Friday, September 5, 2008


Don't tell Tigerfan I'm here! I am supposed to be scrubbing goop off the floors before we get our new furniture tomorrow!

He is at his momma's pricing stuff for a garage sale. I was also supposed to help him but the children reached melt down phase and I had to bring them home! That is the price you pay when you decide on Thursday to do a garage sale on Saturday. I don't recommend it. Of course, I don't recommend having garage sales. I would be perfectly happy to put all my junk out on the road and just let folks take it. I had to marry a "sensible" man who thinks we should try to recoup some of our cash we spent on furniture. Cash is sooooo overrated!

Anywhoo, just thought I would drop by so everyone would know that I really am still here. This week has been CRAZY! Of course, every week seems to be crazy. However, highlights from the week are:
  • new furniture
  • Eating a Labor Day meal with Nana and Papaw and planning to go back the next day to eat leftovers however a certain unnamed baseball player may have had a slight break down over the fact that we never eat at Fazoli's so Tuesday, we went to Fazoli's--Nan couldn't stand it!
  • Starting my new Bible Study (thank you, Jesus!)
  • Surprise visit from Tigerfan's sister--escaping from all the flooding in LA
  • Supper at El Chico where our nephew stuck a chip up his nose and then fell apart because it was going to his brain. When told he could probably blow it out, he then proceeded to test that theory. Immediately. On his mother. Who was without tissue!
  • Science Fair teacher's info. meeting--yes, it is that time again already! Ugh!
  • Clearing out the house of old furniture to make room for new! Yeah! It comes tomorrow. Along with a garage sale, baseball practice, a birthday party, getting old furniture to new buyers and spending time with SIL--What a day!

Okay, better get back to scrubbing floors before Tigerfan finds out I have been shirking my duties. I'll be back--hopefully with some pictures!


Aimee said...

Yeah, I don't get garage sales either. I just prefer to drive my stuff to our church's donation store (like a Goodwill) and drop it off and be done with it. I can't stand haggling with people. I don't have the constitution for it! :)

Can't wait to see the new furniture!

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

Oh, I promise I won't tell!
I love the way you recap the week! TOO FUNNY! Without tissue was my favorite line!