Friday, May 8, 2009

Chocolate Milk Talk

Good Morning! Come on in and have a seat! Although I never have coffee made "cause I don't drink the nasty stuff, I can't even offer to brew you a pot. Tigercub decided to use the pot as a ball, threw it across the kitchen and shattered it into about a million pieces! How about a nice cold soda or some chocolate milk--definitely a favorite around these parts!

We have had a busy week around the Tigerden! We are finishing up school (only 8 days left), and Dancer graduated from kindergarten yesterday!

How did that happen...where does the time go?

All of our school projects are done, so we are just finishing up subjects and counting down till the first day of freedom...I mean summer!

We actually saw the sun case anyone else is wondering, it does still exist and we have had a solid 24 hours with NO RAIN!!! It even looks hopeful for today...dare I hope that it might be dry enough tomorrow to plant our ever elusive garden???

And finally, Tigercub has a new passion. scrubbing the toilet! Oh, yes! Now, I a mother, you would think I would be thrilled. Unfortunately he is what he chooses to scrub the toilet with: hairbrushes, toothbrushes, bathtub toys and on the frequent occasions that he chooses to actually use the toilet brush, we have to follow up with a complete clothes change and bathroom mopping due to the massive amounts of water that somehow seem to escape the confines of the porcelain throne!

Don't get me wrong...maybe one day he will serve the Lord as a janitor...and if that is his calling, I guess I am good with that...but for now, bathroom doors must stay closed and if you come for a visit, I HIGHLY suggest you keep your toothbrush under lock and key!

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Have a great Mother's Day Weekend!


UKZoe said...

I don't drink coffee either. Don't have a coffee pot either. If someone wants coffee it has to be instant.

Diane said...

LOL - how old is Tigercub? A friend's grandson was fascinated with the toilet brush when he was about two. He didn't actually want to use it - just carry it around. They bought a special (new, clean) one for him to tote!

Chocolate milk sounds wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I don't even know how to make coffee. =p I do love me some chocolate milk though!! Thanks! =) Congrats to Dancer on the kindergarten graduation. That is a big moment. And if you've got a janitor, I've got an interior decorator. Melody loves to rearrange any piece of furniture that she's strong enough to move. haha Kids are great, aren't they? Have a fantastic weekend!

Anonymous said...

That is too funny! Although I suppose less so if it's your toothbrush being used. Yuck!

I think being a school janitor would be an awesome ministry. I remember all us kids loving the janitor because he'd always joke around and most importantly wasn't a teacher!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the chocolate milk...i'm not a coffee drinker either. we are fascinated with the toilet around here, too. however, my son doesn't clean it, he just likes to stare in in. what's worse? i'm not sure. cleaning it with a toothbrush though...that's pretty bad!

Happy Mother's Day! thanks for putting a smile on my face today with your stories!

mholgate said...

Thanks for the laugh! I have had to keep my bathroom doors closed for all kinds of reasons with each toddler...oh the stories I could tell! :)

Enjoy the sunshine and have a Happy Mother's day!


secondofwett said...

I love chocolate milk....thank you so much! Don't worry about the little one and the no time you'll have a teenager that wont want to clean anything!

Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

Too funny about your "clean" toilets! We're past that phase in my home, but I remember having to keep a very close eye...AND listen for splasyes!

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

LydiaCate said...

Oh I can get over the coffee thing! Sounds to me like we might have something else in common...The Tigers?! My husband and I are both grads. I'm guessing you all are too or you're just big fans. Geaux Tigers! My cousin's son who is a "brainwashed" Seminole asks his mom all the time why we can't spell go. Hehehe. It's all in good fun!
Love the toilet story! We are also in a keep the bathroom door closed at all times phase, with a 3 year old and a 16 month old. Whew! They keep me on my toes!
Have a great weekend!