Monday, March 22, 2010

Daybook 3.23.10


Outside my window...Dark and cold. I think someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that Spring began on Saturday. We even drove in a little snow in Louisiana this weekend. That just isn't right.

I am much I enjoyed the weekend. We were out on a camp with pretty much no cell service or Internet access. VERY relaxing!

I am thankful for... My mother in law. She really goes the extra mile to help out with the kids and it isn't easy. Especially when you factor Tigercub into the equation. God bless that woman...she has some serious jewels awaiting her crown!

From the learning rooms...Just trying to get through. I must confess that Spring Fever has hit, not the children but ME. I really need to get motivated!

From the kitchen... tacos tonight, some kind of chicken tomorrow night...again, just trying to get through right now.

I am jeans and a turtle neck...a TURTLE NECK, in March. There is just something so wrong about that!

I am creating...a to do list in my mind...I really should probably transfer it to actual paper. Just found out I am going on a little trip in May for the tutorial...I have a lot to do before then!

I am go to bed in just a few minutes. How can a relaxing weekend wear you out so much?

I am reading... My bible and Beth Moore's So Long Insecurity. Read two Sisterchick books this weekend. They were really cute. Just light, easy reading. Very enjoyable and I totally want to take a sisterchick trip to Venice now. Anyone want to join me?

I am hoping...To get more organized and get a "chore" system set up. F.B. needs a little direction and motivation to be more "responsible". Also hoping to order and read "Do Hard Things" with him.

I am hearing...The sound of Forensic Files on T.V. Tigerfan worries about my fascination with true crime stories. I am NOT trying to plan the perfect murder, I just find the stories extremely interesting...really!

Around the house... Oh, do not even ask! New puppy, weekend away and dentist appointment today...the house is really just embarrassing!

One of my favorite things... Weekends with no technology and good books, aaaaaah!

A few plans for the rest of the week: tutorial, dance, church, guitar, Rock School Thursday night and the weekend is just ridiculous!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
Tigercub at the camp. I told him it was time to go in and he ran here...I guess this was his idea of camouflage! Can you find the baby?

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Dawn @ P.S.He loves you.. said...

hey there stranger..glad to know your still kicking ;)

Would love to join/go to buying???

Ya I know ..

happy sunshine..I would say spring but like you said!

Patty said...

Crazy weather for sure! We had warm sunny weather on Saturday, then rain, snow, and sunshine on Sunday. Like I said crazy weather.

Venice ~ is there time?

Sweet, sweet picture. Have a great day.

Lea said...

Oh, were you in my neck of the woods this week-end? If so, sorry to have missed you. But, sounds like you had a great week-end! And, yes, I'm for going to Venice, just tell me when. :o) Have a great week and I hope everything will just fall into place very smoothly. Love ya!

Donna said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's always a pleasure to meet new ladies...and it sounds like you stay very busy!

I enjoyed your daybook. Hope your week goes well!