Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Have Failed

I admit it. I am ashamed.

You see, we had house guests yesterday. I had a ball getting reacquainted with a friend from the past. Someone I hadn't seen in at least 12 years.

I met his wife. Dancer had a ball with his FOUR, yes four, girls.

The boys offered up great entertainment as punching bags.

We ate supper, reminisced, laughed.

We toured the Motor Home they have been traveling the country in.


Bloggers everywhere are hanging their heads. What kind of blogger doesn't take pictures of that? I am kicking myself!

But we did have a great time, you will just have to picture it for yourself! As we put the children in bed, Baseball boy informed me that he knew what he was asking for for Christmas... a motor home! Santa better get a better job!


Aimee said...

lol! That's why I never take post any recipes on my blog -- I make something delicious, and then I realize I have one picture of a dirty bowl to show for it. I am hopeless about pictures! :)

Anonymous said...

traveling around in a motor home is something i've always found fascinating! and the fact that you didn't take a picture, i say...oh well and maybe there will be a next time!

Growin' with it! said...

i have RUINED many a precious moment w/ my family for "telling them" *not asking* to stop and pose. it's a hard balance when you want to capture every moment like that. so GOOD for you for enjoying your friends to the fullest. i'm sure it meant a lot to them!

Lea said...

So glad ya'll had such a good visit and we'll forgive you for the lack of pictures, just this one time. :)