Friday, February 5, 2010

CoffeeTalk 2.5.10

Ack! Imagine my horror a few minutes ago as I was drying my hair and I realized...I FORGOT today was Coffee Talk! I didn't have a post ready or anything. Ladies, that is tragic! I mean, I even posted last Friday on Science Fair day in the midst of a winter storm...surely I can manage today!

So, here I am (I know you are breathing a collective sigh of relief)! Grab a drink of your choosing, it'll be cool, crisp water around here, and pull up a computer chair!

This week has been amazingly calm. We did indeed have our Science Fair last Friday. Where we live, we had gotten a bit of the storm but in the "big city" where all the hoopla was to take place, they hadn't gotten much. So we decided to proceed early hoping to get the judging done and get home before the big weather hit. We anticipated our husbands being our only judges and headed into town. My friend, who kept my kids, even offered up her husband as a judge and travelling aide, in case I needed it!

About the time we got to the church...the sleet began. We loaded everything in, moved our cars and started setting up. Before we could get all the projects out, judges began showing up. In the sleet. Amazing! In all, at least half of our judges plus a few last minute volunteer judges showed up! It was amazing. Of course, in the craziness of it all, I forgot to take a single picture! By the time we were through, about 12:30, the weather had gotten worse. The sleet had turned to snow and we already had about 2 or 3 inches. (I know, you northerners are making fun right now, but we don't get that down south)! I went to pull my vehicle up to load it back up and I couldn't back out. It seems I had parked on a very slight incline, but that is all it took! I couldn't get out. One of the husbands offered to back it out for me...and HE couldn't get it out, it was just too slick. Finally, another husband had to come stand on the back and weight the car down and it backed right up. That was all the incentive I needed to get home and STAY THERE!

We stayed in the house for two solid days! It was GLORIOUS! After all the stress and craziness it was pure heaven! Sunday, Tigerfan tried to venture out. He backed out of the drive, slid into a ditch and came right back!

Monday found us back to normal and we got on our regular school schedule. We got caught up on projects that had been pushed to the back burner during the Science Fair AND we got a call from F.B.'s teacher. He won 1st place in his division for Science Fair. Now we get to go to Regional. The best part, all we have to do is show up. The project is DONE and I have no part of planning or organizing the next one! Woot! He is SO excited and SO proud of himself. Eventually, I will post a picture of him with his know, when I actually take one.

Everything else has gotten back to normal. The snow has melted and I have managed every small thing this week! I LOVED Monday's prayer small beautiful to join together with you lovely ladies in prayer! B.B. had a wonderful time running all over the house finding tags for me to cut off things. When we started running out, he even offered up the underwear he had on his body...just to up the count. Now THAT is sacrifice! On the groundhog task, I finally put in our first semester grades and I slid by with an easy menu for last night! Yippee!

This weekend it is back to normal with guitar, dance, a youth weekend for F.B., cheerleading, basketball and church. Somehow, it is easier to handle after last week's break!

As for Bible Study, it is going well. I probably won't win facilitator of the year, but I'll just hang that non honor right up with the non mother of the year award! I am getting a lot out of the study, though and that is what really matters. This week we are talking about hungering for righteousness.

As if this post hasn't been long enough, I want to share a quick moment about that. I decided a few weeks ago to train for a 5K, (that lasted up until snow...I cannot train in these conditions! said with as much dramatic flair as a computer will allow!) The only time I can really find to run is right after lunch. I can put Tigercub down for a nap and let F.B. watch the other kids while I am gone. Well, one day, I had fed the kids but not myself and Tigercub was already down. I was STARVING! but I knew that if I didn't go run, I would miss the opportunity. So, I pushed the hunger aside and went. Of course, when I got home, the kids had school questions and there was cleaning up and I needed a shower and the baby woke up...I totally forgot my hunger. It wasn't until I was cooking dinner that I realized I had never eaten and I was HUNG-A-RY!

Isn't that, so often, how we live our christian life. I start out great in the morning with a hunger for my savior...and then, I get busy. Before I know it, it is time to go to bed and in the business of the day, I have forgotten to enjoy the feast God has laid out for me. How much have a missed? How many blessings? How much nourishment that my soul is craving because I have allowed the business of the ordinary to cause me to forget my hunger! My prayer today is that I will "Hunger and thirst for righteousness" so I can be filled!

Blessings, sweet Company girls! Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to go to Home Sanctuary for more Coffee Talk!


UKZoe said...

I know the feeling of getting so caught up in an event that i forget to take pictures!

Lea said...

What a beautiful post! You are quite the writer and I so enjoy reading the details of you and your family's day to day life. And, loved that super inspiration today. Oodles of blessings to you!

JadeLD said...

I'm glad you remember, you must have been so relaxed you hardly realised what day it was!

I understand about forgetting to photograph those hectic moments - that's what memories are for though. It must have been great to stay in the warm and relax after everything.

Good luck with your training for the 5k!

Growin' with it! said...

hmm, now I'M hungry...where's that bible of mine?! ☺ said...

I'm so glad the science fair went on even despite the weather!

Little Mrs. P said...

Congrats on the Science Fair project advancing to regions. That's an awesome feeling!

Also, thanks for the post on my blog. I'm thinking I will try my marshmallows this Christmas dipped in chocolate and crushed peppermints. They are by far my favorite holiday treat!

Have a great weekend!

Melinda said...

What a great post!

mholgate said...

So good to hear that you finally had a calm week. :) I'm glad that Bible Study is going well for you. It's hard to believe that we would neglect our hunger for God and His Word, but I do it all too often.

Thanks for sharing what you are learning.

Have a great weekend!

Erin said...

Ah, we are getting snow right now. I know what you mean, I'm also in the south (a northern transplant) and the kids were off all last week due to much less snow then what we are receiving now. We are fearful that our children will never return to school till March, LOL.

Alicia said...

Thanks for the reminder about being hungry for time with God! Definately needed to hear that today :-)

Aiming4Simple said...

Congratulations to your son! Some day I'd like to judge a science fair (without 3 little ones in tow).

Your illustration about hunger and busyness were so apt. Thanks for encouraging us today!


Anna said...

I'm glad you made it to the science fair and stayed safe on the way home!
I can relate to what you said about the Bible reading. Lately, I have found that if I don't do mine first thing in the morning, it gets pushed aside by other cares.

Anonymous said...

Yay! You survived! That science fair is serious business. Glad things worked out. Congrats to FB on the 1st place. And sounds like a wonderful 2 days at home. I would not be able to survive in a snowy area. I need to get moving too, but with the baby's naps, etc, it's so hard to find a consistent time to do a run, plus the weather is cold for me (haha 50 degrees, I'm a big wuss I tell ya). Excuses, excuses. And I know what you're talking about with the hunger, although I love to eat too much to ever forget, but I can see how that can thing leading to another and it's 6pm! I'm feeling kind of hungry right now actually. =p Have a wonderful weekend.

dawn said...

Thanks for the reminder to be hungry for time with God. i forget to eat when I'm busy...same with my time with the Lord. Good stuff.

Jamie said...

Thanks for a much-needed reminder! Have a wonderful weekend!

carikaufm said...

YAY! I am so glad the Science fair went well!

So right about the hunger! Great post!

jennibell said...

Thank you so much for sharing with us. The hunger illustration is right-on! Thanks for the reminder.

Sounds like you had a super-busy week and the snow might have been God's gift to you. . .an excuse not to get out. Sounds like you and I may be cut from the same cloth. . .keeping busy, loving our families the best we can and trying to keep priorities straight.

Good for you on keeping to your 5K training...that thread was left out of my swatch of cloth!!! Ha!

secondofwett said...

Thank you so much for stopping by to check on has been an extremely long and difficult week. My daughter-in-law and grandson came home with us last Sunday. It turns out, much to my overwhelming concern that the problem w/that whole relationship is NOT the colic of the baby but the irrational fears and anxiety of the mom. It was like living w/a toxic personality all week that emotionally drained me. I am very concerned abt the safety of my grandson as they have now gone back home and she's refusuing to get her anti depressant medication adjusted so that she can better cope w/the care of a 2 month old. I sure could relate to what you said at the end of the post, and I am so glad that your science fair went well and your son won a position to go further. Good for him! Have a good week!

LydiaCate said...

So happy that you had some down time this week. I'm glad to hear all went well with the science fair. What a load off!
I have to tell you...I am inspired by you...5k go girl! And I'm so glad your bible study is going well. I know you will be blessed for having stepped out of your comfort zone. What a blessing too for the other ladies!