Friday, February 19, 2010

Coffee Talk 2.19.10

Good Morning fellow Company Girls! Hope everyone is doing well this morning! I have nothing delicious to offer you today but you are more than welcome to come in for some sweet fellowship!

I am hungry for some good "girl time" today. I have gotten hopelessly behind on blogs this week and even missed getting around to all of you last weekend. I missed you and hope to do better this time around!

We had a great weekend with family! My husband's sister and her family came for a visit and our nephew spent most of his time with us. He was highly entertaining. He kept us laughing most of the time but my favorite thing he said was after watching one of the boys play basketball Friday night and then getting ready to watch the other play on Saturday. He declared, "I know someone who can play basketball. They are called the Saints. And they are better than you, cause they won the Superbowl!" I think we are gonna have to get him this summer and give him a little tutorial on sports!

We had more snow the beginning of the week, but it has ceased to have much of an effect around here. Schools went on as usual, although many were already out for President's day. This year, my children discovered that other schools get out and were a little distressed that our home school was still "in session". I guess the days of them cluelessly working through holidays are over! They will be glad, though, when we have a day in the spring. They will. THEY WILL BE GLAD!

That is about all that is exciting around here. The rest of the week has just been more of the same busy. This weekend, Dancer has a FULL social calendar with a play date, dance, overnight dance party, cheer leading and a birthday party all by 5:30 tomorrow night. The boys have basketball and Tigerfan's new to him truck died yesterday so it will all have to be accomplished with one vehicle! Good times!

How thankful I am for my Bible Study and the perfectly timed encouragement it brings. This week, we have been discussing God's mercy and grace. I would like to encourage anyone who has not experienced that amazing grace of God to just seek Him! I love that, though I have been a christian for thirty years, His grace is still at work on me. I am just a sinner. I am SO unworthy. I mess up every day in a hundred ways. Usually in the ways I KNOW I am going to mess up and should be prepared.

Tigercub is in a trying stage right now. He is into everything! And I mean EVERYTHING! And when he hears no, a fit is coming. A BIG one. Look out because toys are gonna fly! Everyday is filled with screaming and tantrums and flying books and Noah's ark animals. Everyday, I wake up preparing myself for the onslaught and trying to figure out a more effective way to calm the attacks. I don't really enjoy being around him right now. But I love that little guy like crazy. He is so cute! And when he wraps his little arms around me and kisses my cheek or looks at me and says, "dank-do" (thank you), it melts my heart a little bit and all those fits and rages just melt away. I know he will throw the fit again. I know we will have to defend ourselves from flying giraffes at any given moment but I have a greater hope that he will outgrow the tantrums and grow into the little guy that God created him to be. That is what I think about right now with God's grace for me.

He knew I was going to mess up. But He sent His son to die for me anyway. He knew, as a christian, I would struggle every day, but His grace covers me...not just once, but over and over, continually forgiving and nudging me in the direction of holiness. How amazing is that grace! How undeserving I am! Nothing I can do can ever earn it, and yet God freely gives it day by day, sometimes moment by moment!

"For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith--and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God--NOT BY WORKS, so that no one can boast." Ephesians 2:8-9

I know many of you are going through stuggles and trials right now, just know His grace is sufficient and many of us would LOVE to pray and lift you up! Just let us know. Let me know. Leave me a note in the comments and let me come beside you in prayer! And most importantly, if you have never experienced the grace of God in salvation. I pray you would seek Him. Ask me or Rachel Anne or many of the other Company Girls, find a pastor, or just start studying the Word of God. You will be so glad to rest in His loving, forgiving arms.

Finally, I wanted to leave you with our latest family photo. We had these made for my mother in law at Christmas and I think they turned out mighty cute!

Ya'll have a blessed weekend and I will do my best to visit with everyone! For more Coffee Talk, go to Home Sanctuary!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot going on over there. You always have exciting stories to tell. Kids keep life interesting, huh? Sometimes a little too interesting. =p I'm glad you are enjoying your study. That's great. And yes, we are reminded of Christ's love for us when we look at our children. I see the depth of His love and sacrifice for us after having kids. I would do anything for them, even though they drive me crazy at times...and how it would pain me to have them taken from me..or even worse that I would have them give them up to those who didn't even love them. I love that photo of your family. I hope that it is a short phase of tantrams that your little one is going through. That was me when I was young, and I'm glad my parents continue to love me. Have a lovely weekend.

samantha said...

Sounds like you are very busy. These are indeed crazy times. Thank you for reminding us of God's grace. I needed to hear that. I am going through a trying time physically right now, and I posted about it on my blog. If you could pray for me that would be great. I really appreciate it.

Sweetie! said...

Your blog is always so bright and lovely and I don't just mean your "look"! :) Thank you for the girlfriend time, I too amd so needing it in my life! My 16 year old is having the same period as your little one, just as unattractive at 6'4 as 2'4! I don't think I could stay focused without my Bible Study friend's support...they are precious!

Spesamor Academy said...

I love the new picture!

mholgate said...

I always enjoy my blog time with you! We've been sick here, and my fourth kid just came up with pink eye this morning so we could use prayer that we all start feeling better over the weekend.

What you said about God's grace is so true. It's so comforting knowing that even when I mess up, He covers me with His grace.

Have a great weekend!
Melissa said...

what a sweet family photo! Hang in there with tigercub and remember that if you lay down the law now you will have a much easier path ahead of you in the future. It will (thankfully) pass.

carikaufm said...

Star, what a beautiful photo! I am so glad that you are enjoying your Bible study, I know that in the beginning you were a little unsure about the whole thing...God is good!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Anna said...

Great family photo. We need to do one of those for our family sometime soon.
Thanks for the reminder about grace. We all need to remember that.

Kimberly said...

Nice picture! Hope you have a good weekend.

Little Mrs. P said...

I love your new family photo. It's beautiful. Thanks for the post, it was very encouraging today.

Beth said...

I missed coffee company last week, too, and it's amazing how much I actually did miss it! Isn't grace an incredible thing? I'd been a Christian my whole life and threw that word around lightly, until I finally actually learned what it meant. God is so cool to offer it. Sounds like a busy but good time with family- I'll look forward to catching up again next week!

Anonymous said...

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secondofwett said...

That is a beautiful family picture....I haven't managed to get all my crew together for a shot for at least a couple of years! It can certainly be tiring when you have a child around you that is a little difficult to live with....I try to remind myself continuously of the old saying...'this to shall pass' !

Rooh said...

It's hard when you love your kids, but can't stand them at the same time :) Some of those "stages" are so hard, and when one of them starts behaving better, another one starts behaving badly!

But those lovely "dank-do" statments, cuddles and kisses make up for it. My youngest, K (19 months), was up for 2.5 hours last night (I knew I should have nursed him instead of letting DH go in and offer water, sigh), and at 3:30 am I caved and snuggled with K in the big bed in his room. I was so irritated with him for making a mess of his and my sleep, but the kisses he gave me in the morning, and the sweet smiles ... I just had to forgive him and cuddle him back!

Enjoy your weekend ...

Cathy said...

His grace IS so amazing! I've learned so much about that here lately. Amen sister!! You nailed it!
So sorry to hear about your little guy struggles...I can relate. Hang in there girl! As you love him, train him, and encourage him I know you will begin to see the fruit of your efforts!
Love, love, love your family picture! Good looking group! You should be very pleased with that one. Thank you for sharing it with us!
You are a blessing!

bashtree said...

Love the photo! Sounds like you have a full life - how wonderful. You're so right about the bible study and what it can add to our lives.

Rachel Anne said...

LOVE the photo and new header! Your family is'd never guess there were any tantrums going on :)

I am a very patient person by nature...EXCEPT for the tantrums. Instant blood boil. That was one of the hardest stages of parenting! Spank? Ignore? Walk Away? So hard to figure it out. Thankfully, this too shall pass. My worst tantrum thrower is now my sweetest child...and very respectful and obedient! Amazing grace.

Great update on the Bible Study...look how God is using it! Seems like the biggest blessings often come in those times that we just step out there in fear and trembling. I'm right with you, thankful for the grace of God each I need it!

Ashley said...

Great encouragement in that verse... glad to know I can't do anything to earn salvation, because I'd fail miserably if I had to try!

Thanks for stopping by my blog - hope to see you again! :)

Erin said...

This winter season is the first time I've seriously contemplated homeschooling. With the kids missing 2 weeks due to snow, add all the days already scheduled off, or 1/2 days, not much schooling has happened since December. Plus, they would have more time to play in all this glorious snow.

Hope your weekend was a good one.

Aiming4Simple said...

I appreciate your honesty and encouraging words. Thanks for sharing in your comment what you did for Lent last year. I'm sure I would learn from doing that too.

If you would like to pray for me, I am in need of wisdom and love for the challenges of daily life. I get so discouraged when I mess up with such regularity. And yet, God always comes through to remind me there's hope in him.