Monday, January 12, 2009

The Purple Diva and a Musing Giveaway

I have a post in mind about my wonderful weekend of cleaning up bodily will be a must read, but before I do, I must tell you about one of my sweetest blogging friends.

If you have never been to visit CJ, the Purple Diva, you simply must go! And this week is the time to do it, because she is having a blogoversary on Jan. 17 and is having give away after giveaway to celebrate. And let me tell you, this girl KNOWS how to do a giveaway!

You will be glad you visited her site! She is so funny and always has a hilarious video or comic posted that is guaranteed to make you smile. She also posts about 27 times a every time you go, there is usually something new to read!

She also could just use a little love this week. She has had a rough beginning to 2009 including being diagnosed with diabetes and being putting on meds that are wreaking havoc on her poor body! So, stop by is the link...again, and give her some love! You will both be glad you did!

Thanks for reading this public service announcement!

Oh! and while I am on the subject of Giveaways, Musing of a Housewife (who, by the way led me to Purple Diva) is also having a giveaway for a WordWorld set...go check it out!

1 comment:

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

YOU ARE SO AWESOME! I LOVE THIS POST! You crack me up girl! You really know how to show me some love! ♥
Thanks for doing this! You did great!