Monday, January 5, 2009

You are Lovingly Invited to Famliy Game Night

After a long day of basketball Saturday, we decided to head back to the house for a much needed evening at home. Tigerfan had been off work since Christmas Eve which meant lots of fun and running around but not a lot of home time!

We had begun the day at 8:45 with Dancer's cheer leading, killed time in town, including an oh so nutritious lunch at the Target Snack Bar, and then headed to more basketball at 1:00 and 2:00. By that time, Tigercub had had ENOUGH ALREADY!

I had purchased some pre-assembled shish kabobs from the "get rid of it quick" section at Kroger, so dinner was set, all we had to do was grill 'em up. So we headed home, salivating, ready to shower, eat and play some games!

Supper was GREAT! Although the baked potato and Texas Toast alleviated any figure flattering benefits! We all enjoyed the meal and time together and the children realized they ALL like steak...isn't that great!

Things were going very well, which is a sure pre-cursor to disaster. The big boys were showered, we just had to bathe the little ones and get ready. I had made a chocolate cake to snack on and the night was young!

Then, we decided to choose a game. It may shock you to know that NO ONE agreed on a game. We got three new games at Christmas, everyone wanted a different one. Totally fine, I solved the dilemma by choosing an old game we already had, telling everyone to stop whining or they could go to bed and to SIT DOWN AT THE TABLE BECAUSE WE ARE HAVING FUN!!!!!

Dancer began crying to be on my team. Done. Babeball boy began crying because "Daddy always yells at me!" Football boy began fussing because everyone was fussing and let's play, already! AND Tigercub just waited for the moment that the games would begin, Mommy would be sidetracked, and the REAL fun could begin!

We ate our cake. We cleaned up the chocolate explosion. The games began. Tigerfan and F.B. fussed over the score sheets. Start again. The children fussed over who would roll the die. Dancer was elected.

I had chosen Scattergories as the game of choice. The timer began. Dancer started giving me a million suggestions. None of which actually began with the proper letter. She then got very upset with me because I was not using her options. In the mean time, Tigercub, was spreading toys all over the place, digging in the garbage, unloading cabinets, and driving Tigerfan crazy!

By the end of the round, the house was a wreck, Tigercub had to be physically restrained to calm him down from his destruction extravaganza, Dancer was mad that we hadn't played HER game, F.B. was mad that he didn't get to stay up an hour later than the other kids, because we had let them stay up past bedtime, and B.B. was just certain that somehow he had been mistreated...because, he is the middle child (enough said!).

What a wonderful time together, we should really have game night more often. Anyone like to join us?


Aimee said...

Hey! That sounds like game night at our house!

Except we have a lot of creative "rule bending" on Francie's part if it looks like she might be losing :)

Spesamor Academy said...

LOL! And in twenty years, they'll look back and say what a wonderful time they had playing games as kids. :)

P.S.He loves you.. said...

we just had a simular night here..there always fun! HA! and why can't we get help cleaning up after the fun..I'm still scratching my head over this one?!

Growin' with it! said...


that is so ringing in my ears from my own mother! i'm sure i've said it too.

between this post and the one above, i think you definitely need to write a book. you are hilarious!