to be calm, all I had to do was grocery shop!

Well, I walked out of the house this morning and had the begeebees scared out of me when the painter Tigerfan had hired was standing at the garage door! He didn't want to wake me (Ha!) so he was trying to get Tigerfan to call me and tell me he was here...didn't work out that way! We got him settled got the puppy pottied and kenneled (yes, I am still bitter about that) and I got the kids working on Math while I matched coupons to my grocery list. Just as I was about to walk out the door with the two youngest, Baseball boy decided he wanted to join us.

I would like to say I eagerly awaited his help. That would be a lie. Because, ya'll, he gives new meaning to the the word aggravator. He delights in it. The more he aggravates, the more it empowers him. It is a sickness, really. And who does he glory in aggravating the most? Dancer. Why? It is SO easy!!! I have used the words of my wise mother, "Ignore him and he will stop," to no avail. He badgers, she screams, he picks, she fusses, he touches, she throws herself on the floor as if the very skin has been seared off of her body! And then, when I am at my wits end...when I have threatened, punished, placed one foot over that slippery slope of insanity...I will not so kindly inform him that he is driving EVERYONE crazy and then HE begins the crocodile tears. Why doesn't anyone like him, why do we think he is annoying, why does everyone pick on him! We are so dis functional in our own special way!

And so, I grudgingly left for the store, coupons and list in hand. By the time we were home, we had discovered that we had forgotten the puppy food (which now that I think about it isn't necessarily a bad thing...no food, no poop, hmmmmm), had not been able to purchase blankets for the boys' beds, and one other thing that at this moment I can't recall!

Anywhoo, I wanted to put groceries away, the children wanted lunch. So, they decided to "help" by preparing their own lunch. In the kitchen I was trying to put groceries away in. There is really nothing like putting things away with a screaming 17 month old, a whiny 6 year old, a 9 year old who thinks he is Emeril making fruit salad and a 12 year old who is being "cool" by standing in the middle of the kitchen trying to throw grapes up and catch them in his mouth. Once the screaming stopped (mine, not the baby's, he didn't stop) and I had the children fed and the groceries put away, I sat down for a little bloggy break. I totally got connected to the internet before the painter came down to inform me we needed more paint.

No, problem...I'll take the youngest two and go get some. Only it was storming again...so the others wanted to go to. Yeah, MORE bonding time! We got to Lowes where Tigercub had a major diaper blow out, got the paint returned home. The dog pooped in the house and when I called to make FB another Dr. appointment for his ear, they informed me I needed to come THIS AFTERNOON! Oh, good! Another trip into town with four children. Good times!

And so, I quickly type this before waking the baby (grrrrr) and going on yet another journey. Aw, the joys of parenthood. Tigerfan and I had a few blessed days alone on the beach this weekend and the thing that is sticking with me the most is how EASY it is with just the two of us. I'm not saying they aren't worth it...it was just so easy!

Well, I'll stop whining now, but please say a little prayer for Football boy if you get a chance. At 12 years old, most children have outgrown ear infections but he has not. We are having a hard time getting rid of this latest one and only have one more antibiotic option before we have to consider tubes again. It has been rough for a boy who wants to swim and hang out with his friends but has two deal with earplugs etc. how was this for random and whiney. Hope to be back soon and to be by your place as well!


Aimee said...

I hear you, mama! This sounds just like my day, except take out the puppy, painter, and ear infection, and add in occupational therapy and piano lesson drama.

I did the grocery store w/ all the kids, and it was so hectic that I almost gave up, left the cart, and went home. That might surely help me lose weight, no? :)

Let's breathe deeply tonight and say some prayers -- we need them! :)

Anonymous said...

oh, boy! i'm exhausted just from reading that...i can see how you would feel! i'm sorry for your troubles and hope that life slows down very soon for you and that your boy is done with his ear infections!

putting groceries away...yep, i need space! i have to do it very methodically and if anyone is in the kitchen at the time...they MUST get out of my way!

Spesamor Academy said...

I'm glad you got a puppy. That way I am not all alone in my sufferings.
I did miss your blogging, and am glad you are back! :)
Maybe today will be calm and relaxing. lol Who am I kidding, you have four kids, you won't get another calm and relaxing day until the last one leaves for college.