Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Welcome to my New Home

I have not disappeared from the face of the earth. I really haven't. It is just that, well, life is busy AND as we were setting up blogs for the two boys (which, by the way they have not typed on since they started because they are banned from the computer) I realized how EASY blogger is! I had toyed with changing once before but the thought of starting all over was overwhelming as was cutting and pasting my whole blog. So, I did nothing.

However, inspired with the ease and fun of the boys, I decided to bite the bullet. So, Tigerfan has literally spent hours helping me set up and find a new page and here I am. I have already been able to do more by myself than I ever was before including posting a picture which makes me absolutely giddy with joy! Oh, the possibilities!!!

Anywhoo, this is where I will be from now on. We still have some tweaking to do, like how in heaven's name do you get all the edit me things off of here...but if you want to find me...this is my new home!

In other news:
1. Our old home is new again as we have purchased new living room furniture!!! This was a long time coming, folks! We have been saving up forever and waiting for the right time. Our 14+ year old couch has had it and we decided that since Baby has figured out how to pull out the insides and eat them, the time was right! Oh, I can hardly wait. AND, when it is all delivered and set up...I can take a picture and show you!

2. Last week Dancer and I went on a field trip to a blueberry farm. I was cranky, but the fieldtrip was fun and we got a half gallon of blueberries to play with. I found a recipe for blueberry muffins on the web and they lived up to their name: To Die For Blueberry Muffins. I will post the recipe soon. Please, make these muffins. You will NOT regret it!

3. Our church is housing evacuees from South Louisiana until they can return to their homes. It is really heartbreaking. So many of them already faced so much devistation and now they are going through it again. I cannot even imagine how they feel. We are going to do a service project tomorrow and go help serve them lunch. I am really excited to let my kids get this opportunity. Please keep these people in your prayers, they are really desperate right now.

4. Friday, I was somewhat cranky (notice a theme). We are going through a time in our home right now. It seems that our children are a little lacking in the obedience area and we are really pressing the issue. My philosophy is if you cannot be obedient in the little things like put away that pencil, you will not be obedient in the big things like go be a missionary in China. So, we are learning to be obedient, and it is not fun. For anyone. Anyway, Friday the children had lost T.V., Movies, Computer, Wii, etc. I was irritated and tired of entertaining and disciplining and wondering how we would make it through the night. Suddenly one of the children announced there was a package outside and sure enough...it was a prize I had one on The Purple Diva's Website from the Popcorn Factory. People, it was GREAT and it changed the whole tone of the evening. We played games and ate popcorn and had a great night. So, go check out her sight. She is soooooo encouraging and always can put a smile on your face. AND she posts about 10 times a day which more than makes up for my lack of posting.

Okay, that is all for now, I will try to be a better little blogger from now on! Hope to be back soon!


Aimee said...

Welcome to Blogger!! So nice to have you in the neighborhood :)

The four little penguins say: said...

Whoohoo! Blogger is cool!
Congrats on the new furniture... Baby will just have to find something else to eat.

Happy Mommy said...

Welcome Nice to see you here!
First week of school is always hard!

n2ition said...

As usual, you crack me up! I am completely in awe of how easy you make motherhood look (and it SOOO ISN'T) even as you tell stories of how crazy it makes you!


CJ, the Purple Diva said...

I LOVE IT THAT YOU CAME HERE! Now you can add the blog buttons to your sidebar! YAHOO!
SO glad you got the new furniture too! CONGRATS! I can't wait to see the picture!