Friday, December 10, 2010

Coffee Talk 12.10.10

Good morning Ladies,

I would love to chat about my week, but I have a ten year old boy that needs some cuddle time with mom this morning! Hope to visit with you this weekend. Blessings!

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secondofwett said...

Oh...hold onto those cuddle times...before you know it they're gone! I actually still have my doll too...well, at least eldest daughter has it...i gave it to her whe she was a little girl and she still has it..don't know whether she lets the grandgirls play with it or not! Have a good wknd.

Lea said...

Well, those times are precious, so enjoy, enjoy! Will look forward to hearing from you when you get "another minute."

Thinking of you and wishing you and your sweet family a wonderful weekend!

Kristan Anne said...

Aww...enjoy cuddle time!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the cuddles!!!

jennibell said...

Oh, don't you love that your 10-yr-old needs cuddle time?? My 12-yr-old sometimes asks for it and I am privileged to get to say "yes"!

I'm just catching up with all my favorite blogs/company girls after two long, hard months of school and just now scrolled through your Disney post. What fun!!! I "get" the whole "smile, we're having FUN" mentality. . .that's how I felt last week putting up the Christmas tree. I kept thinking to myself, shouldn't this be fun??? Hope the science fair went well and you can slow down and enjoy these holiday weeks.

LydiaCate said...

You are such a good mom! How wonderful that you 10year old wants cuddle time.
Sure have missed visiting you here! Still trying to find my sanity. Some days I forget to eat, some days I might get a shower, and some days I might get the point :)
So glad you made it through Science Fair activities. I hope now you are enjoying the Christmas season.
Have a blessed week!