Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Because Obviously, I Have Too Much Time on My Hands

It is Wednesday and I LOVE Wednesday. I know that is weird, but it means Bible Study and I LOVE Bible Study. Each week a different lady brings snacks for the group. This was my week. Now, I love bringing snacks because I like to cook, bake, etc. but my family is PICKY! So, when I find an interesting new recipe, I will save it and use my ladies as guinnea pigs.

So, today I tried to make Mini Caramel Apples. They should have looked like this. They did not look like that. Apparently I should have gone on-line BEFORE the fact and read the comments. You know, like about how the toppings DO NOT STICK! Now, according to one commenter, if I had rolled them in flour first, all would have been good. But, alas, I did not. We had a wonderful time making them. Dancer helped out choosing nuts, and chocolate, and sprinkles, and coconut to roll in...sounds yummy, huh!

Unfortunately, the finished product does not look quite as good as that glossy magazine photo. It looks more like...disaster! caramel, sprinkles, chocolate, nuts all in a blobby puddle at the bottom of a little apple scoop!

One wonders, what made me do this to begin with? Like I do not have enough to do...and I think we have well established in the past weeks that I am not handling my normal duties with a whole lot of grace. Why oh why would I add something like this to my schedule. On a school day. When Baby is sickly. I am a sick woman!

And, I am not even getting to go! Tigerfan is delivering for me because I am staying home with the baby! Who, by the way, is apparently taking after his mother in the weird things he likes because he has turned down almost all forms of nourishment today. EXCEPT plain, unflavored Pedialyte. He is drinking that nasty stuff like water in a desert! I guess I should be glad that he is consuming something, but I have really got to work with him on his choices!

Totally meant to add a picture of the end result...took it, can't get it off camera. It is 9:00 and we haven't eaten supper, so the picture is going by the wayside...use your imagination!!! :)

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CJ, the Purple Diva said...

You so crack me up with your wit. I can just imagine what the must have looked like! I hope those ladies appreciated all your hard work and labor! Oh the sacrifices we make for the sake of doing good! Poor baby. Poor mommy. Cheer made me laugh...and TOMORROW the sun'll come up!