Friday, October 16, 2009

Coffee Talk 10/16/09

Good Morning, my sweet friends. I hope this morning finds you doing well. As soon as I type this post, I will be running upstairs to grab a HOT shower before my kiddos wake up, so I am doing fabulously well!

Unfortunately, I don't have a lot to offer you this morning. Chocolate milk or a soda is about it...and how about a store bought chocolate chip cookie (oh, the shame)! Come back next week and I will try to do better!

It has been quite a week around the Tigerden. If you visited last week, you will know that our hot water heater went a very wet way. After doing a lot of research, we decided to go with a tankless heater. A little bit more expensive (okay, a lot more expensive) but there is a tax credit AND, if it were to go water damage. And I think that in the past six months, we have established that anything we can do around here to prevent water damage is a must do!

We bought the heater Monday, but we couldn't get it installed until Wednesday. That meant one entire week with no hot water....UGH! I will say that it was a humbling experience because as the week went on and I got more and more whiny, I began to realize that millions of people in the world today have NEVER taken a hot bath or washed their clothes in hot water...or had a dishwasher to wash their dishes for them. What, to me was a huge inconvenience is, to them, a lifestyle. I didn't stop whining...but I was humbled! :)

We also decided to switch gas sources this week. We have always had our own propane tank, so when it is empty, we have to pay to have it filled in bulk. It has been teetering on emptiness for a few months now, so we decided to go with a utility company and have them meter our gas. That way, the maintenance and liability is with them and we pay for only what we use. So, Wednesday, after days of rain, was the big water heater, new gas tank, big backhoe rolling through a drenched yard...lovely! However, I will not complain, because Wednesday night I got the first hot shower in my own home in a week. I also did lots of laundry and ran the dishwasher...all at the SAME TIME...cause you can do that with a tankless! WOO HOO!

But, the highlight of the week was not a hot shower or clean clothes or dishes that washed themselves. The highlight came Wednesday night as I was kissing Dancer goodnight and she said, "Momma, before you pray, I want to pray first. Do you know why I want to pray? Because I want to ask Jesus into my heart." Oh, my...tearing up, even now! The most precious, beautiful words a parent can ever hear. So Wednesday night, after a horrible week that I haven't even scratched the surface of describing here, Tigerfan and I got to pray with our daughter and welcome her into the kingdom of Christ! It has been the BEST WEEK EVER!!!

And now, to make an already long post even longer, I am doing a really great Bible Study right now. It is called Ever Loving Truth by Voddie Bauchum. It is probably one of the most convicting, challenging, motivating Bible studies I have ever done. It has really challenged me to boldly stand up for my faith. So, in today's lesson, we talked about the supremacy of Christ and how He differs from other prophets and religious teachers. The last assignment was to answer this question, "How would you respond if an unsaved person asked you, 'How can you say that Jesus is superior to other prophets and teachers?'"

I answered like this (very, unprofound, by the deep thinkers around here): "Jesus was in the beginning, he created all things. Unlike other prophets, He lived a perfect life, died sacrificially for us AND rose again. You can visit the graves of other prophets and teachers but not Jesus, because He is not there. Only He conquered death, only He has the power to cleanse us from sin."

Part two of the challenge was to discuss with others how they would answer the question. So, how would you answer? I would really love to know.

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She's So There said...

Oh the delight of a hot bath after a few days away! I am so with you there! Yay for the joy of Dancer's words! The muffins and croissants were sent home from the studio yesterday, or I'd be right there with you with less than your storebought in the house! :) Have a fabulous weekend!

secondofwett said...

Thank you so much for your encouraging visit to my blog....I will admit to getting discouraged from time to time.....I am grateful for the prayers on our behalf.

Anonymous said...

So happy for your having hot water again! WOOHOO! I know you're glad to have all that behind you!
I rejoice with you over Dancer's decision! Awesome! There absolutely is no greater joy is there?
Thank you for the cookie and milk(chocolate at that) and especially for the visit!

CindyC said...

Oh, glory to God! I'm so excited with you over your daughter! I can't wait till mine is old enough to choose Christ as well. From what I can tell of her personality and temperament ("I want it now!"), she will need Him. :) As we all do.

I'm quite happy with you over your return to having running, hot water again. Definitely something to rejoice over as well.

In response to your question about the uniqueness of Jesus, I have been half way through the book "Jesus Among Other Gods" by Ravi Zacharias for a few months. It discusses that exact question.
I'd say that Jesus is the only prophet or teacher who offers forgiveness of sin - not just appeasement or the appropriate rules to live a "sinless" life, but the way to be forgiven.
Not only that, He's the only one who both said He would be killed and raised from the day, AND did it!

Have a good weekend, and continue to be a blessing!

CindyC said...

*edit: raised from the dead, not the day. That's the sleep deprivation talking.

Sulwyn said...

Isn't it wonderful to return to the comforts that we are accustomed to having in our homes! I've often talked about wanting to simplify and be more self-sufficient in terms of the household, but I'll keep my hot water heater, thanks!

Spesamor Academy said...

That is awesome! It is the most incredible experience when your kids come to God. :)
The hot water is cool, too. ;)

carikaufm said...

Oh Star! I had to get up and get tissues! I am joyfully celebrating my new sister in Christ! How wonderful are those precious moments? YAYAYAYAY! All that AND hot water? You are so blessed!

As for your question: my answer is always a longish one because I have first hand experience with many of the other prophets (I am a baby Christian-just eight years old this Sept;) For me though, the difference is a LIVING God. All the other prophets are dead. The other religions are dead and lifeless. Jesus is the only living prophet. This is the short answer, i could go on for hours!
(I also like CindyC's response and I think that you are very deep and profound!:)

Tammy said...

What a sweet blessing to have your girl become a Christ follower. I long for the day when my baby makes that decision!
I'm glad your water saga is finally coming to an end. (I hope!)
As for my answer about Jesus' uniqueness, the first thought that came to my mind was that He is the WAY, the truth and the life. I'm not so sure this would "convince" an unbeliever, but I'm thankful we have the Holy Spirit to do the convincing.

Anonymous said...

YAY for the hot water! I'm sure it's quite humbling to think of other's worldwide that have no hot water and yet we complain here if our water is cold. Hope you are enjoying some warm showers!

I got goosebumps reading about your daughter and asking Christ to be in her heart! How precious and sweet is that?!?!? Remember that day for always...that is so special!!!

Erin said...

Oh my, you posted this before 5 this morning.

Woohoo! Angels are dancing in Heaven. Congratulations Dancer.

Enjoy your hot water, yes a week without hot water can be trying.

dawn said...

Just want to join with you in rejoicing over Dancer's decision! Awesome!

Melinda said...

Great question! Wow.
I would say that Jesus is real and active. He is alive! And His Word continues to be as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago. And though it was written to all mankind, the Holy Spirit delivers it to each of us personally to meet our unique needs, hurts and flaws. He is a uniquely personal God.

Congrats on your daughter accepting Christ! That is such an amazing thing. My son was just baptized a couple of months ago and that was pretty special too.

Found your blog from Dawn's blog (the Good Life). Love it. I'll be back! ;0)

Jean Stockdale said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Keeping God's Word around my home helps me to keep my mind "set on the things above and not on the things of the world " (Col. 3:1-3).

I rejoice with your daughter' decision. This is what we Christian parents live for isn't it? John wrote, "I have no greater joy than to know my children walk in truth." Praise God of her decision. Blessings.

The First Lady said...

Oh what a blessing that your daughter has asked the savior to come into her heart. I'm SO excited for you and the family.
I can't wait until my boys make that decision. Our prayer song is "Come into My Heart Lord Jesus"

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your encouraging words. I know that homeschooling is no easy task. I plan to do so only for their pre-K years. My oldest will begin school this spring.

mholgate said...

That is such wonderful news about Dancer! Thank you for sharing. It's moments like those among a lot of hectic, sometimes exasperating ones that make this life all worth while! :)

Have a great upcoming week.

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful news!! About your daughter asking Jesus into her heart and the tankless heater as well. I've never heard of a tankless heater. Does the water come out hot faster, or the same? I'm glad everything worked out. Hope you have a blessed week. Praise God for doing His work in Dancer's life.