Monday, February 22, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook 2.22.10

Outside my window...Dark and cold. It is way too late to be blogging but I won't have time in the morning!

I am thinking... about going to bed. Too many nights of little sleep make for a grumpy mommy!

I am thankful for...a great school day! Even got in a run with B.B. Those workboxes really are helping out!
From the learning rooms...tomorrow is tutorial for the middle kids and for me. F.B. will do the usual at a friends'
From the kitchen...Tonight, Nana and Papaw took us to eat Pizza. Tomorrow night is a church fundraiser at Jason's Deli. Wednesday night we will eat at church. Thursday night is find what you can do to too many activities and date night. Maybe we will use the kitchen Friday!

I am wearing...P.J.'s, hopefully I will be crawling into bed soon!

I am creating... ???

I am BED! Do you see a theme here?

I am reading...Bible, my Bible Study and Beth Moore's "So Long Insecurity"
I am run at least three days this week. I really don't enjoy it but people keep telling me I will if I keep it up. I'm skeptical.

I am hearing... the T.V., probably Tigerfan's snoring soon!
Around the house...Very productive day! Laundry got done, ironing got done and I even vacuumed the house! Along with an uncanny number of dead ladybugs. It makes one wonder why my house seems to have become a ladybug graveyard???

One of my favorite things...Low stress school days! AHHHHHH!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Same ole thing. Although this is the last week for Upward basketball and for the first time in about 8 or 9 years, neither of the boys has decided to play baseball!!! That means we will actually have some free weekends this spring!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing... This is what happens when you send a two year old into the bathroom to get tissue for his nose and he decides to "help" by cleaning for you. Let me just say that my floors haven't been this clean in a LONG time!


Lauri said...

Oh my, that was an adorable look on your 2 yr old face. I am sure you probably wanted to scream when you saw that but, you have to admit, it is cute. Hey you may have a future house cleaner there. Have a good week & I hope you got some sleep.

ClassyChassy said...

Your helper looks pretty determined in that first shot! Precious! And how well I still remember those days!

Elena said...

He looks as if he isn't sure if he did something good or bad!! LOL! Start him early on cleaning the bathroom - his future wife will thank you!

Kim said...

First of all, awesome picture! I just don't think to grab the camera sometimes and have very few of those fun ones. Second, yeah for no baseball. Whatever are you going to do with all the free time? And lastly, how do you manage to be number 1 so often on The Simple Woman's Daybook? I smile when I see you there. Enjoy your week!

Love Bears All Things said...

He had good intentions.

Sounds like you have a busy week with so many activities. No wonder you're tired.
Mama Bear

Patty said...

Love the pictures! I hope you got a good nights rest and have a low stress day.

Growin' with it! said... is that handy helper of your's adorably cute!

Lea said...

Love, love those pictures! I bet you could hardly keep from laughing yourself. I can just see our Clancy doing something like that. Always enjoy sharing in your day.

Sheri said...

Oh MY! Bet that was a blast to clean up!

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