Saturday, December 20, 2008

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I know this is a little late and you are totally busy this time of year so I will try to be brief. We have always kept the ole "Santa Thing" about the kids each year. And, I think our kids are pretty good! We try to stay in touch. We email you, vote for our favorite reindeer, sit in your lap, the whole bit. This year, we have even been reading your blog.

We try not to get greedy. The kids only ask for three gifts and they usually do a good job. Okay, I know that one request by B.B. a couple of years ago was a doosey--he explained the Star Wars game so thoroughly...we really thought it existed. We didn't know you were going to have to create a game just to make him happy. I'm really sorry about that. It was a hit, though!

Anyway, I know it is all about the kids and all, but just in case you have a little extra good will on hand, I wanted to put in a request for...well, me. You see, I could really use a few things this year. I'm not too picky, any of the following requests would be great on its own and if you happened to find a two for one sale, well...

Okay, so what I would really like is simple. A visit from one or more of the following. The housecleaning fairy, the home organization fairy, or even the PLEASE teach my kids how to clean up after themselves without talking back fairy. I have been really good this year. Okay, I have TRIED to be really good this year. I have eaten my veggies and fruit, I have gotten up at ridiculous hours of the morning to exercise. I have home schooled three children while taking care of the energizer bunny (A.K.A. Tigercub) and all of them are still living and will only require a few years of therapy I feel certain.

Well, I promised to keep this brief. We will have the usual boiled custard, sugar cookies and fudge waiting for you and the oatmeal and carrots for the reindeer. See you in a few days and if you can't get to this, I totally understand. There is always next year...right?

One Mom in need of HELP!


Spesamor Academy said...

Hey! If any one of those fairies shows up at your house, give them directions to my house, ok?
Santa has a blog????

P.S.He loves you.. said...

I really really really hope you get all of it this Christmas!

Aimee said...

Think there is more than one cleaning fairy to go around?

And do you think she can make it through the snow and ice?

Cause we really need her around these parts! :)

Growin' with it! said...

no way...santa has a BLOG?! and if he sends you any one of those fairies, i hope you share your christmas presents!!! with m-e!

Musings of a Housewife said...

Let me know if you get all your wishes for Christmas! I'll try a letter to Santa next year. ;-)

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

Tell me what he brought you so I can write that same Santa! Loved this letter!