Friday, January 8, 2010

Coffee Talk 1.8.10

Good Morning, ladies. I hope all finds you well this morning! Grab a soda or some chocolate milk and get comfy!

Anyone experiencing the predicted fierce winter conditions that we have been warned about? Schools around here are closed for the second day...but that is about the only evidence of winter storms! It is far colder around here than normal, but other than a light layer of white across the pond...we've got nothing!

Let's see, this week started with me all ready to embrace the new year! I bounded (okay, drug) myself out of bed Monday morning, exercised and ate a nice healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Then I ate a Twix at about 9:00 (after the kids went to know, so I could enjoy it without sharing!). The rest of the week was downhill from there. I wrote about it here if you want to glory in my weakness. On the upside, I have now consumed pretty much every fattening thing in the house, so NOW I can get busy losing weight!

I also did something totally out of the ordinary and volunteered to facilitate a Bible Study for our ladies group on Wed. nights. Out of the ordinary because, despite the fact that I have been meeting with these ladies for YEARS now, I still cannot even bring myself to say one sentence in the class...and I have now volunteered to lead it! Hmmmmmm. I am really excited, though and totally terrified! We are going to do the study "Living Your Life as Beautiful Offering" by Angela Thomas. I have never done any of her Bible Studies but I LOVE her books! I had even thought about opening it up to ladies online to see if they wanted to join us and link up with your thoughts, etc. Sounds fun, right? Only I actually don't have too many regular readers AND the online folks wouldn't be able to do the video portion of the study, so I don't know. The thought is good, though!

In other news, I think the main computer we use has crashed...I am almost going into convulsions just thinking about it! There is power to all its components, but it will not even turn on. We have this lap top, so at least I can still get my Company Girl fix. But we have probably 7 years of pictures on that computer and because we are negligent little photographers only a portion of them are backed up. It makes me sick to even think about it. In fact, I was going to show you some holiday pictures this morning...but that will have to wait. Tigerfan says he thinks they can be recovered even if the computer is dead. Is it wrong to pray he is right? I think I will lose it if we lose all those pictures!

I have been terrible with small things this week, although, I guess you could say I have been creating sanctuary my own way. I have done lots of "to do's " that have been stressing me out and worked a little ahead and done some planning to make things go smoother. I have also made two meals out of my new cookbook, "Cook Yourself Thin". One was REALLY good, a meatless pasta dish that we would totally eat whether we were trying to be good or not. The other was turkey burgers. They were actually okay, but they had no condiments on fact the recipe said to use avocados to replace the salad dressing and because I am a rule follower, I totally did that. But I must say, it wasn't the same. The sandwiches tasted alright, but were really dry and while we (literally) choked them down, it is not a go to meal that I would eat all the time. I think this is the problem I have with "eating right" as much as I would like to say I LOVE healthy food. I don't. I love sugar, I love creamy meals, I love carbs. I do like my green smoothies but there are times that I just don't want to stop and blend everything up and there are times I don't have the ingredients. I really just wish that the healthy foods tasted better, or that I could train myself to like them better, or that you really could lose weight in a healthy way, on a chocolate diet!

Okay, last thing. I have been trying to "rename" my kids online. Their nicknames aren't really appropriate anymore. I am still happy with husband (Tigerfan) and baby (Tigercub) and thought I would stick with that theme since we pretty well bleed purple and gold around here. For my oldest boy, I think I like Techno tiger, cause he is all about the computers and computer animation these days. And for our daughter, I could just go with Tigress (a beautiful mix of tiger and princess) but I have nothing for middle son...any suggestions?

Anyway, I better go teach some kids. Being home an extra day, you would think we had finished most of our schooling...but mommy was distracted so we have lots to get done today! Have a blessed weekend! Can't wait to visit with ya'll! Join all of us in Coffee Talk at Home Sanctuary.


UKZoe said...

My youngest (15) was off school yesterday. Not for the snow but ice. There is a quad that they have to cross to get from one part of the school to the other and apparently yesterday morning some of the previous day's snow had defrosted but refrozen and it was like an ice rink.

I'm guessing they worked on it because school was open today.

Aiming4Simple said...

We've had three snow days in a row here in Nebraska. I finally broke out the new down comforter last night, since the high today will be 0. I can relate to temptation troubles, so my only resolution this year is to be thankful. Grace to you in your pursuit of worthy goals!

carikaufm said...

Yeah we are at -4 for the temp and -15 for the windchill here in Arkansas...schools have been closed here ALL WEEK...EEK...and my husband has had my jeep so we have been STUCK here! Ugh! There is a layer of snow on the ground, but right now it is just too stinking cold to play outside!

YAY! for you for creating your own sanctuary! I'm off to do some Minimum Maintenance! said...

oh no! I hope you can recover those pictures. I would be just sick about it, too.

Anna said...

No snow here! We have 80-90 degrees (or more) everyday (Congo.)
The book sounds interesting. I hope that your bible study will go well.

Spesamor Academy said...

First, I am praying you recover your pictures. We lost some once, and I am still sick about it.
Second, I wish I lived close enough to come to your Bible study! That would be so cool.
Third, we have no snow but we are FREEZING!
And finally, I don't use nicknames on my blog because I started it for family to read and it never occurred to me to use nicknames until it was too late, but if I did, I would use either "real" names similar to their own names or the nicknames that I already call them. I could never remember a random nickname generated just for the Internet! lol Sometimes I have enough trouble remembering their given names! lol

Anonymous said...

I can't do cold weather, so I'm over here in comfy 50 degree weather...well, 63 inside the house, even that is sometimes cold for me.

No need to tell me about the sugar...we're still eating holiday chocolates over here, and going to bake some more cookies today.

That would be great to do an online Bible study together, but the video part would be a bit difficult.

I don't know anything about computers, but I'm pretty sure you can recover you photos somehow. We make sure to backup our stuff on an external harddrive, but even the external has problems sometime, so I told Hubby that we should backup some other way too. =p

I can't think of a nickname...maybe something to do with his hobbies too??

Gotta love Emily's hair! =p I wonder how she looks with it standing straight up. It cracks me up everyday. But it's her signature look.

Have a lovely weekend.

Lea said...

I don't know why you would be hesitant to be before a group. You will do a great job and I'll be praying for you. Glad you finally got all the sweets out of the way. :o) I think the best way to control weight is portion control. I know, that's not always healthy eating, but if we eat less, we will loose weight. I cannot deprive myself of anything food wise because it just makes me want it more. So, I just try to eat moderate amounts of what I want.

I tried to come up with a name and so far, can't come up with anything "cute and cleaver." You'll probably wake up in the middle of the night with an idea. :o)

Happy week-end!

Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

I can totally relate to the "after kids go to bed candy bar"! Sometimes moms just need their chocolate and we don't want to share OR explain why we may be eating chocolate at an odd time. :)

secondofwett said...

I sure hope you get all your pics....I'd sure hate to lose mine and I know I don't have them backed up because I have no earthly idea how to do that! Anyways, wishing you all the best in leading your bible brave you are! I'm sure the Lord will use you in a mighty way!

LydiaCate said...

Yes the just won't go away! My aunt gives us this really nice box of chocolates(two layers)every year for Christmas. I both love and hate to open it up. I couldn't possibly throw them out!!
I have a chocolate or two each evening after all the little peops are tucked in. They taste better then!

So excited for you and this bible study opportunity! You're going to do great! Mostly I can't wait to see how the Lord grows you through this. How exciting! I've not read anything by the author you mentioned...will have to check her out.

I love your family nicknames...including the new ones. I'm no help whatsoever! I've got not one ounce of originality.

Very cold here too with nothing to show for it but some iced over puddles. :( Loving the fires in the fireplace every night though!

Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

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Stephenie said...

I love your blog! I have only been participating in Company Girl Fridays for a few weeks, but I always look forward to your posts.

As for my family's experience this winter, it has been different than anything we have ever done. This year, my husband started a new position at work that requires him to drive a snowplow and work an absolutely crazy schedule. Our kids had a snow day on Monday. It was a nice extension of Christmas Break.

Have a great week! I hope you are able to recover those photos.

Shawna R. B. Atteberry said...

Oh girl I hear you on the carbs and creamy meals! I love them too and am trying to cut back. On turkey burgers you need to make sure you add moisture to meat before you cook them. I normally grate 1/4 of an onion into the meat (1 lb.) with spices, and I'll dice in peppers too. You have to help turkey a lot with keeping moist.

I didn't think the weather that came thru Chicago was that bad at the end of the week. We got snow, but it was up in the 20s, which isn't near as cold as it could have been. Which was a good thing, considering all the errands I had to run.

My friend Charis, does online Lectio Divina study you might want to check out for ideas for an online Bible study.

And I think this comment has gotten way too long. :)