Monday, April 5, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook 4.6.10

FOR TODAY 4.5.10

Outside my window... BEAUTIFUL spring weather! Finally. We have been spending LOADS of time outside the past few days just soaking up that vitamin D!

I am thinking... about food. I started a drastic diet last week. Only I would start such a thing the week of Easter. I am now surrounded by delicious, pastel goodies that I cannot partake of. However, I am really trying to change my attitude about food and think of it less about something to indulge or reward myself with and more just about giving myself nutrients. It is really more about honoring my body as God's temple. Eventually I will probably add back in some of the goodies but for now they are VERY off limits.

I am thankful for... Spring weather. It does us all good!

From the learning rooms...Same ole, same ole. I am as filled with spring fever as the children. I think if we could all concentrate, we would do all our lessons outside right now. Instead we are just settling for outside breaks and trying to finish up as quickly as possible. It is probably a good thing we don't have this weather year round. My kids wouldn't learn anything!

From the kitchen... For the rest of the family it was left over hamburgers, hot dogs and sausage. For me, lots of mixed veggies and some salsa. I probably should have upped the carbs a little. I am starving right now but I am going to choose to go to bed and remedy that in the morning. I WILL NOT eat at 11:00 p.m.!

I am wearing...shorts and a t-shirt but I hope to be wearing my P.J.'s very soon.

I am creating... a list of good (sounding) vegetarian recipes. Time to start experimenting!

I am going... to bed ASAP!

I am reading... The book of James and Beth Moore's "So Long Insecurity"--It is taking me forever!!!

I am hoping... To see some positive results of this diet. I really hope it is worth it!

I am hearing... the sound of the T.V. I am listening to the news channel report on the mine explosion today. Praying for those families and the rescue teams.
Around the house... Sheets washed, bathrooms scrubbed, ironing and laundry done. DESPERATELY need to dust and vacuum!

One of my favorite things... Spring weather. and chocolate. I know, that is two, but I really couldn't decide!

A few plans for the rest of the week: No dance this week! Yay! Tutorial, church and choir, guitar. Hopefully a slightly less busy week.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing...

B.B.'s second turkey. Went hunting with his daddy and grandpa Saturday morning and brought home this prize! He was one proud hunter!

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katherine said...

I love your blog, i love reading your thoughts :) Hope your family had a blessed Easter.

Please stop by my blog at if you get the chance

K xx

Tara said...

wow what a turkey, awesome! Dieting is not fun. My nutritionist said it is not a diet it is a life change. You can do it, especially with God in the picture.
Blessings to your week

Kim said...

Oh Star! I know all about how difficult it is to change your diet. I tried cutting out all sugar in my diet. I think I lasted 12hrs! In hindsight that was too agressive and if I try that again, I'll probably wean myself off sugar a little at a time. Good luck. I like the attitude of nutrients over reward.

The turkey is awesome! I know my boys would be thrilled with such a prize.

Lea said...

You know I always enjoy your blog, but let me say it again! :o) Have I already asked you if you are drinking a lot of water? The more you drink the more your body craves it and it is very filling. All the best in your endeavor!! Love the picture, just adorable! Turkey is bigger than him. Happy week!

Annette said...

What diet are you doing? I tried the Sacred Heart Diet a while back. It's drastic and you can only do it a week at a time.

I was going to ask about the water too. I've found the more I drink the better I am able to resist temptation for bad foods and the more fruits and veggies I want.

A Gracious Home said...

The picture is great. Best turkey I've seen. I'm always dieting. We didn't bring any Easter candy into the house. I am eating boiled eggs though. I agree that we need to honor God with our bodies. Doylene

LISA said...

Now that's a turkey!
I just love that book of James, no matter how many times I read it I always find a nugget and can't remember having read it before. I hope you have a good weekend, don't forget to breathe.

Linda said...

Browsing and found your blog. Loved reading your posts and I look forward to following you.
Please drop by blog when you have time.

mholgate said...

I love reading the Simple Woman's Daybook, but I haven't linked up to participate yet.

A turkey, wow! That's quite the accomplishment! Who gets to clean up and prepare that turkey???

Don't think about this season as a "drastic diet," but rather a "change in lifestyle" for the better. You have the right attitude to honor your body as God's temple. When you're preparing your recipes, think color! The more colors of veggies, the better. A healthy, sweet snack is sweet potato fries in the oven. Just slice them, sprinkle them with some cinnamon, and bake them. :) Yum!

Thanks for stopping by this week. It's been nice to read company girl comments while I watch over my sick kiddo. This virus is definitely a duzy!

Have a great upcoming week!

Kim said...

You are so funny with your vegan talk. I tried that once and made it for 12 days. It is a great lifestyle, but I just can't seem to do it. Have a blessed week. Looking forward to hearing more from you.