Monday, March 15, 2010

Daybook 3.15.10

FOR TODAY 3.15.10

Outside my window...It is dark and has been overcast all day. I am ready for some sunshine!!!

I am thinking... about how I need to stop THINKING about running and losing weight and actually do it! I guess I shouldn't have just eaten that Snickers bar Tigerfan brought me!

I am thankful for...Spring Break, if only it could have lasted a little longer!

From the learning rooms...Getting back to our normal routine, but I a NOT happy about it! This week will be a little off, next week we should be back into full swing. How many weeks till summer?

From the kitchen...Lemon pepper chicken, green peas, Caesar salad and garlic bread. Tomorrow???

I am wearing... Red warm up pants and a turtle neck. They are FILTHY from being jumped on by every dog in the neighborhood...we need a fence!

I am creating...absolutely nothing...not one thing!

I am tutorial tomorrow, ugh! Did I say I wasn't ready to get back into the swing of things?

I am reading... My Bible and Beth Moore's "So Long Insecurity"

I am maintain self control this week. That is what we are studying in Bible and I realize it is one of my weaker points. I am not sure whether it is the puppy or the two year old that pushes me over the line more frequently. However, the third time Tigercub decided to dump and entire box of packing peanuts out in the kitchen floor today pretty much brought me to the limit! He is still living so I guess I maintained a LITTLE control! :)

I am hearing... Good Eats on the Food Network and Tigerfan working in the next room.

Around the house... Most of the laundry is done and the downstairs vacuumed. Actually, we even got the bathrooms cleaned and a plant potted, so I guess it has been a pretty productive day!

One of my favorite things...Watching Tigercub dance. His new favorite thing to watch is the Chimney Sweep scene from Mary Poppins. Then he dances like that "guy". His cuteness saves him!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Pretty busy! Tutorial and dance tomorrow. Wednesday, F.B. will serve as a ball boy for the opening games of the women's NAIA tournament and we have church, choir, handbells, etc. Thursday we have Tutorial and will go out of town for the weekend. Somewhere in there we need to get the oil changed in my vehicle and get the boys' haircut and do school, hmmmm.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Tigercub feels the need to get into costume before dancing!

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Patty said...

It is overcast here also. I do think there is sunshine in the forecast for later this week. Our Spring Break started yesterday. Too bad it is only one week!

Have a blessed week.

amber waves of grain said...

Sounds like Tigercub is putting your Bible study lessons to real life lessons! Hoping that your week back to school is going well.

Lea said...

Oh, those packing peanuts are the hardest things in the world to clean up and kids love them. Someone told me one time to spray them with Static Cling and it would make them manageable and it does work. So remember that for the next time. :o) Blessings galore to you and your sweet family!

Anonymous said...

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