Friday, December 3, 2010

Coffee Talk 12.3.10

Good Morning, Merry Christmas, and hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving!

I was hoping to post a little bit throughout the week of our Disney adventure...that didn't happen. These days, I find that I just cannot carve out time for blogging except on Fridays, so this morning, you will just get the very brief summary because not only is it the holiday season and the end of a semester but it is also Science Fair time and if you have been around here for any length of time, you know that I have a love-hate relationship with Science Fair. I am its BIGGEST advocate...until a week or so before it is due...then I am cursing myself for putting us through the torture and wondering why I EVER THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA. This week...I am wondering why I ever thought this was a good idea! Because Tuesday is the day we bring them to tutorial and this year...I have two Science Fair participants. That means two projects, two papers, two boards and two nervous breakdowns! :) On a happy note, hopefully by the end of today, both projects will be complete and for the first time since Science Fair began, it won't be hanging over our heads over the Christmas holidays! HURRAY!

Do I have a gift for making a short post long or what? is a little slice of our week at Disney:

Driving into the Magic Kingdom. Can I just say that, while it is fun, the true magic is probably that the children actually come out alive! Because, despite the claim of being the "happiest place on earth" there was much screaming and gnashing of both children and parents.

One day as I was "lovingly" directing my precious angels to stop whining, stop touching each other and watch the parade because WE ARE HAVING FUN, another mother leaned over to tell me she was so glad to be beside made her feel like a normal parent!

Our clan at Epcot...there is actually a sweet little Christmas vignette behind us...we are just too big (in more ways than one) and we cover it up. This is about the most decent family shot we got. We look happy...I think because everyone knows we are headed to go brings out the best in all of us!

And here we have all the kids and a couple of extras with the Monsters Inc. crew. We have about forty thousand similar shots to this with Pooh, Mickey, Goofy, etc. But my favorite picture is probably this one:

I think I may frame it to remind myself during the fits, accidents, screaming, etc. of the toddler years that he really is a prince. Notice the lipstick stain on his other cheek...that would be from one of the stepsisters.

We also did the American Idol experience for the first time. This was really neat. During the day, people audition and then they have shows similar to the TV show where the best perform, are judged and then voted on by the audience. The last show of the day is the finale and the winners from each of the day's shows compete against one another. The winner gets a ticket to go to the front of the line of the auditions for the real show in the city closest to them. Last year, apparently, one of the guys that made it pretty far on the show got on this way! It was fun!

And, of course, you can't mention a holiday trip to Disney without the lights. We got to see them light up the streets of Hollywood Studios, which was amazing and even included "snow" which thrilled the children to no end. But my favorite had to be Cinderella's castle all decked out for the holidays!

It was a fun experience, and a long experience and while it was fun...there really is nothing better than just getting back home...nothing like being away to make you appreciate the ordinary! Can't wait to visit all of you this weekend! Make sure to stop by Home Sanctuary for more Coffee Talk.

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet baby sister! I wish I lived closer and I could pamper you today. I am so blessed to have been given two AWESOME sisters and friends! Love you!


Michelle said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Disney adventure :-) Even with all the work it is for us as parents, the kids will always remember those family outings with fond memories. Hope you have a nice holiday season!~Michelle

bashtree said...

what a fun trip! The story about the parade and the other mom is so funny. Monsters, Inc. is probably my favorite Disney movie - what's yours?

secondofwett said...

What a wonderful time at Disney...we only took my kids for one day to Magic Kingdom....but even at that I said to hubby that I really didn't think they appreciated it...but that's teens for you! Maybe when they're older we'll find out that it was a good memory for them! Anyways, very glad science projects are far behind me..never was one of my strong points...with me or my kids!

Anonymous said...

We're not ready to take a "real" vacation for awhile. With little ones, we'll probably need a vacation from the vacation afterwards. =p Love the family pic!! We always end up blocking the scene too.

Back to the pellets huh? =p

Lea said...

Oh, I thought of ya'll so often last week and was wondering how things went. The pictures are great! I love the family picture.

I agree sometimes the best part of being gone is getting back home.

I'm so glad you have the Science Projects behind you. Yea!

Good to have you back and wishing you a great week-end!

Dawn @ P.S.He loves you.. said...

wonderful memories! beautiful family times!!

rckola said...

Wow, your trip sounds amazing - I want to go there someday!
You posted a comment on Shari Braendel's blog post about my company, kikaPaprika. The response was so overwhelming that Stacey (my upline leader) asked that I contact you because she and I connected with Shari at the same event.
Please email me directly at, so that I can answer any questions you may have about our styles. colors and fashions.
I look forward to hearing back from you and Merry Christmas.
~ Ruth

The Calm of His Presence said...

Thank you for your sweet words on Shari's blog. I enjoyed reading about your trip to Disney. Hopefully in a few years we will make that trip with our kids.

Have a blessed week,

JadeLD said...

Your Disney photos bring back so many fabukous childhood memories for me. I really want to go back to Disneyworld - it's on my 30 things to do before I'm 30 list.

Good luck with the science fair - I remember how much work it was for you last year. I'm sure it will be rewarding for you too.

Have a lovely day,

Cari Lin said...

Loved that photo of your boy being kissed by Cinderella. Ha!