Friday, December 19, 2008

I Hope My Pants Will Fit Friday!

My downward spiral continues, so I am thrilled to see we are taking a couple of weeks break. Thanks, Missy! Hopefully, I will use that time to get back on the band wagon and not fall further from it!

This week has been rough! Hubby and I have been up entirely too late too many nights. Tigercub has had two ear infections, Baseball boy had been sick, we have had threats of bad weather keeping us in the house and parties, etc. at tutorial, church....

Anyway, I have not exercised. Not one time. At least not officially. Chasing tigercub has GOT to count for something.

The fortunate thing is I have been so dad gum busy that I haven't had time to eat as much as I normally would so hopefully that is helping a bit. Today, I weighed AFTER I ate breakfast and I held steady at 133. Not the pound or two I would have liked to see gone, but no gain after a week of no exercise either!

Anyway, my little Fit Friday sisters, I'll miss checking in with ya'll for a couple of weeks! Have an awesome holiday and don't stress about the weight too much. In fact, I would like to highly encourage you to relax, kick your feet up and let me slide into the winning position to take that gift card! Cause that is the ONLY way I can win!

Merry Christmas!


Ixoye said...

Hey Star, how are you doing? Very long time since last chatting. Your kids are beautiful. 4 of them too, good number, would have been nice to have 1 boy at least over here. But I love all for of my girls.

Ixoye said...

Hey Star, long time no chat. How are you doing? 4 beautiful children. I am envious you have 3 boys. I was consistent with 4 Girls.

-Jon Beck

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

LOL...did they fit????