Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Little of This, A Little of That

I can not come up with even one thing blog worthy right now. Not one thing.

And so, a list of rambling thoughts going through my head.

1. I have the BEST Daddy ( my momma is pretty great, too) he faithfully checks in to the ole blog about once a week to keep up with things around here and even commented on someone else's blog just cause I told him to, isn't that sweet! He has always been a good Daddy. Someone I could talk to, share with, call for advice. God blessed me with such great parents and I am soooo thankful!

2. Baby has decided that sleep is highly overrated. He likes to sleep about 1 hour at a time. All night long..up and down, up and down, trying to convince him that sleep is a good thing and will make mommy a much happier person. This morning, he decided that he had absolutely had enough of it! At 4:45 a.m. Yes, I had to get up BEFORE 5:00 and I don't even have the satisfaction of knowing I exercised. I wonder how much Benadryl you can give to a 9 month old?

3. Tonight is the season finale of Project Runway!!! I am so excited. However, it comes on at 8:00 while we are still on our way home from church. Usually I DVR it and watch it at 9:00 when I start ironing. But tonight I think it is 2 hrs. So I cannot start watching at 9 or it will stop recording and then I won't see the end. Which means I can't start watching til 10 which will make it midnight when it ends. What a dilemma! And, what will I watch when it is over?

4. Why is it that when the economy is going to pot, so is our insurance. Until this year we have had AWESOME insurance! Not anymore. We got the bill yesterday for Tigerfan's yearly mole removals--over $500 and they have not yet sent us one for Football boy. AND, Tigerfan has to go back to get more removed on one. And insurance--not paying a dime! Not till we reach $2,200. We will reach $2,200 on or around December31, I feel certain!

5. I should be doing school. The kids are on lunch break. Also referred to as time for mommy to regain her sanity (I use the word loosely). They are using this time well by stuffing pillows in their shirts and wrestling one another. And people wonder if we homeschoolers can really give our kids a good education!

6. I think Tigerfan has successfully begun grooming his fourth little LSU fan. Baby crawls all over the house growling at anyone and everything he sees. Right now he is growling at the hard drive and playing with the pretty green button that turns the computer on. I think it might be time to go--before my littlest Tiger erases more than just my blog post (which really is mediocre at best and would not be life altering if destroyed).

Have a great day!.. I'll be back eventually with something enthralling I am sure. For now I would like to leave an encouragement. So many of my blogging friends are down and discouraged right now, going through far worse trials than time management issues or being too busy. So, for those who just need a little word remember:
...Weeping may endure for a night,
but Joy Comes in The Morning.
Psalm 30:5


CJ, the Purple Diva said...

I love your thoughts in your head! You still crack me up!
Thanks for the sweet words too! I know you are thinking and praying about each of us just like we think and pray for you! It's awesome!

Aimee said...

You DO have a sweet Daddy, and I know because I'm the one he left a comment for! He sent me a Daddy hug, which are really the best kind after all :)

And my little guy has been boycotting sleep as well, although I am blaming his teething and I live in hope that this will end soon. Plus, I keep him hopped up on Baby Tylenol :)

P.S. He loves you... said...

Amen! to that scripture...

I agree with #4

O'and congrats on learning the skills up pix you just got busier, he he!

Andy, Charity, Noah, Heath and Elijah said...

I just saw where you found the clip on you tube. YOU NEED TO COME BACK TO SEE IT. It's good. If it doesn't work try refreshing the page. By the way, I love your blog. I am going to have to see what you guys have been up to. Like you said, it is addictive. I guess there are worse things I could be learning about.;0)
Blessings, Charity