Friday, December 17, 2010

Good morning, ladies! Pull up a chair and grab some hot chocolate (no coffee here, you know!) We have the beginnings of some holiday baking for you. Some fudge or a sugar cookie, or if you REALLY want to indulge, how about a coconut, chocolate chip macaroon? YUM!

We are fully in the throws of the holiday season...and I am exhausted! We have listened to our adult choir's music, the children's choir music, had parties at the tutorial shopped and shopped and shopped some more. And we are almost done! My hopes is that, other than a tiny bit of last minute shopping and baking, after this weekend, we will be able to slow down and enjoy Christmas week. We still have a busy weekend ahead. Starting with tonight when my sweet Tigerfan will take me to our local theater's rendition of my all time favorite Christmas movie:

I'm a little giddy just thinking about it! Of course, no one can replace Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye, but it is still White Christmas and I CANNOT WAIT!!! We may even hit Olive Garden for a little date night before hand because one of my precious tutorial students gave me one of the most generous gifts I have ever received as a teacher...a gift card for $30.00!

Tomorrow, we will go to Bethlehem Breakfast at our church and then do a little more shopping...the kids have yet to get one another something and we are running out of time! Sunday, Tigerfan gets the opportunity to head to Nashville to watch the Titans play so I will be a single mom at church and then Sunday Night we are going to his parent's church to hear their Christmas music. My plan is by Monday to be mostly done with all the running around and enjoy the week. Do some baking, let the kids have friends over, maybe visit with one of my friends, go see Christmas lights...aaaaaah, sounds great, doesn't it?

As for other happenings. I am pleased to announce that B.B. took first place in the Elementary Biological division of the science fair, so it is off to regionals in March. F.B.'s project did not fair as well. BUT--his partner and he came up with the topic and all the experimentation totally by themselves. They did a FANTASTIC job and the main problem with their project was lack of data because a lot of their subjects dropped out before it was complete. They learned a TON and had fun doing it, so it was TOTALLY worth it. And because I am a complete glutton for punishment...we have already began looking into what we want to do next year...even emailed trying to get a scientist on board as a mentor...Ugh, I'll never learn!

So what about are Christmas preparations going on your end? Of course, I know Mrs. Lea (CiCi's Corner) is finished and enjoying every moment...anyone else out there scrambling to just keep your head above water like me?

OH! And I almost forgot! Tigercub is potty trained (insert wild happy dance here)! Waiting until he was almost three was a very wise decision. Training was really a breeze and we are happily DIAPER free in the Tigerden...well, almost diaper free...although he wakes up dry every morning, paranoid mommy makes him sleep in one. Just think, no more diapers until I'm a grandma...and that is a long time off!

Have a great weekend and I look forward to visiting with all my sweet Company Girl friends. Be sure to check out Home Sanctuary for more Coffee Talk.


Alicia @ Alicia's Homemaking said...

Sounds like your year is wrapping up happily! Congrats on the potty training...what a big milestone. :)

Cari Lin said...

Oh, enjoy the play and the free dinner too. What a generous teacher gift!

And being diaper-free is certainly an occasion for a happy dance. Congratulations!

Joywriter said...

I so enjoyed your post! Tell you what, if you'll email me a couple of those macaroons, I'LL do a happy dance too! ;)

Lea said...

Well, I'd say for a busy, homeschooling Mom of four that you are very well together for the season. So glad that you have used the fudge recipe and that it all turned out well. There's so many fun and cute ways to wrap it. Anything goes! Besides, most folks could really "give a care" about the packaging, it's what's inside. It's just that I love packaging!

Sounds like a busy week-end so I hope you find a minute or two for some R& R. Love you!

Kelly C said...

White Christmas is a tradition in our family as well. With 2 sisters we always sing the Sisters song together and have put that song as our cell ringtone for each other.
Have fun tonight!

Anonymous said...

Yay for science fair going smoothly, and potty training!!!!

We're going to start baking too! Have fun! said...

I think you have the same goal as me for just trying to relax and enjoy the week. I did a lot of work over the weekend so now it's time to ENJOY!

Katharine said...

Your place is busy! I hope you have time this week to sit and enjoy all your work(yummy macaroons!) Potty trained! Yay!! From one mom of four to another...I know your joy! What a great Christmas gift lol.

Kathy Anderson said...

I have to laugh at your White Christmas movie! I still remember that year we watched it in high school and Mark complained through the first part of the movie and then fell asleep during the last half. He never quite appreciated it the way you did (and he still does not)! Merry Christmas to your family!

Dawn @ P.S.He loves you.. said...

Hope this years gives more time to blog ;) and wanted to thank you for always stopping by to encourage me really do appreciate you :) Merry Christmas past and Happy New Years here ;)