Friday, April 6, 2012

Coffee Talk 4.6.12

Good Morning!  Just dropping by for a quick visit.  I haven't been around in awhile and look forward to checking in on everyone today.

I clearly have had trouble getting my ducks in a row lately and just cannot seem to find the time or motivation for blogging.  No reason, really, just life.

Nothing too exciting going on around here.  School is just about 8 weeks from being complete (at Tutorial anyway...we will have to do some finishing up of subjects at home), we have our biometerics appointment scheduled for the adoption of April 23 AND we will soon have a student driver at our house (yikes).

FB was hoping to go today to get his permit.  He has been studying the book and taking practice tests like crazy.  We gathered the MOUNTAIN of paperwork to take with us and I even planned to take a low school day in celebration.  Then, in a moment of sanity, I told him to check the DOT website to make sure they did testing on Fridays.  They do...just not on GOOD FRIDAY!  Shoot, he took it like a champ, although I know he was super disappointed.  To be honest, so was I.  I have been dreading this moment for a year, but now that I have finally embraced it, I was really excited for him.  Now, we will have to wait until sometime next week, bummer!

In other news, I must confess that we have been very blessed and largely unaffected by the recession that this country has been in for awhile.  Of course, we have felt the squeeze of higher gas and grocery prices, but haven't had to make a lot of adjustments.  Until now.  Suddenly, we are REALLY feeling it.  We aren't really sure why.  A lot of unexpected expenses with our air conditioner (again) and things but mostly, it is just the continually rising prices.  We are now faced with some tough decisions.  Things like dropping music lessons for the kids, perhaps getting rid of satellite, stopping our weekly Sonic "treat" on Fridays.  I know in the big scheme of things, those are not major...but I confess, I am struggling with it...because it affects mostly my children.  Really, they have handled what they know so far well.  They are okay with discontinuing music lessons and will probably continue learning on their own.  They realize they won't be getting their weekly Sonic trip and accept it...but I think when they really don't go, it will be a bit tougher.  They don't know about the TV yet...I really think they will be okay, they can find the few things they watch online, but it still will be a change.  

All of this has been very eye opening to me.  I am surprised at how frightened I feel at the thought of the changes we will make.  And I am very humbled to think that these luxuries that most of the world has no concept of are so much a part of me that I really mourn them.  It is actually quite sobering because I have never really considered myself as a materialistic person, I don't consider us to be big "splurgers" and yet, my attitude is quite telling.  To be completely honest, the real realization hit me last night.  For those that have been around here long, you know that Thursday night is a sacred night in our house.  EVERY Thursday, the kids are all tucked away by 9:00 and Tigerfan and I have "date night".  It is always the same, House Hunters, popcorn and peanut M&M's.  We have been doing it so long, I cannot even remember when it started.  It is one of my favorite times of the week.  Last night, we had date night with no M&M's.  You see, the money for M&M's just wasn't there, so we did without.  We still enjoyed our time together, but I would be lying if I said it was no big deal...not because we missed a treat one night, but because I realize that this small sacrifice will become the norm and I am spoiled...I don't like sacrifice...I don't like change...and I don't like that I am seeing just how spoiled I really am.

My faith seems to be so small and my God is so big.  You would think after 30 years of following Him, I could just trust His heart and move along...but I still have a lot of growing to do.  Hopefully this weekend, I will reflect on Him and His HUGE sacrifice and I will go into next week with a better attitude, a purer heart, and more compassion for those who REALLY live lives of sacrifice.

Anyway, my kids seem to think I should give up this computer so they can do school (they are really SO demanding) so I need to stop whining and sign off.  Praying everyone has a blessed Easter weekend and looking forward to visiting you all.  Be sure to go to Home Sanctuary for more Coffee Talk.

Leaving you with one of my favorite songs...I need this perspective right now!


Joyce said...

We finished up with our homeschool group, but still working through a few things here and there.

Hopefully, you all will have time to do the permit test soon. I remember the anticipation.

Not the M&Ms!! =p I know what you're talking about though. Luckily, we don't even have a TV so our kids don't even know what they're missing. Muahahaha! =p hehe My hubby is a foodie, so that would be a tough thing for us to cut out if we were ever to have decrease the amt we spent on groceries.

Love that song!

Have a lovely weekend.

happymcfamily said...

They may be "first world problems", but adjustments are still difficult. Praying that God gives you an extra special "God hug" this week to sustain you :-)

Woo-hoo for the impending permit!