Friday, August 20, 2010

Coffee Talk 8.20.10

Good morning Ladies,

It SHOULD be short and sweet this morning because we have started full speed ahead with school and I am late getting the kids up this morning. Not good since I haven't had a shower yet and, frankly...I smell. Even at 6 a.m., running with about 1000% humidity does not make for a pleasant odor!

On the topic of running. Dancer went with me Monday. She HATED it but is considering going with me again. I actually enjoyed having a partner, although it did slow me down considerably. B.B. said he wanted to start going but he keeps getting up in the middle of the night and coming to sleep on my floor. I told him that as long as he isn't sleeping well at night, I am NOT getting him up before 6 to run! I am so crazy that when I think of them coming...I kind of dread it. I won't get my "alone" time, I will be slowed down, but then afterwards I think, "Man, it would have been fun to run with a partner" and then there is F.B. who is on the cross country team for one of our private schools who BEGS me not to make him get up and run...he is the one who needs it! Do you know he actually WALKED during the mile of his meet last night! I groaned inwardly...we are gonna have to do some training at home!

I have learned a couple of things about running this week:

1. Although I still HATE it while I am doing it...I am so proud of myself afterwards and actually look forward to it...maybe there is hope for me!

2. I completely forgot number 2 while I was typing number one...maybe it'll come to me!

Anywhoo, as for the rest of t he week...crazy busy. Monday night we started volunteering at a local apartment doing Bible Study and meals for the residents. If it is a good fit, we will continue this throughout the school year as a local ministry. Tuesday we did a full school day and dance. Dance, ugh! Dancer has a class from 4:00-4:45 and another from 5:30-6:15. The dance studio is way out, so there isn't time to go home or do much. As a result, we are there, with Tigercub, for over 2 hours...Good times. This week it was INSANE. Hoping that calms a bit or I may have to start bringing Valium with me on dance days. Wednesday we did school, took F.B. to a physical and to have a recheck on his ear and had church, choir, etc. Thursday we took F.B. for a hearing test (due to his high number of infections and perforated ear drums) which he passed with flying colors, did school, picked up uniform for C.C. meet, went to meet, came home and had a class party for my tutorial class this year, which, incidentally, B.B. will be in. Today we have school, guitar, Dancer has a friend spending the night, and hopefully a little down time. And to think...Tutorial hasn't even started yet!

Oh! I did have a "Deep thought" I blogged about on Monday, feel free to go check it out...they don't happen often. AND, I was given a blog award by one of my sweet blogging friends, Four Little Penguins. She is my home schooling idol! She like actually has ideas and DOES them and takes pictures and blogs about them, Amazing! Anyway, the award was called the Sunshine Award and is super sweet, unfortunately, after far too much time trying to figure out this @#$% Mac computer, I have given up trying to copy the award. She also came up with a million or like 12 bloggers to give it to. I don't even read that many blogs anymore, so, I figure. If you have hung on here this long totally deserve the award. Hop over to her blog, search around until you find it and give it to yourself!

I know, this is typically not short. But reading the above paragraph made me think, in Bible Study the last couple of weeks, our leader has been having us think about everyday objects that describe us. Some of the ladies said Swiss army knife (able to do a lot of things, organized), dark chocolate (either you love me or you hate me), etc. I said a pin ball. I am just being whacked around all over the place and I am about as scattered as can be! is too soon in the school year to be like this!!! So, what about you? What everyday object describes you?

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Diane said...

Being a pinball is well and good - just be sure to get enough time for yourself before you go "tilt"!

How awesome that some of the kids want to come running with you! Maybe if the younger kids go consistently, will shame the track star into going as well? LOL, anything to motivate.

I had read your "deep thought" earlier this week, though I didn't comment at the time. "Staying" is hard, but God so incredibly rewards obedience it is worth it. Isn't it cool when the Holy Spirit reveals something new (and personal) in a passage we are very familiar with?

Anonymous said...

Reading your post gives me heart palpitations! Our crazy is about to begin...I'm certain I'm not ready. I'm still in school planning mode, way behind my power curve! When September hits and ballet and basketball and a full school schedule returns I'll be describing myself as a "pinball" too.

Good for you on your running! You really are an inspiration to me. I HATE TO RUN! BUT I really need and want to take it up. Wonder if they'll let me run up and down the halls in the hospital after the baby comes?? Wouldn't that be a site :/

I so wish I had time for a bible study. I know that probably sounds strange...but seriously I don't know when I would fit it into my schedule. I'm doing some things on my own and I love that the Lord is still meeting me right where I am.

Hang in there...I'm praying as y'all get into a groove with the new school schedule and all that you will feel a lot less "Crazy".

Have a great, relaxing weekend!

Ashley Pichea said...

I was one of those "walkers" during the one season I ran XC... I think I actually only finished two races all year! The worse part was that I VOLUNTARILY chose to be on the XC team - I was trying to "stay in shape" for soccer. Ugg... if only we could go back and undo stupid choices. :) Now, I run because I can - most of the time... :)

Have a GREAT week!

Jen said...

I am so glad that you are already starting to enjoy your running time! I just had surgery and cannot run for 2 weeks, so I'll live vicariously through you!

secondofwett said...

Oh have a hubby keeps telling me that I need a Dell has become sick..again...twice in one week...can't use it (using Hubby's) kids go to public school and they don't start til the 7th of I have a few weeks to go...although all these doctors, orthodontists, and social workers don't seem to take the summer off from appts..ugh....thanks for stopping by, Have a wonderful wknd!

Lea said...

Girl, I hope you take a handful of vitamins everyday so you will be able to have the energy to keep up with your ultra busy life. Wears me out just reading about it. :o)

Do hope that ya'll will make it our way soon and do let me know if you can work some "coffee time" in.

Oh, trying to thing of an object that might describe me. Hummmmm, nothings coming to mind but I'll ponder that and see what I can come up with.

Hang in there, you're doing a good job and one day your children will rise up and called you "blessed."


Rooh said...

A pinball? I laughed because I liked the description you gave it - being whacked all over the place. I sure feel the same way sometimes!

I think I'd be a staple. Not a stapler, a staple. I get bent out of shape sometimes, but I do crafty things and hold stuff together. In the background, but supporting.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to get back to you on that question. But wow! what a week you've had. For sure a pinball. =p

We have a friend whose kid (same age as Melody) who ran a 1/2-mile run earlier in the year. Cute. Their whole family runs so I wouldn't be surprised if their 1.5yo is entered in one of those races soon too. =p I need some inspiration from them. hehe

Anonymous said...

Oh, and about the carnival... my brother-in-law's aunt is in charge of the summer program and does this carnival as an extra thing for the kids to read. I think there were 5,000 in the whole city that participated, 2,500 who got invitation (completed the program), and so her poor hubby and a few other guys were making hot dogs all morning long for the 2,500+their families! Our own town's reading program is not as exciting, but the kids still love it. This one was in my parents' city where I grew up.

Spesamor Academy said...

See, there you go again. Making me smile. :)
1. I am no supermom. Please don't try to eat off my floors. The kids do, but they have super-human immune systems.
2. I'm flattered that I am of the less than twelve blogs that you still read. :)
3. I am SO VERY impressed that you actually run! I wish I had the gumption to do that!!!

Stephenie said...

Wow! You are one busy momma. I think life become less hectic oncen you get into the routine of the school year. Hang in there, and don't forget to take care of yourself, too.

CindyC said...

I am sure you absolutely deserve that Sunshine blog award of your own accord!
I wish I had the wherewithall to run and keep at it. The reality is that my hips/knees are weak and I need to do some strengthening exercises first, and honestly, that just seems so boring and pointless. So here I sit, at least I can cheer you on! I'm glad you're bringing your kiddos along with you; I totally relate to the struggle between going with them and enjoying the company, but kind of dreading it, too.

That's a good question... maybe I'd be a reference book. Good to have around, not necessarily flashy, and likes to provide useful information.

Shawna R. B. Atteberry said...

Wow you've been busy! No wonder you feel like a pinball. I'm not sure what everyday object I would be. I'll have to think about it.

I hope you get some downtime this weekend.

Linda said...

running huh? proud of you. inspired even. I've been trying to lately and it makes me so frustrated that once again I have to start over...why don't I just stay healthy and active? to read your deep thought post. hope you're having a great week!