Friday, October 10, 2008

Why Do I Feel Compelled to Share These Things?

I know you have probably been losing sleep over my Project Runway dilemma so I would like to put your minds at ease! I was wrong (shocking, I know) The show was not two hours, the second half of the finale will be next Wednesday so I really had no dilemma at all other than I am a dunce AND I have one more week of highly pertinent and worthwhile T.V. to entertain me while I iron! Whew!

In other news, I talked to my sweet Mommy and Daddy and Grandma last night. I know, for most of you out there that would not be news but my parents are a little difficult to get ahold of. Especially Momma. Especially if I call her on her cell phone which is really futile. Because, she doesn't answer it. And, if you leave a message, she doesn't know how to retrieve them so it just goes out into cell space forever.

Anyhoo, I got to talk to them last night and I was very excited, especially Momma because she started a different job this year and I wanted to hear how it was going. She has been a teacher for lo these many years now and has enjoyed it. However, this year, they asked her to be the reading specialist. She wasn't sure she wanted to leave the classroom, but agreed to do it for this year. I had not talked to her since she started so I checked in last night.

Unfortunately, she hasn't had much time to decide if she likes it because not long after school started, a kindergarten teacher quit quite suddenly. Guess who had to fill in the gap. My mom. Which, if it was me would not be a big deal because I LOVED teaching kindergarten. My mom, not so much! You see, she started college after all of us girls were in school and trudged through while working AND taking care of a family of five (she is awesome)! When she began, she would have liked to go into medicine because she LOVES science but decided she would be too old by the time she got through and went into education instead. When she graduated, her first job was a kindergarten class. She HATED it! Now, let me tell on myself just a bit. I remember her coming home one day a couple of weeks into school and telling us the story about this HORRIBLE little girl (5 years old) that she had. She was naughty and every day on the playground, she would go around flipping birds. My mom continued on saying she just didn't know how to make her stop or what caused her to do this but it happened every day!

People, I promise, this was my response:

"Momma, how does she catch the birds?"

I was at least junior high or high school by this time. And as my mom described the scenario, I was picturing this little five year old running around the playground catching birds and flipping them and I was STUNNED!

My mom then had to explain to me that she was not, in fact literally flipping birds. She was giving children "the finger", "flipping them off", you get the picture!

Anyway, she is now back in kindergarten purgatory for the time being. Thankfully, a new teacher has been found and starts Monday so after a week of transition, Momma will go back to her reading specialist duties, full of thanksgiving I daresay!

She did offer me the hope that if I were to move back to Salt Lake, I could almost certainly find a job in the school system since they are so desperate they are even hiring non certified folks to teach, however, the thought of putting my sweet princess into a kindergarten class with 30 (yes, 30) other students makes the thought quite horrifying!

I guess we'll stay put for now. Keep homeschooling the clan and watching baby ( who will hereto fore be referred to as Tigercub due to his affinity to growling at everything) grow. And I will NOT, under any circumstances teach my kiddos to flip birds!


Growin' with it! said...

loved your "how do you catch the bird"...ahh innocense!

project runway..oh the agony. we cut down our cable package so that channel is no longer available. boo hoo. i LOVE that show! it always inspires me to get out of my sweats and be adventurous!

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

Oh, I was so worried about you and the project runway show. Really I was!
Oh the the bird story! Cracked me UP!
No doubt in my mind if you went to Utah, there would be 30 kids in the class. No doubt!

The four little penguins say: said...

Sorry, I just had to laugh at you! Although at that age, I would have been just as clueless and your mental image is hilarious to envision! lol