Friday, August 13, 2010

Coffee Talk 8.13.10

Good Morning Ladies! I hope today finds everyone doing well. Grab a drink...I prefer something nice and cold since temperatures around here are something akin the the gates of, well, a very unpleasant place. On the bright side, I heard a report yesterday that next week things will be cooling off and we will get to enjoy a week of nice, cool 90 degree weather, UGH!

I am going to just list my rambling thoughts today because otherwise, no one will be able to follow the jumble that is in my head.

1. I started running...okay walking with an occasional run to make me feel better...again this week. I had started training for a 5K last winter and was stopped dead in my tracks by planter's fascitis. If you haven't had the joy of that little foot condition, thank God today! Anyway, I woke up this week and realized that while I still have some pain and soreness, the stretching, etc. has worked and I can actually walk around and wear cute shoes without wanting to scream! So, I decided to get back into training. I think one word can wrap up how I feel...OW!

2. We started school this week. Not because I wanted to but all the schools in town have started and we like to take breaks, etc. when they do so the kids can hang out with their friends. I am really beginning to think this whole school thing is overrated. If we were Amish, this would be my oldest son's last year. Hmmmm, something to think about!

3. I am making my oldest son read a book called "Do Hard Things" written by teenage boys to encourage teenagers to rise above low expectations. I have been reading along with him...ya know, so I can give him assignments, lord it over him and throw in the occasional, "son, you can do better than hard things." Anywhoo, the book is kicking ME in the tail! In fact, it is reading that book that kept me going on my run this morning when I really just wanted to throw in the towel.

4. I HATE running. Runners always say how much they love it. I wonder how long you have to do it before you stop saying, "I would rather have a tooth pulled with no anesthesia than go out there and run again this morning." Cause, I really want to like it. I really want to get that great feeling of refreshment and satisfaction. Instead, I kind of feel like I want to throw up. And my legs hurt. I really don't enjoy running.

5. My baby is growing up too fast. He is so cute! I just love to hang out with him. He loves to play, and talk, and sing, and laugh. He is really a joy. But he is growing so fast. I want to cherish the moments I have with him being little. Although, if he wanted to just volunteer to start pottying in the toilet with no effort on my part...I would be totally cool with that.

6. If you read earlier this week, I had a minor breakdown. I am doing better. I am trying to accept God's will for us...but sometimes MY will just seems so good, ya know? Anyway, a lot of my frustration has come because of a ministry opportunity I thought we might have. Since reading "Radical" I have really been impressed that I need to search for opportunities to minister and share Christ with people. I need to be deliberate about it. So, I began praying and this opportunity presented itself. The timing seemed good and I was excited about it but it hasn't come least not yet. As I pondered, okay pouted, about the situation, I realized that I have been so focused on this ministry that MIGHT happen but I am missing opportunities all around me that I can do RIGHT NOW. These words from Jeremiah really spoke to me this morning as I was doing my Bible reading,

"I know, O LORD, that a man's life is not his own;
it is not for man to direct his steps."
Jeremiah 10:23

I may have been having a bit of a pity party because my plan seemed so good and right and had such good timing. But it is not for me to decide. And the fact of the matter is...God is good all the time, so if He says no to this, it is because He has something better in mind. I may not ever know what it is. I may never see it. But I know it to be true because of the nature of God. Don't get me wrong. I am still stubbornly praying that option one still happens. But in the meantime, I am seeking ways to minister and share Jesus right here where I am.

Well, I could go on with these rambling thoughts, I've got a million of them in me today...but, frankly, I need a shower and I need to start school and clean house, and do my Bible Study, I look forward to visiting with you all over the weekend. Hope you have a great one and be sure to check out Home Sanctuary for more Coffee Talk.


Aimee said...

I've been running for a couple months now and I still don't love it. I do it because I have to - I'm tired of being flabby! Rob has been running for something like 25 years and he enjoys it. So I guess the answer to your question is "somewhere between 2 months and 25 years."

I know, I am extremely unhelpful! ;) Have a great weekend, my friend!

Lea said...

Oh,it's so good to hear that "lilt" back in your voice today. I just bet that the Lord has great plans in store for you and in HIS time HE will pave the way for it to happen. I'm praying for you.

About running........I couldn't agree more. I think I would literally HATE it. My brother is preparing for a climb up Mt. Everest next March and is doing all kinds of crazy training for it. Just don't get it! :o) I'll stick with my treadmill.

Hoping that you and "your crew" have a wonderful week-end! Hugs!

Diane said...

We all sometimes think our plans are better than God's - it's what we do when we realize He has something different in mind that really matters. I'm sure He's used to people getting a bit frustrated with Him =^)

A friend and I ran for about two weeks in college. NOT my thing; kudos to you for sticking with it!

Stephenie said...

I understand where your coming from with running. I made the return to the gym (again) a couple of weeks ago. My husband loves to go workout. I have been doing a fast paced walk on the treadmill's 5K setting. My legs are feeling the burn, and I'm not loving it. Hang in there!

Ashley said...

I started running this month too. I'm in a "race" with my sister and a few friends to get 100 miles in before the end of October. I trying to average 10 miles a week, but it's been a struggle. I'm starting to get the point where I want to run versus having to force myself to run. Good luck to you!

Alicia said...

Thanks for honesty, and good for you for starting back with running! I just recently got back into it myself (little by little). I'm not a huge fan, either, until I get past the point where it feels like I'm going to die.
Love the book "Do Hard Things"! And I haven't finished it yet...
I enjoyed your rambling thoughts. :D

Jen said...

I'm a runner and I feel that it is a love/hate kind of relationship. There are good runs and bad runs, but the more you do it, the more the love will come and the hate will subside. Your muscles will get stronger and won't be as painful as you keep at it. Keep at it, girl!

Anonymous said...

1. We are looking to do a 5K in 2011. Any tips to get started? I haven't ran since before Melody was born. I actually don't get it either. Norm's brother runs marathons. Training takes soooo much time. And we just talked to a lady at works in the church nursery whose daughter-in-law ran a 50-miler!! and looking at doing a 100-miler. I didn't even know those existed.

2. Amish....LOL!! Not looking to do anything official with Melody but she is really into doing worksheets, so we'll be starting "school" next week. My sister's school is starting a new math curriculum so when we were over at her house, Melody totally tried to take off with the old student book that my sister had. =p

3. That book sounds really interesting.

4. I actually used to be a decent runner in PE class, but oh boy, living in SF for a few years really made me unmotivated for any type of sports or exercise because I hated going out in that cold weather.

5. So with you on the pottying. I'm really hoping that E will get it much faster than M did.

6. God has shown me His perfect timing sooo many times in my life, and while I wanted something, even if it was something for Him and His kingdom, He knows what's best. It's probably for the better.

Hope you have a good weekend.

Forgetfulone said...

Congratulations on your running! I absolutely could not do that! And I admire your passion for ministry. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love your posts!! So good to "see" you again!

1. I feel you on the running! I've always said I only run if I'm playing some really fun game that requires it or if someone really scarey is chasing me. I do have some strange desire to run just for the health benefits. I just hate it so. I HAVE to do something after this baby comes!! May the force be with you as you continue your running! And pain free too!

2. School...Oh yeah I'm responsible for that :/ I'm so behind my school planning power curve. I so wish we were already started since it's so blooming hot outside and when fall comes we are going to want to be outside. BUT I am not ready. My oldest is 9th grade this year which has me wrapped around the axle. I mean HIGHSCHOOL aaaaaaaahh!! Yeah I'm thinking there's something about that Amish thing:)

3. The book sounds great! My son would probably groove on that! He just turned 13 in June. Thanks for the rec.

4. I'm still with you!!

5. I have a remedy for you :) Have another :) Still can't believe I am. God so has a sense of humor!!

6. I've been talking to my kids about this very thing. God's timing, God's plans ect. He has given you this desire and passion. I look forward to seeing how He will lead you. He does have a plan!! How exciting! Hang in there!

Have a blessed weekend!

Zoanna said...

I just popped over to say hello and thanks for visiting my blog.

Not sure you're aware, but the guys who wrote Do Hard Things just did the hardest thing of their lives: said farewell to their mom who passed away from cancer on July 4th this year.

My hubby is a runner who hates running. Go figure! I don't get it, but he says there is that "high" when the endorphines are released that account for the reason runners keep running. Plus I think runners have a unique form of self-torture that I've not acquired (nor desired. Ever.)

Aiming4Simple said...

I hate running too. I was reminded of that fact when I did a 1 mile "fun run" with my kids a couple of months ago. I am much cooler and happier when I bike, so that's how I choose to exercise when I do.

All teachers go through seasons where they feel burnt out I think. That's what sabbaticals are for, right? Honestly, I think to be a homeschooling mom seems incredibly difficult. I can only imagine doing it if I were part of a team of other parents sharing the load. Maybe someone (older, retired perhaps?) in your church could help more with some part? Just a thought.

Thanks for the scriptures you shared. We often feel that our plans are not happening too, and it is not easy to be content when things aren't as we wish.

Rooh said...

I run, And like it. But I have a few requirements that I need to make it enjoyable. One: gum. Two: podcasts. Three: the road. The first one is because my mouth gets so dry (I breath through my mouth when jogging) and I don't like to carry water. The second because I don't like jogging to music. It throws of my pace because then I almost try to jog to the beat subconsciously. I can also jog longer listening to a podcast - especially the CBC's Vinyl Cafe one - than without anything because it keeps my mind engaged. The third because the road is gentler to my knees than the sidewalk. Asphalt has more give than cement!

Don't give up on jogging without trying a few things of your own to help the experience! I've found I works like nothing else, even author, to help pull in and tighten my upper stomach muscles. A great bonus :)

My little ones cast removal went well - he loved the cutters vacuum, and says "docto, hopital, vzzzzz" when we talk about it :) thanks for visiting my blog!

Rooh said...

Ack! My iTouch "fixed" some typos in my second last paragraph! It was supposed to be "I've found I works like nothing else, even better than situps, to help pull in and tighten my upper stomach muscles."

Maybe I should use my iTouch at 3:30 am ;)