Monday, August 10, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook 8.10.09

FOR TODAY ...August 10, 2009

Outside my a beautiful morning. I just came in from feeding the dog, watering the plants and having my quiet time. It is clear and pretty but already pretty warm, I predict a scorcher today.

I am thinking...about the first full day of school. I have way more packed into this day than I can possibly do!
I am thankful for...a wonderful summer and so sad to see it end so soon!

From the learning rooms...First full day of school. We do reading and math all summer and began a few subjects last week but tutorial starts tomorrow, so today is the day!

From the kitchen...we will be making some teacher goodies, I think I am going to try out a new recipe: Giant Chocolate Chip Brownie Pillows!

I am wearing...Old shorts and a t-shirt...I am hoping to exercise at some point today...probably won't happen but at least I look like I am trying!
I am creating...a Bible Study to do at home with my kids. I am so excited about this! I printed out the first week's lessons last night and I like it so far. I think I'll blog about it tomorrow! This week is about love, next week: joy. If you have any favorite verses or Bible stories that exemplify joy, please let me know!
I am Open House at Mother's Day Out tonight--I just can't get around all the reminders that school is starting back!

I am reading...the Bible a lot in preparation for this Bible study. Also some books on home schooling and probably getting ready to read a whopper of a science book along with Football Boy! Welcome to Junior High!

I am create a fun learning environment this year--trying to let go of some of my "uptightness" and be a fun homeschool mom.
I am hearing...water boiling, time to make my oatmeal!

Around the blessing day. Sheets to wash, dusting, vacuuming, bathroom scrubbing, no fun, but I love a clean house once it is done.

One of my favorite things...laying in bed an extra thirty minutes and cuddling with Tigerfan...of course than we get a late start, but...aaaaaah!

A few plans for the rest of the week:Tutorial, babysitting a friend's little girl, hopefully a little back to school fun with friends.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...
I really think Dancer has a future in hair design and styling...what do you think?
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