Friday, January 14, 2011

Coffee Talk 1.14.11

Curses! Sorry...I have been fighting my computer FOREVER this morning to put pictures on here. I am finally throwing in the towel. Even my IT man (aka my 13 year old) cannot figure it out. The pictures show up in the picture file but won't show up on here...erg! It is now 8:00 and I have got to start school so this is going to be a pictureless post.

Very frustrating because we have had SNOW this week. Now, I know lots of people have had snow this week, but here in the south, it is a bit of a novelty. We usually get maybe one snowstorm and it is usually just a small covering on the ground. This year, we got at least 2 or three inches so that is exciting for us. Monday, we did a partial school day and partial snow day. All the local schools were out for snow and my kids knew it. Gone are the days when I can just sneak in days without them knowing they are the only kids doing school...I'm gonna have to change my methods. Anyway, they had a BALL playing. Even Tigercub who did not enjoy his first few encounters with the white stuff. We had snow sculptures, snowball fights and ate some delicious snow cream. We did NOT, however get to partake in our usual tradition of redneck sledding...hooking the aluminum boat up to the four wheeler and riding around the yard, because the owner of the boat came back and claimed it a couple of months ago. Because the temps have stayed so cold, we still have a little covering here and there but, frankly, the fun has worn off and I am ready for some spring weather...that's how it is here. We like our one snow and then that is enough!

I started a new Bible Study this week on Romans. I have actually done part 1 of this study several years ago, but I think I need it again. I LOVE my Wednesday night Bible Study group and would probably do just about any study just to stay in it but I think it is going to be really good. I have also joined up with Beth Moore's Siesta Scripture Memory Team. I am hoping to memorize...I mean REALLY memorize and put into my heart, two verses a month for this year. My first verse is Psalm 94:19. It was given to me recently by a precious friend who knew that I have just been struggling a lot with holding things together. I love, love, love it and am so grateful that it has become so much a part of me that when I start to come unglued, it is usually the first place my mind goes. The NIV translation says, "In the multitude of my thoughts within me, Your comfort delights my soul." One translation uses the word anxieties instead of thoughts. Isn't that BEAUTIFUL! Ladies, His comfort can delight your soul. When you feel tired and overwhelmed, worn down, at your wits end...HIS comfort delights your soul. Oh, I just get so excited each time I say that! Anyway, yesterday I downloaded a new app on my phone. It is the Siesta Scripture App and it allows you to write in the memory verse you are working on and save it on your phone, kind of like the notes app. Now I have my verses with me ALL THE TIME. Tomorrow is the day I need to choose a new verse. I am struggling to decide what verse to do because I really want it to be relevant to where I am right now. It has to be a verse I have never memorized before but this first one has been so amazing...I want more of that. Any ideas?

In other news, I colored my hair last Saturday for the first time ever! The grey had just taken over so I bit the bullet and spent some time with a box of Nice 'N Easy. I tried to stay close to my natural color and just cover the grey but even then, I am having trouble getting used to it. I guess I had more grey than I realized and it really darkened up. Of course, this is just all in my one else has even noticed! I am also getting a desperately needed hair cut today, YAY.

Okay...I could stay and chat forever with you ladies...I have so much I would love to talk about... but school and chores and haircuts and guitar lessons are awaiting. Can't wait to visit with y'all this weekend, hope you all have a blessed one! And be sure to check out Home Sanctuary for more Coffee Talk.


Lea said...

Good for you! We can never know too many scriptures "by heart." I need to participate with Beth and the Sistas. I love her blog and read it faithfully.

I was probably just a tad younger than you when I began coloring my hair and it is amazing how quickly those 4-6 weeks go by. I can't wait to either see a picture or you because you have a pretty head of hair anyway and I know it is just glowing now.

Hang in there, spring will be here before we know it! Love you!

Aiming4Simple said...

It's great that your kids could get out and enjoy the snow. It was super cold here this week!

How wonderful to be studying Romans with other women. I'm part of a group studying Isaiah and it has been so rich. Hopefully I can be more disciplined and study daily as I should.

Have a blessed weekend!

Katharine said...

My pictures were giving me trouble today as well, I only got one to post! I am interested in the scripture memory, I love Beth Moore! Did you find this on her blog? Maybe I will have to do some research! I have only been to one of her seminars, but i was so blessed! Hope your snow disappears(we are expecting a storm and we won't see spring or grass til somewhere in late March)Have a great weekend!

The Queen Mommy said...

Oh yes, when we lived in Texas (which was sandwiched between two 4-year stints in Alaska), we had snow for Thanksgiving and EVERYBODY went bananas. Snow in the south really is a special thing... (Sorry your pictures wouldn't post!)

Oh yes - haircolor. I'm typically NOT too picky anymore about coloring my hair - especially with the extra gray. I've had all kinds of results at various times in my life, so I'm a bit relaxed about it. During college, I had black hair at one point, and orange hair during another - both accidental... The temp kinds are my favorite if I'm going to color my own, so I like the change - even if its drastic... lol

Rosie said...

Hey there! Haven't checked all "my" blogs in forever~glad to hear about your snow and your verses and your hair :) have a great weekend!

Kathleen T. Jaeger said...

Okay, I am glad to know that you just colored your hair for the first time. I have never done that & wonder if I am the only one who has waited. My mom did, though.She had more gray when I was younger than she does now!

Have a great weekend.

Jen said...

I just LOVE getting my hair cut. It's just divine me time. I hope you love it!

secondofwett said...

Oh Star, I wish I could have the resolve like you do to memorize's been brought to my heart many a time....good for you....the Lord will bring it to mind when you need it to be sure. The pics I've seen of Costa Rica so far have been beautiful...I hope it's a positive change in Maya's life!

Anonymous said...

Sorry the pics aren't loading. For how cold it has been around here, I was expecting it to snow. But today it is around high 50s, and even 71*F in Southern California I hear!

I checked out Beth's site again and wow, so many sisters in the Lord coming together for the goal of hiding (and finding) God's Word in their hearts. Hmmm...some positive peer pressure might lead me to join in. =p
No app for Droid phones though. =(

I am donating my hair again, so I am in need of a cut soon too. Hope you enjoy your little pamper time.

Take care.

Dani said...

I tried to find that app and couldn't :( But I did find some other cool ones that I may try I'm glad I stopped by for the idea.

I've been in the snow all week, too. So ready for it to melt!!! It is beautiful, and a novelty, but we southerners aren't prepared for so much!!

Dawn @ P.S.He loves you.. said...

my kids would love some of your snow..but like you only a day or three at the most ;)

Michelle said...

Any time that you want some snow you are more than welcome to have some of ours. I shouldn't complain, we've had it a lot better than other places.

Phil said...

Hi. Great to hear of your Scripture memory. My favorite website is We would love for you to join us there for mutual encouragement and inspiration.

In Christ, Phil Walker

mholgate said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your snow. We get so much snow here that after a while, it just gets old. The weather has warmed up these past few days so we have massive melting, and with melting comes flooding. Nothing extreme, just a few lakes here and at the bottom of our driveway! I'm glad it's melting though, because there's more to come, I'm sure of it.

I'm happy to know that a few Company Girls are also a part of SSMT this year. :) I don't have a phone that can download apps like yours, but I sure do love my spiral notebook!

Have a wonderful upcoming week.