Friday, March 5, 2010

Coffee Talk 3.5.10

Good Morning,
I hope everyone is doing well today! We have yet another super busy weekend. I am hoping to actually make it around to everyone this weekend. I have not done too well the past couple of weekends.
I really thought this week was going to settle down a bit, now that we are finished with basketball but it hasn't seemed to end up that way! Wednesday was Baseball Boy's birthday. Tigerfan always takes off on the children's birthdays and we try to celebrate most of the day. We took him to his favorite Chinese buffet...where he ate french fries, onion rings and the meat for sweet and sour chicken (in other words, chicken nuggets). If we had known he wanted a Happy Meal, we could have saved A LOT of money by going to McDonalds! He really got a bit shafted on his B-day because it was on Wed. By 4:00, all the festivities had to stop so our long night of church activities could begin. However, he got a new air soft gun with $ from his grandparents so he was happy. And I was happy because he got the gun in lieux of the hamster he had been threatening to get since Sunday! NO MORE PETS around here!
Today, we are off to see "The Music Man" put on by one of the local schools so I really must go soon. Then we have guitar and tonight, I have a Women's Event at church. It is "Celebration Weekend" so tomorrow, we have kids day at church followed by a men's event tomorrow night, a special service Sunday Morning and then a "Youth Extravaganza" Sunday night. BUT if we get through all of that, next week is SPRING BREAK!!! It is much earlier than everyone else's and in a couple of weeks, I'll wish we were out with friends but this week, I am super excited!
As for small things, I started off with a bang! I was DETERMINED to do them all this month. I have a snappy dresser, I was nice and positive with my family, and then I just plumb forgot to clean out under my sink. That was an easy one, too, cause we did it last year and I have kept it pretty neat. All I had to do was straighten a couple of vases and throw a few sacks away and I would have had it done and I FORGOT! Of course, I also went to change Tigercub's diaper the other day and forgot the diaper, so I am not entirely sure why I am so surprised, but that is beside the point.
I hope all of you have had a good week. My heart goes out to several friends who have had difficult weeks. I have two friends that have lost a parent this week and several more that are having health issues. It makes me very grateful for my healthy family and appreciative of what I whining today!!! Hope to visit with many of you at some point this weekend!
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JadeLD said...

Another busy week for you, no wonder you were forgetting things. It's been busy round here but we have a weekend away for a wedding so hopefully we will get a chance to relax a little too.

That is so lovely that Tigerfan takes off on the children's birthdays, what great memories they'll have of celbrating that is such a loveley idea.

I am sorry to hear about your friend having difficult weeks. I'm glad you are being grateful, sometimes it's so easy to forget what we have.

Have a great weekend,

Lea said...

My goodness, I'm tired just reading about all that you have done and are going to do. You young women have such energy!!

And, just in case I haven't told you, I think that your children are so blessed to have you and Tigerfan as parents!

Blessings galore and Happy Spring (almost)!

Cathy said...

Happy Friday friend! I feel so at home at your blog. I can so relate to your busy-ness. Crazy season we're in!

I love the way you all celebrate birthdays, what fun! I always cook a birthday meal of the said birthday child's choice. I get out the china and the whole nine yards. (Especially easy these days as I now have a dishwasher with a china setting!) Of course the one year that child 3 wanted hot-dogs sort of ruined the whole china thing :-/ I suppose you can treat a hot-dog with elegance too huh?

So sorry to hear about your friend's losses and health issues. It is hard to watch the ones we care about go through difficult times!

I hope you have a wonderful time tonight at your woman's event. Sounds great! Enjoy your meal!

triitagain said...

You are doing better with small things than me. I read it every day, but then don't have time to do it. We are also out this week for Spring Break so maybe I can make some progress.


Kimberly said...

I bought tickets just this week for a play put on by my favorite high school. I will be taking my four year old to see "Oklahoma!" soon. It'll be our first date. :)

MrsJenB said...

I laughed when you described the birthday meal at the buffet - I used to do the same thing to my parents!

Good luck with all you have to do this weekend!

Anonymous said...

To keep it simple for you, you can just repost a "This week was busy." entry every Friday. =p LOL at the "Chinese" food that they had at the buffet. For better Chinese food, come over to this coast. =) Sorry to hear about difficult times for your friends. We are definitely reminded at these times to count our blessings, and not take anything for granted. I'm hoping just to make it around to at least half to the girls this week because we're expecting company tomorrow, and for some reason, none of closets seem to have that self-cleaning mode. said...

good job on the small things. Don't feel bad, I forgot to clean under my sink too. And mine really really needed it

carikaufm said...

Celebration weekend sounds hectic, but so much fun...remember to enjoy it! I love the McD's Comment, I was thinking the same thing..."wow, sounds like a happy meal.." Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to get some rest!

Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

Wow - you are busy! My youngest (twins) had birthdays this week, too, so I understand how that can add to a week.

Enjoy your weekend...and spring break, too!

secondofwett said...

My do you keep up the pace! I will admit that when my daughter's hamster died not long after she (the daughter) came to live with us..well, I wasn't real upset! Pretty awful aren't I...but I will admit to enjoying my dogs....I just don't know how you do all the things that you!!!

Sharon said...

Enjoy all your activities with family and friends. Just think how much more you'll look forward to spring break. Hopefully things will slow down a bit for you then and you can have some time to relax.

mholgate said...

What a great post! :) This weekend got away from me and there is no way I'm getting around to everyone for coffee, so I'm just trying to get back to those who stopped by to visit.

I am keeping up with the book so far. I just finished chapter 7 last night. Insecurity sure has made a fool of me at times too. I could tell some whopper stories! When we were first married, I was so worried that I would make a wrong choice and upset my husband that I wouldn't even order pizza without asking him what toppings he wanted first...and not in a "what do you feel like tonight, honey" way either. It was bad. I've come a long way since then. :)

I'm hoping to go through the book with some of the women in my church when we're done discussing it on the blog. I've been answering all the questions in my personal journal so I can use them for discussion later.

Hey, have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Didn't know you had a blog. Just found it via facebook. Oh, the words, "no more pets around here" just came back to bite you, huh????!!!!

Hope JH made your trip worth it. He usually eats ANYTHING off that buffet.

Thanks for sharing the bday with him.

Mary Kaye

Aiming4Simple said...

Thanks so much for stopping to visit. I can relate to your no-pet sentiment. We might get a dog in a few years, at my husband's impetus. But right now I don't think I can handle any more chaos. =)

I'm glad to hear that you're off to such a great start with the small things this month! I hope you can keep that momentum going and enjoy the start of spring.

bashtree said...

But where are the pictures of the pupppy?? :)