Friday, November 13, 2009

Coffee Talk 11.13.09

Good Morning Ladies! Pull up a chair and grab your coffee (you'll have to bring your own) or a nice mug of hot chocolate which I will gladly provide! I also have some, just from the oven, pumpkin muffins and some nice, soft butter. Mmmmmmmm!

I hope the week has found everyone well! We have had a lovely week around here. We had a little day off from tutorial Tuesday because the Tennessee Baptist Convention was taking place in our church. It was such a wonderful thing for a die hard home body like myself. A whole extra day at home meant much less stress in our school days AND a much cleaner house! I even found a little extra help when Tigercub approached me one day saying something like, "Momma, I-an vshhhhhhhn". I obviously was somewhat confused and after having him repeat himself several times, he grabbed my hand and took me to the closed door of the laundry room. I opened the door and he immediately reached for the dust buster. He was saying, I want the vroom (vacuum) that kid is cute! And vacuum he did--I think we have found an outlet for this little power packed 2 year old bundle of energy!

It was an interesting week with points as well. First, we got rid of a "pesky annoyance". For me, that was the coupons that I had been piling up on my counter...for about a month! I finally got them clipped, filed AND went to the grocery store and saved over $60.00! YIPPEE!

Then there was the Toaster challenge. I must admit that I don't use my toaster really frequently but we do enjoy the occasional bagel or cinnamon toast. I don't even keep it out on the counter. It is just stored away until I need it. It has always been kind of a pet peeve that those little crumbs get EVERYWHERE! And then, Rachel gave us this job...and mentioned about the little hatch at the bottom of the toaster. People, I am embarrassed to tell you, I HAD NO IDEA! What a brilliant person to add that lovely little door to catch the crumbs. I went and checked mine out. And sure enough...the hatch was there and full of years worth of crumbs! I can't tell you how many times I have tipped and shaken that thing over the garbage trying to get out all the crumbs and wondering why on earth it isn't easier to clean this thing! What a revelation! (I totally realize most of you are reading this and shaking your heads at my ditzyness, but I tell you, I had no idea!)

And then, of course, there was the "Have fun with your man" opportunity. Now, let me say that when I told my hubby we had to have fun together, the first thing out of his mouth was, "Well I know ONE way we could have fun!" Ladies, I think we all know what that one way was. However, I was trying to be a little creative and began thinking of ways we could have fun. Monday night, we started exercising together. We are using Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred video (renamed by me as 30 days to a slow, painful death). I thought, that could be fun. It is NOT! It is AWFUL and PAINFUL and we are both walking slowly this week but it is not fun. I know, there are people out there that love to exercise. I am not one of those people. I do it because I have to. BUT I DO NOT LIKE IT!!!! Really, why is it fun to cause intentional pain, work yourself so hard your chest burns and you are gasping for air and then know it is going to be worse the next day...that is not fun, people!

Needless to say, I had to rethink the whole fun thing. Instead, we will be having fun tomorrow (hopefully) Christmas shopping together. We will begin by eating at Mrs. Winner's for breakfast with the kids. Then they will spend the day with Nana and Papaw while we shop till we drop! I have tried to be organized about it...something that does NOT come naturally to me! I have the lists, they are organized, I have coupons and by evening's end, I hope to have a plan. Minimizing the stress and optimizing the fun potential (I hope). Then we will wrap things up with cooking some hamburgers and hot dogs! AND IT WILL BE FUN!

Kind of like game night with the family last night was fun! You know, playing a game as the two year old destroys it, soothing tears of disappointment when 6 year olds don't win and gloating when the 9 year old does. And then the rolling eyes of the 12 year old who has MUCH more important things to read a book. All while Daddy is distracted as he keeps seeing fuzz on the rug and, GASP, it is crooked as well and Mommy is ordering everyone to stop fussing, stop destroying stop whining and just have fun for goodness sake! Yes, family night is a joy!

Anyway, I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! To check out more Coffee talk, go to Home Sanctuary.


JadeLD said...

Good afternoon,
I'll vote for the hot chocolate or a cup of cocoa - yum. I'm also intrigued to try a pumpkin muffin, we don't cook with pumpkin much here and I'm inspired by all the pumpkin recipes I've been seeing in the US this year.

That's great to hear you have some help with the housework and you saved $60 that's excellent!

Your suggestion of exercise as fun made me laugh - that doesn't sound fun at all! I hope you manage to find somethnig less painful for fun soon!

Have a good weekend,

Anonymous said...

Your family night sounds oh so familiar! LOL! I have to remind myself that regardless of the whining, fussing, destroyed feelings, eye-rolling etc...we ARE building memories that will last a lifetime! It's tough also to find activities to make EVERYONE happy when you have the age span like we have.
Oh how I chuckled at your description of coming up with something fun and your mans response. I can imagine company girls every where having their husbands respond just as yours did, and all of us saying, "No,no,no I mean something fun." We really are created so differently! I'm inspired after reading Queen Mommy's blog to work this weekend at thinking of having fun from my mans perspective!
I hope you have a productive shopping trip! You are so together! I can't wait to hear about all your great finds. Have a great day!
Thanks for the pumpkin muffin! I've had a hankering for pumpkin lately!

CaptainConundrum said...

Hahahahahahaha!!! Reading about your family night "fun" reminds me of home! And my hubby would be inclined to agree with you about exercise. Usually I feel that way only before I go work out. Afterward I usually feel pretty goo. Got the endorphins flowing. :)
Hope your "fun" seeking delivers results!

Docmommy said...

LOL at the gaming profiles of your kids! Mine are 7 and 3 and when the 7yo playys the Wii, we give the 3yo a controller with no batteries so that he thinks he is playing! Hey, it keeps the peace! LOL!

Kim said...

What a great "fun" day you have planned for tomorrow. I hope all goes well and you find everything on your list! said...

first of all, I totally know what you mean about the coupons. It is a PAIN to clip them but once you do and get out there, it feels GREAT to use them.

Second, I hate to say I was kind of cracking up over the image of you shaking the toaster over the garbage and wishing for an easier way. Glad you finally found your short-cut ;) haha.

Debbie said...

I'm up for hot chocolate and some of my decaf - mmmmm mocha.

You go girl with the coupons! SO awesome! I'm getting better with coupons but it does take practice and keeping up with them.

Oh your exercise as fun - are you kidding? With JILLIAN? I would totally want her as a coach on biggest loser cuz I know she would KICK. MY. REAR. Wow - that was really brave to try. My hubby & I like to play card games together when our girls go to bed - we enjoy that a lot. Good times. =)

Have a great day, Company Girl!

Jamie said...

Thanks for visiting my site! Your family sounds like fun...I only have two--now teens--and I still try to have family nights--or at least, activities. Even though sometimes torturous to Mom and Dad, I say to stick with it. You're making memories, and SOMEday, you'll all be able to laugh at those times. (If you're lucky, you already do!)

Anonymous said...

"Momma, I-an vshhhhhhhn" - very precious!

$60!! You are good.

We've always had a toaster oven, so I did not know about the little hatch at the bottom of the pop up ones.

It's been awhile since I had real exercise, but I thing I don't like is the sweating.

Sorry to hear that game night didn't go so well. Hope there will be some other fun things that you all can do together.

Aiming4Simple said...

Congratulations on your big savings. I love to do that. I hope you have lots of fun this weekend. It's a very worthy goal!

Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

You have had a full week! I completely understand about some of those Family Nights. Seems we all go through season where things just don't seem to "click" like we want them to. Don't give up!

Congrats on the $60 savings!

Jean Stockdale said...

Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I had a wonderful time with the ladies in Ala. They had about 25 tables decorated and each one was fabulous. The ladies were so created.

I just loved how they used the Scripture to be the "centerpiece of each centerpiece." What a great way to keep Christ the focus of every celebration.

I am adding a picture that I should have included. The ladies that did the clock centerpiece used old stretch wristband watches as napkin rings! Too cute. Check back and see it. And didn't you love the footprints in the sand? How clever. Anyways, thanks for stopping by. Hope the pictures will spark some creativity for you! Blessings.

Lea said...

Your blogs are always such fun to read. Of course, I'm "patting you on the back" because you are starting on your Christmas shopping early. Yea, for you! Hope it was a great day and you and Chris got much accomplished. I can't wait to hear about it. :o)

mholgate said...

Good morning! It's Saturday and I have coffee and box of kleenex close at hand. :) Thanks for visiting yesterday. I have a friend who posted her Priscilla Shirer notes on facebook from the conference if you are interested.

I've heard of the Jillian video, and that definitely does NOT sound like fun! Actually, I have friends that go to the gym together and play raquetball, and that is their idea of fun together as a couple. My husband and I, however, prefer to watch a good movie, play a game, or just sit around and relax. I gave him a candlelight massage to relieve some of the stress he's been feeling lately.

I hope you enjoy your day of Christmas shopping with your man!


secondofwett said...

I too, have started my Christmas many to get for sends me to the stores early to try to avoid the crowds! We haven't been able to do 'family' night for some time but I hope you keep it up, it is a precious time.

Rachel Anne said...

I personally would have picked your husband's idea of fun over the exercise, but then I just can't get myself to think of exercise as "fun!" I have to throw in a few things every now and then so the husbands will be on board with the small things. :)

I'm so impressed that you are already getting Christmas shopping done! Wow, I haven't even made a list yet.

Have a great weekend!