Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Still Miss My Mommy

Okay, I am really not going to whine forever, but I had so much fun with my family and now they are gone. Boo hoo.

Football boy has pouted for several days now proclaiming that he wants to move to Idaho to be closer to them. I would TOTALLY move to Idaho. If we had a source of income, could sell our house, could afford a new see where this is going. He better get happy right here.

He has begun praying daily that we could move and that Tigerfan could find a job there. He even did an Internet search the other day and found Tigerfan a job as a bilingual translator for AT&T, too bad he isn't bilingual.

Monday we found a new little friend. My momma would have loved this friend. We named him Max and enjoyed the afternoon with him before sending him off to a new home.

Finally, a few of my favorite pics from a week with my fam. Sadly, I have not one picture of my did that happen?

I like to call this "How does a fishy go?"

Pops and Dancer
Pops in his new grilling "duds". Isn't he cute?
Cousins hangin' in the boat...I guess they are getting ready to dive in.

Football words needed
I LOVE my family!