Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook 1.18.10

FOR TODAY January 18, 2010...

Outside my window...It is dark and quiet. I am typing this Sunday night to try to give us a smoother Monday morning...we shall see!

I am thinking...about a new diet plan. I know I need to lose weight and just establish healthier habits. I think I may search for the weight loss Wednesday girls...I need some accountability. I even considered a vegan diet for about 5 minutes this weekend, now THAT is desperate!

I am thankful for...A wonderful weekend with my family. Basketball games with the kids, a date with my hubby and a wonderful day of worship. We are SO blessed in this country!

From the learning rooms...Science Fair, Science Fair and we will probably do a little Science Fair. In between, hopefully a few of the three R's will work there way into the schedule!

From the kitchen...Monday-Whole wheat pasta with turkey sausage and broccoli

Tuesday-Pulled Pork with left over pork chops

The rest of the week has yet to be planned...probably a LOT of salad!

I am wearing...Pajamas--hoping to go to bed soon

I am creating...A plan. I have convinced my 9 year old to train for a 5K with me...couldn't get the 12 year old to commit!

I am work on Science Fair! I am a little obsessed this week!

I am reading...nothing...Science Fair is in two weeks, I do not have time for books, well, except for the Bible and my daily reading, I am doing that...studying the Sermon on the Mount.

I am hoping...Yes, for a smooth Science Fair. Sorry, it is all consuming. But seriously, FB has worked his little tail off for the past three years and has never even placed...deep down (even though we have had yet another less than successful project) I have a little hope for him to place in the top three.

I am hearing...Silence, everyone else is asleep...I hope to be soon!

Around the house...I don't even want to talk about it! Let's just say that if Fly Lady could fly over here it would be much appreciated!

One of my favorite things...going to bed least I THINK it is one of my favorite things. I am sure I enjoyed it at one time and often have plans to try it again. I really think it would be wonderful, that is what they tell me, anyway!

A few plans for the rest of the week:Do you really need to ask?

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Last year's Science Fair project...see the smile, that is because it was the beginning! By the end, the beaker was broken, the weather vane had fallen several times and was bent and FB was SICK of checking the weather!!!

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Samantha said...

5 minutes is about as long as I've given a vegan diet consideration too. Best of luck with your search for a diet that works for you!

Felicity said...

I hope your Science Fair goes well, it sounds like a lot of fun! I'm trying to diet as well, and I keep thinking that just cutting out meat would help a lot, but I know the family would never agree! ;-)) Have a great week,

Patty said...

I hope you can get everything wrapped up with the science fair and have a lot of fun doing it. Yes, the age old diet. I am working on getting back into an exercise routine also. How I need to be more discipline in this area.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Very cute picture! Hope the Science Fair goes well.


Jhona O. said...

LOL!! I think we must ALL consider a vegan diet for about five minutes. I do hope the Science Fair goes well for all involved and there are still huge smiles at the end:)

A Gracious Home said...

You have a beautiful blog. I love the picture of your son. I'm also trying to eat healthy. I hope you have a great week. Doylene

Lea said...

Oh,Science Fair, Science Fair! Have a good week and and good luck with both the project and your diet!

Kim said...

I know how you feel about the diet. I am wanting to try a no sugar diet and keep saying that I'll start tomorrow!
You'll have to make a post about the science fair. I'm a little aprehensive about the years ahead when we will also be joining the science fairs. Fun and all consuming!

SusanC said...

We do Science Olympiad here and they're just starting the process. Last year, DD was the only girl on the team! I think she roped some of her friends in this year, though. Have fun at the fair!

Lauri said...

Your pasta dish sounds yummy. Can't do vegan either. I lasted about 1 week. :)
Hope you got some sleep last night.

secondofwett said...

Thank you for your encouragement....I'm annoyed with myself though because I must have hit the other button when I meant to push 'publish' and before my eyes your lovely encouragement was gone! I'm so computer illiterate that I don't know how or if i can retrieve it...but thank you for your prayers.

Arlene said...

Best to your son on his Science Fair project. My son finished his before Christmas break. He got a B, which was better than I expected!

Have a blessed week.

LISA said...

Science Fair ~ my worst school memories. As a parent I do think they are a worthy venture and I enjoy them, but I don't think children ever will.
I hope you find a Wednesday group you can be accountable with and enjoy ~ weight loss is SO hard.
Have a great week...

Anonymous said...

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