Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow!!! More Snow!

Good morning ladies! We are welcoming you, once again, from a land of snow and ice...normal for many of you but very unusual for us to experience more that once a year. Our house looks a little like this right now (although this was actually the last snow...finally got the pics to work)!

Last time we played a little and schooled a little. This time...I am wavering. Last time all the schools were out, we schooled. On Monday, all the schools were out and we schooled. Today, I am considering a free day...mostly because I want one and have a TON to do! We will see.

One of my big jobs is to decide whether or not to have a party tonight. You see, 8 years ago on January 22, a pregnant me was talking to a friend on Wednesday night. We were discussing the fact that I was 5 weeks away from my due date and laughing because we had not assembled the baby bed, we had no baby book and the stroller we had purchased wouldn't fit in the back of our vehicle. I said that I guessed we had better get things done that weekend. We had weather much like this and the big excitement of the evening was to predict whether or not we would have school the next day. I got up the next morning, about 4 a.m. to, well to take care of business, so to speak, and my water broke. Stunned, I said something like, "Oh my word!" My husband, thinking I had run into the I frequently did, asked what was wrong and was equally shocked when I told him. We jumped up and started getting ready to go to the hospital, calling our folks, packing a bag, etc. The weather had, indeed gotten bad during the night and we drove to the hospital in the snow and ice (by the way...schools WERE cancelled that day). I didn't really realize the gravity of the situation until they did an ultrasound and predicted the baby to be about 4 pounds. I suddenly realized just how early this baby was coming. On January 23, 2003 at around 10:00 in the morning, our little princess was born. She weighed in at a whopping 5 pounds 9 ounces. She was healthy as a little horse, even if she was little! We got to take her home in only 48 hours and, other than a bout with jaundice and a bili-bed, we never had a single problem. I was so excited to have a little girl after two boys. And she has been an absolute joy. My sweet little princess who loves fashion and baby dolls and crafts but can take any boy who tries to annoy her!

So, this weekend (weather permitting) we will have a few of her closest friends spending the night and celebrating eight years with the sweetest girl in my life!
In other news, I have decided to try to get my family eating healthier. I have been eating vegetarian (mostly) for almost a year and have seen a lot of benefits. I didn't really want to force that on everyone else...but I am starting to really crave an overall healthier lifestyle. I just don't want my kids eating all that food that is killing us as a nation...fat and sugar and chemicals, blah! SO this week, I decided to try out a couple of vegetarian meals on the whole family. Experiment one was Quinoa stuffed bell peppers. I thought they were great. Tigerfan ate his. Everyone else whined and told me they were disgusting! My next experiment was Taco Soup...I held out on telling them it was vegetarian. They did eat...but they were not astounded. I am not giving up. Next week, I have a chili recipe that looks promising...anyone else have some good vegetarian (or better vegan) meals that your family actually appreciates?

Well, I would love to chat forever, but there is breakfast and snow that needs attending to. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Be sure to check out Home Sanctuary for more Coffee Talk.


Lea said...

OH, I didn't realize that the Princess was that early. What a precious young lady and such a cute, cute pic of her.

I say, take a break today, all of you deserve it and what fun!

I'm sure you are right on the vegetarian diet, but I'd be hard pressed with my husband. He is such a meat lover. Me, not so much.

I can't believe all the snow. I'm just hoping for an early spring!

secondofwett said...

Our Lauren was two weeks early and weighed that..just a little over 24 years ago...back then they didn't have preemie clothes but older daughter Leslie had a wonderful selection of Cabbage Patch Doll clothes (some that I had knitted) that did the trick beautifully...your princess looks very cute! Hope you have a wonderful time at the celebrations! Thanks for stopping by nd for your suggestions...good thots!

mholgate said...

I am ready for Spring here. We had some really decent weather last weekend (50 degrees) and then it turned cold again. This morning we have freezing rain/snow mix.

Have a great day off! I know, there's still lots to be done, but make sure you take some down time too. :)


withpatience said...

The snow is beautiful. I say--enjoy it!!!!! I'm not very much of a vegetarian--but with the cooler weather we've been have a lot of bean soups. Who knew there were so many types of beans and so much you can do with them. Pioneer Woman and Taste of Home have tons of recipes!

Anonymous said...

Have a great time celebrating your precious girl! We had sun this week, but it is still chilly out. I could never survive in the snow or extreme heat. It's bearable here. =p

Kristin said...

Hooray for snow (and eating healthier)! Thanks for stopping over at Living Graciously today, and for your encouraging words about slowing down to savor life. I hope we're ALL able to do that this year!

Rooh said...

I hope you had that break! Being in Ontario, Canada, we've had a lot of snow already, and will get more. I made a tunnel for my middle child the other day (with his happy help) in one of the big mounds from shovelling. Fun!

I had worries the other way with my two boys, not my girl who was on time, because they were both almost two weeks late. It's nice that you had no problems and that she's turning into such a young lady!

Enjoy your snow while you have it :)

Dawn @ P.S.He loves you.. said...

I have a few veggie recipes but because my guy loves his meat and potatoes we do a lot of venison which is overall healthier then most meats these days.

I do a veggie meatloaf that our family likes.
I also have a Kellogg loaf that is really good with a mushroom gravy.
we do lots of bean tostados also.
Haystacks are another food food.
it's like a taco salad with everyone's fav toppings.
Soups..working it in your family meals is the best way and before you know it your serving more healthier meals then you did before :)

Katharine said...

We are getting snow here, but that is normal for us! I wish I could help with the recipes, but I can't think of any that would work for you. If I come across any I'll let you know!

jennibell said...

What a great birth story! And what a blessing she is to you :) Hope maybe the weather cleared and she got her party -- 8 years is a fun age.

Woohoo to you trying to change your family's diet!!! I am so NOT inspired right now, although my husband would like to see some changes. We live in the middle of nowhere and it is difficult to get "good" food that's fun to eat. Although I rarely-to-never use processed foods, I love to cook and use butter and oils and such. You've got me thinking though. . .you are right. . .

Always love catching up with you through Company Girls!

jennibell said...

Hey Star, I tried to reply to your comment but only got a "no reply" so thought I'd come back here. Thanks for your encouraging words on the homeschooling wouldn't believe (well, YOU would -- ha!) the positive changes we've already seen around here. It's so awesome. Thank you for the prayers and maybe we'll "talk" sometime about all of this. It is new and exciting and mostly good :)