Tuesday, June 23, 2009

If You Happen to see My Backbone, Please Send it My Way!

It had the makings of a quiet, peaceful afternoon.

We were supposed to be at Sports Camp, but Tigercub woke up running fever. So, about 3:00, Tigerfan came, picked up the middle two and headed off to camp. Baseball boy went to his room to practice guitar and I sat holding the baby and checking blogs.

Suddenly, the door opened. Assuming it was baseball boy I made some brilliant comment like, "okay, what now?"

But it wasn't B.B. It was the 12 year old girl who lives next door. I may have mentioned her before. She is a precious little girl with a precious heart but the social skills of a six year old. Really, she comes over to play with Dancer. Frequently.

I am not sure why the garage door was up or why the door to the house was not locked, but in she came. Of, course...I had just welcomed her with "what now?" Now, I must admit a little shortcoming of mine. Sometimes...well, sometimes, I allow my children to hide from her and pretend we are not home. I know, that is horrible, but once she is here, she is here!

Now, in my defense, I have worked hard at establishing a relationship with her and her sisters. I have invited them to church, brought them little gifts and looked for ways to share my faith. I pray for opportunities to reach them all the time and I do try...but sometimes, like when you have been going non stop for weeks on end and you have a sick baby...ya just need a break!

Anyway, in she came, straight for the baby! I immediately let her know she didn't need to get too close, he was running fever, I also let her know that neither Dancer nor Football boy were home. Okay, I admit it, I was hoping to discourage her and send her on her way with out being mean. She didn't get it! She kept talking and as we sat there, the baby fell asleep!

I jumped up and informed her that I was going to have to go upstairs and put him down. I secretly hoped she would leave while I was up there. People...SHE FOLLOWED ME UPSTAIRS!!! Not to be discouraged, I laid him down and headed for the restroom where she proceeded to follow me until I let her know I needed privacy there. Yes, when I emerged, she was awaiting me right outside the door.

It was at this point I knew I was in trouble. Because, I knew. I knew she was not leaving. Not unless I "kicked her out" and I just couldn't do it. I imagined all I could get done with these circumstances. Kitchen cleaned, laundry folded, a little reading, maybe a nap. But no, Mrs. Jellyfish was entertaining.

But wait, it gets worse. Because I stepped outside to do something, I forget now, and her 19 year old sister was there. She joined us! I really thought her sister would make her go home. I thought wrong. I spent the next 2 1/2 hours with the sweet girls. And they are sweet! We sat for awhile under the garage until H wanted a drink. I stepped into the house to get her some water. And she followed me. And, she invited her sister inside! She then informed me (the jellyfish) that we needed to stay inside because it was MUCH cooler in here.

I proceeded to start cleaning my kitchen, thinking 1. she would get bored and 2. at least I could get something done. She began helping me! She helped clean the kitchen, dust the whole house and then offered to do my laundry (I did not take her up on the offer...I do have some standards!).

In the meantime, her mother got home from work and I kept thinking they would be called home. I began to prepare for supper. Supper when almost everyone is gone was going to be chicken nuggets (I am going for that esteemed Mother of the Year award and all). She informed me that she LOVED chicken nuggets and she couldn't wait until they were ready! I promise...you can't make this stuff up! Finally, about the time the oven preheated, her mother called them home.

I sent them off with a smile and a baggy full of home made cookies. I hope they had a nice time. I hope they saw Jesus in me today. I hope my kids remember to lock the doors tomorrow!

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Aimee said...

You did a very Christian thing today -- and you know, I think it means more that you did when you didn't want to do it. It's easy to do the right thing when you want to do it. It's not so easy when the right thing is totally annoying/frustrating.

All that being said, I also don't think it would have been inappropriate for you to say: "Girls, I appreciate your company, but the baby is sick and there is no one here to play with. Maybe you could come back another day."

It sounds like maybe they were bored/lonely, since she just walked right into your house!

I have a similar situation with a neighbor girl, only she's not quite as old as your neighbors. You are not the only ones who sometimes pretend not to be home! :)