Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook-May 18

FOR TODAY 5/18/09...
Outside my window...The sun is just starting to come up, everything is quiet and peaceful BUT it is, of course, cloudy.
I am thinking...That I really need to get serious about changing my lifestyle and food choices. I plan a lot to eat healthy and exercise but I have gotten lazy about following through, especially the eating. In all honesty, healthy eating is expensive and time consuming and when I get to the store with four kids in tow, my motivation withers and I end up with the same pseudo healthy, easy choices I have been trying to change. I have even gotten really bad about drinking my eight glasses of water lately and that WAS a simple habit that I have been in for TWO years. I am frustrated because all my weight loss work is resulting in regaining what I worked so hard to lose because I am making excuses for myself. I really need to stop talking about getting organized and together and just DO IT. Feel free to hold me accountable!

I am thankful for... Summer vacation, a relaxed schedule, a relatively empty appointment calendar for the week!
From the learning rooms...taking it easy. We have completed our required 180 days, now it is just finishing up, reading, doing a little math and review!

From the kitchen...Since there seems to be more month than money lately, I am playing working with what I've got which means it will involve chicken, rice and salad...that's about all I've got right now. Unfortunately, in the dessert area, we have brownies, chocolate cake, ice cream sandwiches...refer to "I am thinking" above.

I am wearing...My pajamas since Tigercub thought that it would be a good idea to get up at 5:30 a.m. on the first day of summer vacation. But I am not bitter, really!
I am creating...a menu for a couple of weeks from now when we will have some house guests. Besides our family of six, we will have some dear friends staying with us that I THINK are bringing 4 of their children. Any suggestions for good meals that are easily adaptable to feed about 14 people and are relatively budget friendly?

I am take the two oldest for their 6 month dental visit...Good times!
I am reading...Nothing except my Bible and devotion book right now. Just finished "The Same Kind of Different as Me" READ THIS BOOK!!! It is amazing, such a neat story. It will change you!

I am hoping...for a relaxing week where we actually get a glimpse of the sun!

I am hearing...Tigerfan moving around getting ready for work, Tigercub babbling, keys typing.
Around the house...We have so much to do before an onslaught of summer guests. Boys room needs to be repainted, living room needs to be repainted and my wall words hung. The master bathroom that I started "remodeling" about 4 years ago still sits with half stripped wallpaper begging for attention. The garden will probably be abandoned dadgumit!

One of my favorite things...Quiet, mommy time in the morning. Sigh!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Enjoying the first week of our summer break! Hopefully getting the pool opened, possibly making a trip to LA this weekend!

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Mother's Day 2009...Do I have beautiful babies or what?

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UKZoe said...

Spicy Mince (ground meat) with rice and spinach is a good one for a crowd, as is chicken, lentil and potato curry, especially if you buy cheaper cuts of chicken (or turkey) and do the prep to chop them up.
Unfortunately the photos are not on those posts, because I changed hosts and forgot to move the pictures as well. Only just noticed when I went looking for them for you.

Liz Tolsma said...

You do have a beautiful family. Enjoy your summer vacation!

Growin' with it! said...

i still don't know how people buy organic all the time. it is very expensive to eat healthy. discouraging!

and the meal suggestion? crock pot baby...anything you can cook in the crock pot so you can enjoy that company!

hope you are still in your pjs relaxing this morning!!

The Man Crew said...

Hi again...sthanks for your comment on my post! Your babies ARE beautiful! As for feeding acorwd in the cheap...that's what I do best...LOL! I've got a few recipes that I will try to get to you this afternoon, OK? Enjoy your company and the prep work for them...I think sometimes I enjoy the getting ready MORE than the actual visit...shhh, don't tell on me, OK??
Hugs and blessings,
Kristy : )

Realmomma said...

I am so with you on the feeling discouraged about taking care of your health... This has been on my mind lately -- is always on my mind. And I've begun -- several times over -- trying to make a habit of drinking 64oz. of water a day (at least). That is just the first of the goals on my healthy goals list, and I never seem to get past it to #2.

As to meals that can feed a crowd. . . Any casserole you can bake in a 13x9 (baked spaghetti, tetrazini), and I'll second the crock-pot idea (if you have one big enough)... we like pork BBQ in ours.

Anonymous said...

my suggestion for hosting bunches of people at your house...stock up on cereal and leave the boxes on the table for ALL meals! just kidding...use your crock-pot! it can cook a ton and you won't have to touch it all day!

i hear ya on the whole 'eating healthy' dilemma! i'm in the same boat. i have my good days and bad ones. it is expensive to eat healthy and chocoalte is just TOO good!

happy summer break for you!

Elena said...

I do know what you're going through with weight loss. I keep finding all the excuses possible as to why I can't get going. It really comes down to - just DO IT. It's easier said than done though.... I wish it was one of those things you could get someone else to do for you, lol.
I have just joined a local walking group - it's only once a week but I get an hour of walking done and I feel soooo good afterwards .... now if I could only stay away from chocolate.....
Anyhow, all the best with your healthy eating plan - I'm sending you some encouragement, all the way from Aus .... you CAN DO IT :)

ciao for now,
ps... you do have lovely babies.