Monday, December 15, 2008

Look What the Diva Sent

Okay, we interrupt this Tour of Homes for an important weather alert! We are locking down, preparing for winter weather and a possible ice storm. Schools have closed, practices have been cancelled and Walmart is sold out of...just about everything!

In the event of the aforementioned bad weather, we could be out of power for a few days. So, just in case, I wanted to make sure to get this thank you in. The other night, Tigerfan stepped out the door to turn on Christmas lights and found a big box. It was a Christmas surprise from my bloggy friend, The Purple Diva. She is sooo sweet, ya'll! And she always has something funny or cute on her blog so go check her out! Anyway, here is what was inside the box:

Okay, I realize, my photography skills are right up there with my technology genius. but included in this box were two packages of Christmas cookies, a precious angel ornament and another little decoration. An ornament for each of the kids, a bag a candy for each of the kids, some bracelets for Dancer, cars for the big boys and the cutest little book for Tigercub! Is that not the sweetest thing. I told you, my bloggy friends make me happy, ya'll are too sweet.

On that note, I got in trouble this morning. Tigerfan got caught up on the ole blog and read things that make me happy post. I didn't mention him! Oops! This oversight was not is inferred that he makes me happy, thus, I married him! Anyway, stay tuned, I must write a Terrific Tigerfan post soon to keep peace!

Have a great Monday and, weather permitting, I'll be back soon!


CJ, the Purple Diva said...

I am SO glad you liked it!
What a sweet post! THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting something so SWEET to me!

Growin' with it! said...

tigerfan...pretty funny. oF COURSE you're what makes her happy!☺ happy snuggling today. we are too w/ no school and crazy, hyper, cooped up kids!

Musings of a Housewife said...

Isn't she a dear? I got a little box too. And who says online friends aren't "real"?? Merry Christmas!