Monday, September 8, 2008

Welcome To My Pity Party

It is now 11:00 p.m. I am over my temper tantrum. Tigerfan helped out a lot tonight. I did not make it to the grocery store so my kids will be on their own at lunch tomorrow. I will do strength training when I finish here and we convinced Baseball boy to make a nice Egyptian Crown with the promise to make the Nile River this weekend. I had a good cry and then Tigerfan and I nursed the wounds of our bad days by eating popcorn and M&M's. However, Tigerfan has forbidden us from eating on the new furniture. So, we laid a towel out on the floor, brought in 15 year old lawn chairs and sat in them while completely surrounded in brand new furniture! How can you NOT see the humor in that? Thanks for letting me vent tonight!

Recently, I had a comment on my blog that said I made motherhood look easy. I haven't stopped laughing!

I would hate for anyone to get an erroneous image of my Supermom status, so here is a picture into my day today. And folks, I am just keeping it real so forgive the lack of humor.

I got up at 5:10 a.m. That was 10 minutes late, that 10 minutes makes all the difference. I did my 30 min. of cardio, fixed breakfast and began my quiet time. Before I could finish, Tigerfan came down with baby. It was not yet 6:00.

Tigerfan informed me that Dancer was also awake and lying in my bed. That is NEVER a good start to the day.

I fixed Baby's breakfast and fed him and went upstairs to brush, etc. Dancer was still awake. She turned on the T.V. while I went to wake the boys who bounded out of bed in great moods ready to go. They dressed and everyone went down for breakfast. While they were eating, I read to them. A great and unexpectedly smooth morning. By 8:00 all morning chores were done, bathrooms scrubbed and school started on time!!!

We did our pledges, etc, Bible study and began math. Baby went to sleep, blah, blah, blah. Math was smooth but took FOREVER! Then the boys were ready to read. Baseball boy wanted me to read with him. Under the new table. Ordinarily I would have brushed him off but I committed this morning to slow down, enjoy this season of life...blah, blah, blah. So, I crawled under the table and we began. Until Football boy felt jealous that he did not have a fort. Which suddenly reminded me that I meant to strip the boys' beds this morning and wash the sheets (they always build a blanket fort in their beds when I do that). they immediately volunteered to go unmake their beds for me. They did. It took about 30 minutes.

Anyway, until lunch, things seemed okay. The children even helped make lunch. We read a little more while they ate, moods were good. The only thing missing was Tigerfan who had not been able to make it home for lunch yet. We began cleaning, the kids took a little break and played in their fort and I began to fix my lunch. However, about 5 minutes into eating , Baby started fussing--he needed attention. Then Tigerfan called to say he was on his way. By the time he got home I had played with baby, changed laundry, fixed his lunch and completely forgotten mine. We discussed a project he promised to help B.B. with tonight.

It seems that B.B. was supposed to build a model of the Nile River for tutorial. We had it assigned last week. Due tomorrow. BUT we needed grass seed and I didn't have any. I called Nana, she didn't either. Okay, I had to buy some. And I totally meant to. Before surprise visitors, last minute garage sales and furniture delivery. Now, it is due tomorrow--still no grass seed. Tigerfan saw the plans and balked a little on me. What was he supposed to do? I don't know. He is the one who said he had an idea!!!

Afternoon school did not go so well. We did not finish until 4:00! At that time I had 3 piles of laundry on the couch, supper to start, a baby to feed and then I went upstairs to find the sheets on the crib that I had just washed yesterday COVERED in p**p. Yes, covered! I stripped the bed, started more laundry and began supper.

At 5:00, I had not heard from Tigerfan so I called him. Supper is now ready but he is not even close to coming home for the night. I have not yet had a shower, the kids have been "cleaning" for an hour but when I checked I could not tell anything had been put away. I still have to go to the grocery store, do the Nile project, put sheets on the boys' beds, do strength training (hah!), Iron clothes, grade tutorial papers, feed my family supper and clean up the kitchen and hopefully go to bed. The refrigerator desperately needs cleaning, the house needs vacuuming and dusting. but those things will fall by the wayside again.

I am tired and frustrated and somewhere in the midst of it, I forgot my promise to slow down and enjoy things. I do not know anything funny my kids have done today and even though they have been sweet, I have hardly noticed. I am cranky with Tigerfan because he is cranky and he is not home yet. I know he is tired too and frustrated..but I am just being honest, I am irritated with him. For being late, for an unfinished project, for being grumpy. I realize that is totally a double standard..."supermoms" have that right!

So, tomorrow is another day...maybe I will enjoy it. Maybe I will find my sense of humor again. Or, maybe I'll just go to Australia!


The four little penguins say: said...

Ok, I'm just impressed that you get up at 5am. If I did that, my kids would unanimously vote me out of the house! lol I am not a morning person, so all the imperfections you confessed throughout the day are totally negated in my eyes because I just can't get past the fact that you get up at FIVE AM in the morning!!!!!!!

Aimee said...

Holy moly, woman! That is one busy day.

Sadly, I can relate to the poop in the bed. Except that my darling toddler is the one who reaches INTO HER DIAPER in a supreme effort to make her mother hurl all over. She's almost gotten me.

But kudos to you for getting up to do your cardio. I hope that REM sleep counts as cardio because that's what I did this morning :)

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

For one, 5 AM...what the HECK?
And that your exercised before you did ANYTHING ELSE? WHAT? AND then you feed them all, kept them all happy and paid attention to them WHILE trying to teach them!
MOM MOM MOM. SUPER is you first name! SUPER STAR! :-)