Sunday, March 7, 2010

You'll Never Believe What the Cat Drug In

And by the cat, I refer to Tigerfan!

If you have been around this ole blog long, you will know we do not have a real good history with family pets. Dogs and ducks seem to be recipients of most of our poor fortune. Really...there are stories, long, sad, depressing stories. But I won't bore you.

Another thing about our family is our unluckiness. I mean really unlucky! In thirty seven years, I can only think of one thing I have ever won. My husband has the same glorious luck and my children are already proclaiming it is hereditary. As a friend of mine said yesterday, I couldn't win a bucket of dirt if I was the only one who entered the contest.

I can't even begin to think of the countless contests I have entered. How many give aways. It is pitiful. And I have never won. NEVER! In fact, I got to a point where I just stopped entering...because what is the point, really? So a couple of weeks ago, I saw a bunch of really good give aways on blogs and thought, "what the hay, I'll enter!" I did. I didn't win. And it got me to thinking about how unlucky I am. And I began to think about writing this post.

But it gets better. Oh, yes it does. Because this weekend at our church was celebration weekend. It was a weekend filled with activities for all ages. A women's event, a men's event, a family day, etc. And the giveaways....oh, the giveaways! It started being publicized months ago with the "grand prize" being a registered lab puppy. I commented then that that was crazy. I would KILL my kids if they came home with a puppy.

And so the weekend began. My son spent the night, Friday night, with the children's minister. Guess who was babysitting the dogs? Yes, I said dogs. It seems they decided to give away TWO puppies. So, B.B. spent all night Friday and all day Saturday playing with the pups. At the children's event Saturday you could register to win one of the puppies. The parents had to sign, however, to give the children permission. I explained to my children that we would NOT be entering the contest. My logic was that I am so unlucky that the only thing I possibly could win would be one of those dogs!

Saturday night, my husband and boys went to the men's event. There were TONS of give aways. A deer stand, hand guns, a game camera, and on and on. As the night progressed, B.B. was drawn and won some walkie talkies. By evening's end, Tigerfan nor F.B. had won anything. And then...they drew for the "grand prize". I'm sure you know where this is going. My husband, the man who doesn't win anything, who is married to the woman who doesn't win anything, was drawn for that puppy. A registered black lab puppy that B.B had spent the night with and had already bonded with. I don't need a puppy. I don't want a puppy. A puppy, incidentally, that was born on Tigercub's birthday. How in the world could any two people be so UNLUCKY. You see, the puppy we didn't sign up to win, was given away at church this morning, this other one caught us by surprise.

And so, we are now the proud owners of a little nameless pup as we try to figure out if we keep it or not. Half of the church and people from other churches have kindly offered to take it off our hands, but the boys...they are smitten! They now have big dreams of learning to train the dog to be a hunting dog and then hiring themselves out to train other people's dogs. A part of me wants to give them a chance and a part of me wants to run crying to a psychiatric hospital!

Anyway, all this unluckiness has made me decide to do a fun little challenge! I am going to see just how many blog contests and giveaways I can enter without ever winning anything! I am going to attempt to keep track and keep ya'll posted. Not because this is good blogging...but because that is the state of mind I am in right now! What else does the unluckiest person alive do to bide the time between not being drawn in give aways. I will do my best to give myself as many chances as possible! So, the first giveaway I discovered was here. She participated this week in Coffee Talk and encouraged us to enter. So, I did. AND you get extra points for blogging about it. So feel free to head over and win. The prize is a super cute "Game Day Platter" that features your favorite school's team. She was lamenting the lack of participants. I figure few entries, plus me as one of them gives you a pretty good job of winning! So head over there and enter, you have nothing to lose and I GUARANTEE you will not win a dog. However, stick around here, we may have a REALLY CUTE giveaway sometime in the very near future!


Aimee said...

Oh. my. word! How in the world did you manage to win a black lab puppy? How impossibly cute is it?
I don't want a dog, but I would have a HARD time saying no if the kids won one and brought it home. I am weak :)

Let's see some pics of the pup!

Anonymous said...

Of all the luck...let us know how the outcome.

Ashley said...

Maybe today will be your lucky day! Wouldn't that be fun - a new dog and a new serving platter all in one weekend! :-D

Ashley said...

You WON!!! Send me an email with your shipping address so I can have CSN ship the LSU serving platter to you!! :-D
ashleypichea at gmail dot com

Sheri said...

Never read a post like this before-LOL. Well, not sure if luck has anything to do with it but uh, a puppy can be a curse if you are not dedicated to wanting it/training it-so I guess some prayers and serious thought needs to go into that. And we know dogs here-hubby has been working with em for 24 some years. :0) Did ya see my post about "Chewy" coming to visit us? Yes, that wore me out in less than 4 hours. LOL

Lea said...

Oh,oh, all I can say! At least when we got Rosco and Rhett that were past the puppy stage. I am quite sure I could not have survived it. :o) Blessings to you dear!

Kim said...

I am still laughing after reading this post. I too am one unlucky gal and have entered to win many things in my lifetime and have won none of them. And then to win a puppy of all things!! :D
I will be praying for your sanity, as a trip to the psychiatric hospital sounds just about right.
Sending puppy kisses your way!

The McClain's said...

Thanks for stopping by our family's blog...enjoy having a puppy! We recently got two dogs- a puppy and a full grown Lab, both were abandoned, and we LOVE them :) They have the best thing for our family and so I pray the same for you and your family :)

Have a blessed day!

Cathy said...

Oh that is so funny! I'm wiping away the tears! I feel you on this one. Of course you won the dog don't be ridiculous! I suppose before too long you will be replacing your family picture...I mean the new family member will need to be included. :)

I can't wait to hear about all the contests you enter. I did some of that at one point just because I too thought what the hay...It takes a lot of time and I got tired. I never could get the extra points for blogging about it either. :(

Hoping you win lots!

Anonymous said...
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