Sunday, August 23, 2009

Peace in the Storm

I have no business being on this blog. It is 10:00, I have to plan and set out lessons for tomorrow, empty the dishwasher, fill the dishwasher, clean the kitchen and feed my sourdough starters and still try to be in bed by 10:00...see the problem?

Anyway. This last week was rough! I mean rough! I am finding that systems of schooling I have used in the past just aren't working right now. Things are chaotic and I am stressed and you know what they say, "When Momma ain't happy..."

Anyway, I have devoted an inordinate amount of time this weekend trying to research and pray and figure out how to do things differently, something has got to change. And in a very un-me like fashion, I have actually allowed myself to "give it to God" and leave it. Because I am very good at taking those things back!

Well, this afternoon, I was working on my children's Bible Study for the week. Each day we will be studying a different story illustrating peace and on Friday, the lesson is on Jesus calming the storm. I must be honest. This was the, I really need one more story lesson. You know, the one that I just added 'cause I needed a little more. But as I was typing up the Bible study...I was just awed at how God used this story for me! Yes, me! I am writing a children's Bible study. I am trying to teach them...okay, I am trying to show them how much they drive me crazy with all their fighting and JUST GET ALONG ALREADY, OKAY!!! But after reading the passage, I was preparing questions and discussion points and I wrote this:

"With just a few words, Jesus calmed the storm. He brought peace. Jesus can do that for you (And for me!). No problem is too big. He can handle school, annoying brothers and even demanding parents. The Bible says, "He commanded even the winds and the water, and they obey him." That is what He can do for you.

When life is not on Jesus.

When friends are on Jesus.

When siblings are driving you on Jesus.

When a loved one is sick or your family is struggling or your dad lost his on Jesus.

I could add here, when school isn't going well, when your schedule is crazy, when you are drained and cannot seem to be on Jesus.

You might not be able to calm the storm yourself, but He can! Pray and leave your "stormy" thoughts to Him...he can handle them!

Maybe those words weren't meant for anyone else...but they just floored me today. My God is the One who can calm the storm. No, I can't handle this on my own and yes, the problems will still be there tomorrow. But praise God, I have a savior today that can speak peace! He can calm the winds and calm the waters and soothe my tumultuous soul! I pray for God's peace for each of you today...I know many of you are going through struggles far worse than a crazy year, God can give you peace as He walks you through the fire! Call to Him because He is faithful...maybe He is just waiting for you to ask before He speaks those words!