Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Yep, Still Ticking

I'm not sure anyone has noticed, but I seem to have lost my blogging mojo. I just cannot seem to get things together enough anymore to post or even read many blogs. It makes me sad, because I used to love it so much and it was a great way to connect with distant family and friends. I have considered just shutting it down but I can't get to that point yet. I really WANT to continue here. I like the idea of journaling for future years and I used to just like sharing stories, etc. I might forget. I enjoyed the friendships I made with other bloggers and I loved the occasional ego boosts when someone would complement a post. Unfortunately, when I do sit here to type a post...I am empty. No more of those witty posts that left all of you in bloggy land wanting more (okay THAT was funny), no more funny stories about the kids, although I'm sure they still do them...I just don't remember. So, I am in somewhat of a funk. Not ready to give up entirely, but having no inspiration either. I have the time today...no excuses. We are on Spring Break but have been stuck at home waiting on a repair man. We have now been stuck here for two days. We are also pretty well stuck in the house even though the weather is BEAUTIFUL!!! because Tigercub is suffering from horrible seasonal allergies and despite daily Zyrtec and eyedrops, every time he goes outside, he comes in with his eyes swollen almost completely shut! Yes, I am whining, bear with me. I feel the freedom today because the likelihood of anyone actually reading this is almost nothing so I'm venting. At the moment, the 3 little ones are playing with play-doh at the kitchen table...which, incidentally, totally puts me in the running for mother of the year because I HATE PLAY-DOH. Yes, I just said that. I know how good it is, blah, blah, blah. The reality is it is messy, takes forever to clean up and, while I actually have pretty much no OCD in me whatsoever, I HATE it when the colors get mixed up. When we moved into this house from our last one...all of the play-doh may or may not have disappeared mysteriously never to be seen again. However, a few years and a few holidays and birthdays later...we have a large stash and it is a good sanity reviver...except that after the first five minutes the fighting begins...but if you can just block out the screams and ignore the thumps, scrapes, and tattling..it provides at least 30 minutes of entertainment value which is precious right now. It is also telling of our television habits, which may need some revamping because in the past 15 minutes, they have used play-doh to do "Cupcake Wars", "Project Runway" and are now trying to find a form so they can do "Face-off"! Clearly, we watch WAY too much reality TV around here! Tonight will consist of trimming bushes and scrounging for supper. Supper will consist of a blood bath as the family will be given the choice between two teriyaki chicken breasts, a plain chicken breast or a piece of grilled tilapia. These are the ONLY meats in the entire house and since I have not been able to escape for the grocery store, it should be our own little version of the Hunger Games as they fight for their chosen entree. Hopefully, it will not be to the death! Well, I'm off to judge some Face off. Unfortunately, no forms were found, so they are just doing each other's faces. Play-doh is non toxic...right?


Katharine said...

LOL! I am SO with you on playdough, and for all those reasons!It was a blissful day when our kids outgrew it! So good to see you here...Hope your week is

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

You are hysterical! You really should stay with the blogging, you do such a good job with your writing and just think, shortly, you'll have even more fun to share with us. :o) I hope the repair man made it and that you and the brood are off to enjoy your Spring Break. Hugs!