Monday, July 27, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY July 27, 2009...
Outside my window...It is a beautiful summer morning! The flowers are perking up happily, the temperature is not too hot...yet and the sky is clear and blue!

I am thinking...Wow, only two more weeks of summer vacation, where has it gone?
I am thankful for...mornings when ALL the children sleep in! I have exercised, watered flowers, vacuumed the pool, played with the dog and am now getting bloggy time all to myself!
From the learning rooms...ordering curriculum and getting excited each time a new box is delivered. Still a little unsure of what junior high has in store for us!

From the kitchen...After last weeks sticky bun disaster, not much going on there. Probably some tacos for supper tonight and, of course a big ole green smoothie for lunch!

I am wearing...Work out clothes! I began day one of the 30 day shred today...OW!

I am outfit from Sewsensible's newest pattern--I am really excited about how it is going to turn out!
I am going...hopefully nowhere, had a little one feeling puny this weekend, hoping to get him back on track!

I am reading...Divine by Karen Kingsbury (I think)
I am not be stressed this week, let my kids enjoy the end of the summer and hopefully enjoy lots of time with friends.

I am hearing...Silence--aaaaaah!

Around the house...laundry, sewing, clean the kitchen and hopefully lots of fun time with the kids.

One of my favorite things...sleeping children

A few plans for the rest of the week:Finishing Dancer's outfit, spending lots of time with friends, enjoying the end of the summer...I still can't believe I am saying that!

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Two friends from the pool! Ain't summer grand!

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